In praise of profiling

Great profile

It was pathetic to see gung-ho Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio deny recently that his department profiles.

Even worse is the fact that the Legions of Political Correctness have, for many years now, made it impossible to even suggest that profiling has its proper place in law enforcement.

Profiling, be it racial or otherwise, is bad, period, and anyone who says otherwise is evil and — here it comes — racist!

A crock, I say. It’s a perfectly rational and effective policing tool that is used all over the world, as it should be. Except now in the namby-pamby nations.

The namby-pamby nations are those run by quivering white folks. Travel to a country run by black, brown or yellow* people, and you’ll be profiled up the wazoo.

Yes, that is correct. Nations run by black, brown or yellow people will profile you in a nanosecond. And if you complain about it, they’ll laugh in your pasty face.

Yet it’s black, brown and, on occasion, yellow people who yell loudest about profiling within the borders of namby-pamby nations run by white folks.

They are supported in this by the PC Police, who are people who don’t know much about other cultures, which is kinda ironic when you ponder on it.

Why? Because they idolize “other cultures.”

Here’s a related tidbit: Nations run by black, brown or yellow people will grab and deport you lickety-split if they find you within their borders without a visa.

Or just toss you into a prison.

They suffer no angst about it either. There are no PC Police in nations run by black, brown or yellow people, to their credit.

* * * *

Profiling is smart.

It’s just part of a physical description: Tall or short, black or white, male or female, plus other distinguishing characteristics like freckles, bushy mustaches or a big butt. They all help to nab evil-doers.

El Al, the Israeli carrier and about the safest airline you can fly, terrorist-wise, profiles relentlessly, openly and makes no bones about it. They don’t walk you through full-body X-ray machines or make you take your shoes off.

Well, unless you look like a Mohammedan.

Back to Arizona. Since 99.9 percent of the illegals entering the United States sport a smoky skin tone, common sense says to stop and question them first.

When Sheriff Arpaio is accused of profiling, he should say:

You bet! I do what the Israelis do. So what?

* * * *

* Oh, dear!

18 thoughts on “In praise of profiling

  1. Racial profiling is a current catch phrase to arouse weak-minded liberals.

    A police officer, whose life is in danger as a “comes with the job” condition, approaches a slow-moving, lowered Chevy Impala, spinning chrome wheels in motion, with six guys sporting bandanas or hoodies, is supposed to treat the situation with no more thought of what he is approaching than walking up to a Honda with two gray-haired senior citizens. This is laughable. Image is everything until one knows more.


  2. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck and looks like a duck then it must be a duck, except in the US where it might be a poor disadvantaged homeless pigeon.

    I wonder who and when exactly came up this garbage idea on you can’t profile?


    1. Tancho: I don’t know what’s up with the pigeons, but I see you’re not up to date on cultural trends in the namby-pamby white man’s world. Who came up with the notion that you cannot profile? Political correctness people. The Speech Police. They go by many names. That’s who.

      Here’s a link to bring you up to date. It’s got a few years on it (as do you and I), but it’s very good and the years only illustrate that we have had this nonsense around for way too long.


  3. Weak-minded liberals. Perfect description!

    Reminds me of a chance encounter with some Framingham, MA, Brazilians, where there is a huge contingent of immigrant Brazilians. Many are light-skinned but with a chip on their shoulders because they feel picked on. There was a group of such men, I’d call them cholos because I’m from (San Antonio), sitting on a stoop leering at me, my daughter and my husband as we were shopping the grocery stores on the main drag. Rather than look down, I looked straight at them and said, “Bom dia!” To which they responded “boa tarde” with a startled expression as it was shortly after noon. I loved it.


  4. Due Process is part of our basic law. Profiling is a practice that lazy lawmen use that have no respect for the law. A law man that will use only the parts of the law that suits him, needs to find a new line of work. The rule of law is a harsh task master and it lets many get away with things they should not be doing but to pull people off the road because of the color of their skin. Where is the due process in that? You’re dead wrong on this one my friend, bending the law for a desired result is still bending the law.

    Now you and I can profile all we want, I profile when I get on a plane, who can I count on for help if there is a problem, who might be a problem. I’m not carrying a badge, there is a difference.


    1. Norm: Profiling is a logical policing tool. If some cop abuses it, then the cop should be dealt with. I think there’s an old saying … ah, here it is: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      In my heart of hearts, and I could certainly be wrong about this, I think most American cops are pretty good people. You should live down here where I live.


    2. I’m not sure what “due process” has to do with this. Here’s how it should be able to work: If you’re looking for illegal aliens, you should focus on the brown guys. If you’re looking for someone who bombed a black church (think the Civil Rights Era), you look for a slack-jawed redneck goober with a Budweiser gimme cap. If you’re looking for someone who may take over an airplane in flight and crash into a big building, you focus on swarthy guys with mustaches and prayer beads whose passports have names like Ali and Yasser.

      Profiling: Smart, efficient, effective.


      1. Due Process means you have to do something other than breathing to get singled out for a traffic stop, skin color is the same as breathing, “we all do it”, it is not a red flag saying, “I’m guilty of something.” The courts have given the cops a ton of leeway on this issue. An example: looking away when a cop passes you is probable cause. I think this is nuts but it is established case law. The policeman who pulls you over for looking the other way is giving due process, he can claim that he pulls everyone over that looks away. Now if he claims that he pulled you over because of the color of your skin, you made no action other than being born with skin. Skin is not an action that is against the law so by the law of the land, a person of color should have the same rights of passage as you or I. Due Process.

        The law or lack of it in Mexico is what it is, it is not the US. In my visits to Mexico over the years, I have had to deal with the police a few times, every one of them has acted like a pro.


        1. From a legal dictionary:

          Due process is a fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away one’s life, liberty, or property. Also, a constitutional guarantee that a law shall not be unreasonable, Arbitrary, or capricious.

          I maintain that profiling is an intelligent policing tool. Skin color and breathing are not the same at all. Skin color is an important part of a physical description. Breathing is not. Cops hunt suspects, when they are lucky to have the description of the perp, based on the description. Skin tone matters.

          So, just looking away from a cop is probable cause? Didn’t know that, but it explains that night in New Orleans.

          As for Mexican cops, I have never had a lick of trouble with one either. But, you know the reputation, and I am sure it holds true some places. Probably, the farther down the cop food chain you go the more likely you are to find rotten apples.


  5. Señor Zapata: The FBI, Customs and various law-enforcement agencies have been using profiling for decades. I can’t tell you how effective it is or isn’t. Wish I could. One question, how do we profile mass murderers? They are usually white.



    1. Good point, Francisco. If memory serves, most mass murderers who come to our attention are white guys. Interesting.

      How would a cop use profiling to catch a mass murderer? Well, if he knew it was a mass-murder case, it would pay more attention to white guys driving by the roadblock, for instance, than he would Latinos or blacks, etc.

      He could multi-task, however, and ask the Latinos for proof of citizenship. Kill two birds with one stone maybe.


  6. And how does one “profile” the people responsible for the banking crimes in the USA?! Their destruction has been far, FAR worse than what the more “profiled” criminals have created. And I’m pretty sure that these criminals, the Wall Street ones, are white males.


    1. Alinde, dear heart, you have flown off onto a tangent that has to do with the divisiveness of Obama World. It has nothing to do with this post. Sweet dreams at your Occupy Camp tonight.


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