People heap funny

Good Indian

Have you heard the one about the paleface woman who called herself a Cherokee to get a teaching job at Harvard?

Harvard later boasted of her as one example of their “minority” faculty.

The evidence is muddled. She may have no Indian blood at all, but if she does it would be 1/32.  Let’s take a close look at that number:

One/thirty-second. That makes her about as much an Indian as you and I.

Bad Indian

Her name is Elizabeth Warren. She’s now trying to get elected U.S. senator from Massachusetts and, given the kind of people who populate that state, she’ll probably win.

Harvard made no effort to verify her Indian-ness, of course, because they want to look as “diverse” and “inclusive” as they can.

This is typical of the rampant silliness the political-correctness crowd has spread over the United States landscape like rancid mayonnaise.

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(For a far superior commentary on our bogus Indian, I point you toward this column by conservative firebrand and blonde bombshell Ann Coulter.)

19 thoughts on “People heap funny

    1. Also, Charles, you can bet your life that she is one of those who worships often and loudly before the Altar of Multiculturalism, and then she twists it to her own ends. Tsk, tsk, I say.


  1. I had a friend who made his living making Cherokee flutes, played the part of a man who had learned the craft from his Indian grandfather. The guy passed and we found out that he was less of an Indian than I am (grandma’s father was half Indian) but he made great flutes and his Jewish wife is still making them.


    1. Norm: Your friend and Warren are about the same then, but making flutes is one thing. Trying to get elected U.S. senator is another.

      But I like flutes no matter who makes them.


  2. Extreme intelligence does not a leader make. Leadership is what we’re looking for here. Someone who is not such an idealogue and who is a servant leader, not a narcissistic leader.


    1. Sally Dee: I read that Huffpost piece yesterday. Yes, I routinely visit Huffpost to see what the opposition is plotting.

      That column, a smokescreen, says she did not claim to be Cherokee at various other universities where she has worked. Good for her. It dodges, however, the issue of her claiming to be Cherokee at Harvard, which is the issue causing the uproar. And it makes no mention of Harvard’s proudly including her as a part of its minority faculty.

      Those things did happen. They are what have led her to defend her claim to be Cherokee on her Harvard job application. It was part of her “family lore.” Lore! I love that. You can almost see tepees in the background under a full moon. Maybe some howling coyotes.

      Then some grandmother (just one) from the mid-19th Century was found! Whoo-boy! I wonder if Warren makes jade jewelry.

      That Warren shot straight on some job applications at other schools does not forgive the fraud and cheating she used to improve her chances with the Harvard job. A Harvard official quoted in the Huffpost piece (finally, near the bottom) says she was hired for her talents, making no mention of her claiming to be a “minority.”

      If you believe her being a “minority” did not sway the Harvard hirers, you can do so. I, on the other hand, imagine the Cherokee attire played a significant role in her getting the job since so many Ivy League (and other) universities want soooo badly to have fewer white folks, especially if the white folks are male, walking the halls.

      Thanks for saying you enjoy my Mexico stuff, but I’m not really doing much Mexico stuff any longer, which is why I abandoned my previous website last year and started this one, which is broader in concept.

      I appreciate your feedback.


    2. Whoa! I forgot Coulter. Her shtick, like Rush Limbaugh’s, is to be intentionally flamboyant and controversial. It’s what makes her lots of money. I find her entertaining and often correct.

      She is simply the right-wing equivalent of leftist extremists like Bill Maher or Michael Moore. And, like them, you either love her or hate her. I tend toward the former.


  3. I’m told there is an Oneida Indian in my ancestry. Wonder what that would get me!?! Maybe flatware 🙂


  4. Interesting, as usual coming from you. I only take issue with one thing – Anne Coulter a bombshell?? You cannot be serious. She is blonde and does have a big mouth – but really, bombshell?


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