What the (bleep)?!

THOSE WHO live on the Left are “cooler” than we are, more “with it,” more modern, or more postmodern as they might prefer to say.

They disdain the traditional because they are “free” of stodgy, societal constraints. Collectivism is anti-liberty, but they just ignore that little contradiction.

One way in which they snub polite tradition is by cussing like drunken sailors. Yes, the Leftists are a profoundly profane, potty-mouthed pack.

Leftist political entertainers — Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are classic examples — cuss routinely on camera. Conservatives, even the loudmouth ones like Rush and Glenn Beck, do not. There are ladies present.

Just this week, I ran into two political videos that illustrate the Left’s potty mouths perfectly. One has the comedian Sarah Silverman cursing you to vote for her man.

The other is movie star Samuel L. Jackson imploring you with an endless stream of profanity to support his guy. They both back the same fellow, of course, their dreamboat, Obama.

The latter video is particularly notable for including a couple of old fogies about to have sex and a little girl, who appears to be about 10, tossing out the f-word.

Take a look, but hold onto your chair. This is today’s political persuasion? The mind reels.

* * * *

(Odd Note: Silverman mentions at the get-go that she’s Jewish, and the Jackson video, according to the credits, is sponsored by a Jewish organization. Huh? Obama is the most anti-Israel president since the formation of the Jewish state.)

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  1. I first noticed this contradiction of the Left when one individual left a comment criticizing my use of the use of the term “illegal” in reference to immigrants. She was so very offended she felt the need to scold me with expletives. But of course she would never see the paradox.

    No wonder why I never made friends with many gringas my age, in similar immigration situations. I’m not progressive enough.


    1. Ms. de Bois: And may you stay smart on returning to the United States of America. Progressive sounds good. Who could oppose progress? Ah, but it’s often not what it seems.


  2. I have had a discussion with several close friends who happen to be Jewish. I axed them why are so many Jews in favor of Obozo? They said because they were stupid and that it was the popular thing to do.

    Being liberal is being cool. One of them also said that for the life of them they cannot figure out why Jews would support that man especially since he hates Israel.


    1. Tancho: Jews, of course, have traditionally been more Democrat than Republican. I think they mostly supported Obama in 2008 because he was the Democrat and because they believed (as so many did) that Change You Can Believe In baloney.

      I did not, by the way. Even then.

      But it is now crystal clear to all who are not bending over backwards to put on their blindfolds and earplugs that he likes the Arab world far more than Israel.

      Why Jews would vote for him now is a mystery to me.

      But, let us not detour off on this tangential Jewish issue. The point of the post is the incredible crassness of those political vids, and the fact that those who made them — and the target audience too — are perfectly all right with them.

      Axed? What is that? Your Stepin Fetchit impersonation?


  3. Hmmm… Some say I am on the “left” but I don’t swear. Maybe the odd “s**t” or “d*mn” when I hit my finger with a hammer or stub my toe (seems to happen quite often as I age) but nothing worse. I have not used the “f” word for decades now. Nothing against it, I just don’t think it is cool. And I am cool, as are most on the “left”.


  4. Liberals could take a few pages from Emily Post, but I fear they’re an ignorant lot. Nothing makes me sicker than hearing their ilk utter stupidities like “As a Jew/expat/educated person, you should support Obamama.” And then, even in polite circumstances, they’ll act incredulous and continue to rant on when they find out you’re not one of the sheeple. Here’s one Jew who has never supported Obamawama and never will.


      1. I have always admired Jewish Americans for the active roll many of them took during the USA’s civil rights battles. Several lost their lives taking to the front lines and standing up against the racists for what they believed in. Jewish people in the USA generally support the “left” which I like but which is opposite to where they are in Israel which seems to hang onto a “rightist” government.


  5. Jeez, can we get off the Jewish thing? It was just an afterthought, a P.S.

    Back to the topic at hand, which is that Leftists (some, not all, but far more than conservatives) cuss like crazy, think it’s cute, and that the two vids I linked to are freaking incredible.

