2 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan

  1. Ronald Reagan is such an iconic figure as will ever be. He will stand as a proud symbol of America, just as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln now do for us centuries after their time and long into the future. I laugh at all those lovers of socialism that have mental breakdowns over another iconic President for the generations, Donald J. Trump. He too will stand amongst those giants who believe in America and its core values, even to the point that they conspired to overthrow the presidency and succeeded only by voter fraud, not by impunity of his philosophy. This was again a mental breakdown on their part that has only strengthened him and will come at a giant awakening soon and what will be in the history books. They could have, after the election, just allowed him to fade, but because of their Derangement Syndrome that wouldn’t be enough. By impeaching him and failing a second time to convict, they made him a legend. This one man, an outsider of Washington, won his election even with the entire establishment of both parties and the mainstream propaganda arm of the Democrat party’s spending. This had to have been what made them all snap like twigs, while he, that circus show and his people like bunches of branches, celebrated the crushing victory of the little man over the globalist.

    Every time they tried and thought they had him, he won and made them look so bad and unhinged. Nothing they did worked and to their horror he was keeping every promise he had made to the voters. This couldn’t be, no candidate in American history, not even the others mentioned, had ever done such a thing and could force them to have to do the same thing. You see, it really is hard to diagnose exactly, at what moment, because there were so many, had their socialist minds snapped. Unfortunately for the president and his MAGA army, not realizing and having no idea the lengths that a “Democrat Socialist” having been infected, would go. The United States, the beacon of freedom and of free and fair elections, would fall pray to tactics not seen since the founding of the Greatest Nation the world has ever seen. This great country had never had an election stop counting votes only to start up again later, and the loser suddenly overtake the leader, was unheard of, even in socialist dictatorships. Then a country known worldwide for its laws and equal justice system suddenly had a Supreme Court that refused to even hear a case of the highest importance, not only to America but to the world, as to who the leader of the free world would be. The socialists, of course, call all the fraud just conspiracy theories. If you ever hear someone saying that they don’t have a clue of what the facts are, you better investigate. The Supreme Court has left it all up to the people to just guess what happened, with no date in court for Lady Justice to give her verdict. The people will have to wait four years for the verdict to be heard.



    Who do you find to be the real President?


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