    A challenge to anyone: I will send five bucks and a photo of myself suitable for framing to the first person who can find even one professionally made political video that is a torrent of expletives from front to end and that is promoting votes for Romney or any other Republican. You get extra points if it stars well-known showbiz personalities.

    Even one. I dare you. Lots of luck.


      1. Croft: Still looking for that video, I hope. Not having any luck, I imagine. I’ll double the offer. Ten bucks to the Obama campaign if you can find just one, JUST ONE, such video from the conservative side of the fence. Again, it has to be professionally done, not some lunatic kid in his basement.

        It’s a very safe bet on my part because conservatives are polite. You can search 100 years, and you’ll come up empty-handed.


      2. Croft: Quite a spell has passed, and I am still awaiting for the sole expletive-filled commercial for Romney you were going to show me. No luck, huh? Jeez, I wonder why.

        However, just to inspire your search I will double yet again the contribution I will make to the Obama campaign to a mind-bogglingly $20.


      3. Ah, Croft, what is to be done with you? Neither this example nor the others that you send by email fulfill the requirements of the bet:

        …professionally made political video that is a torrent of expletives from front to end and that is promoting votes for Romney or any other Republican. You get extra points if it stars well-known showbiz personalities.

        What you have done is find individual nutcases, and that includes Trump. I would never deny there are nutcases on both sides of the political spectrum.

        I repeat: A professionally made political video.

        I would never claim that potty-mouthed Republicans don’t exist, but few have IQs over 60 and they do not have the financial resources to produce the professional videos that you must find.

        Keep hunting. I have my credit card at the ready.


  6. Félipe,
    Of course us lefties are way cooler than you uptight, close-minded, establishment types. No contest on that one.

    I doubt that most folks commenting on this site are into using profanity. Even though many are right of center, I suspect the majority are well educated and have the vocabulary necessary to communicate otherwise.

    Sarah Silverman’s “schtick” has always been to use profanity. Samuel L. Jackson’s video is slick and “cute.”

    The real profanitists (my word) come from the middle of the U.S. (both political and geographic) with little education and/or limited vocabulary. Some might call them red necks or white trash. I might call them aunt, uncle, or cousin. In any case, they are definitely for anyone who is not black. (Or Jewish for that matter.)


    1. Larry: Needless to say, I don’t agree with that. I think it’s a stereotypical viewpoint typical of effete, martini-sipping, armchair-lounging radicals who typically live in New York or Berkeley and own a BMW sedan.

      Since most (but not all) of those adjectives do not apply to you, I must assume you read it in left-wing magazines, The New York Times or Huffpost.

      In short, you’re falling back on the frayed racist line. Tsk-tsk.

      In the immortal words of the conservative firebrand Ann Coulter: The people most fixated on race these days are Liberals and skinheads.


  7. The champagne is flowing (figuratively speaking) here at the Hacienda this morning after the first-class butt-kicking my boy Mitt gave the “eloquent” Barry during the debate last night.

    Without the teleprompter, Barry was like a deer in the headlights. It was pathetic.


    1. My guy reminded me of a boxer who has just taken a punch to the jaw and is waiting for the bell to ring. The good news is that it was only round one and after his corner gives him some smelling salts and a pat on the back he will be ready to re-establish his position as “Champ”. A setback, but only temporary.


      1. Wowee, Croft, when such a blind follower and Kool-Aid drinker like yourself admits how miserable Barry did last night, now that’s saying something.

        But it ain’t gonna get any better because Barry has to defend his record, and his record is God-awful, and Mitt has to attack that same record, and what a piece of cake that will (continue) to be.

        And when Ryan and the goofy Biden do their one debate which, I believe, will be more watched than veep debates have usually been watched due to the star quality of Ryan, Biden will be chewed up, swallowed and spit out on the street.

        I’m a happy boy. This is such fun.


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