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Many years ago, about seven, I wrote instructions on how to move over the Rio Bravo into a different world.

Later, on noting that quite a few people were doing just that, I became concerned and, not wanting to see too many of my previous paisanos following in my bold footsteps, I took the instructions offline.

But now the Gringos are suffering. The collectivist leader they unwisely re-elected last year is doing squat to provide jobs, and my heart goes out.

In wantAre soup lines and Hoovervilles on the near horizon?

Know that you have an option. Yes, you may move over the southern border where government does not pry and control every iota of your life, where your money is your own, where you don’t have to be charitable if you dang well don’t feel like it.

(That’s why God invented churches and church people. Bless ’em.)

Where health care is good and affordable. And taxes are low.

So I have decided to resurrect my instructions to enter a better world. The material is updated, and it has a new, colorful face.

Yes, the wildly popular website La vida bougainvillea is online again. There is hope, my woebegone Gringo friends, but not where you are . . .

. . . where I am.

* * * *

(Note: This post was here briefly yesterday, but the La Vida link did not work. Now it does. I hope. Sorry for the inconvenience, such as it was.)

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  1. I tried to access via the link but no luck. Is there a website you can direct me to for “La vida bougainvillea”?


  2. It is very charitable of you to welcome gringos to Mexico. Previously it was a tough sell due to the slanderous press exaggerating the murder and mayhem in Mexico. Now, however, there is a new type of gringo coming to Mexico, the gringo refugees, unable to afford healthcare, rising taxes, and coping with a devalued dollar.


    1. You are quite right, Andres, and my heart goes out to them, which is why I have resurrected the website in question. I do wish there were a way to block those who voted for Obama, however, because I think they should have to stay above the Rio Bravo and live with the increasingly dismal results of their ill-considered decisions.

      But you other people: Come on down!


  3. Thank You. I had saved the link some yrs ago and noticed it was gone. It was (and better now) a great resource! Now I don’t have to bribe you for a secret copy.


    1. P.S.: There are a few things. I left in the reference to Actinver as a place to deposit money. The initial version of the La Vida Bougainvillea pointed people toward Lloyd, a Mexican investment firm, but Actinver bought out most of Lloyd a few years ago, and I switched to Actinver.

      However, I am going to abandon Actinver very soon, and switch to HSBC bank for the far greater convenience, plus its superior website on which you can do all manner of things. It’s all-in-one finances.

      I’m also going to abandon Banamex for HSBC. I’ve had an account with Banamex since my first year here. However, their branch here in town is often jammed with people, plus their website is far inferior. Generally, Banamex here is just an annoying place to do much of anything.

      After I experience HSBC for a year or so, I’ll likely update the website to include it.


      1. We have been using HSBC for over 12 years, originally it was Bital, before HSBC bought it out. What was real convenient was that they had a branch in Santa Clara which was easy to visit. Their web site is easy to use, we tried Bancomer and found that there were too many lines and haphazard level of service. You can get one hour of free parking with a voucher when visiting the HSBC too. I am sure even you will like them.


        1. Tancho: I’m optimistic about HSBC. Banamex has been driving me nuts for years, but I never abandoned them because of their connection to the Citibank (Banamex USA) branch in Los Angeles where I have both my pensions electronically deposited. But I’ve finally had it up to here, so I’ll have my pensions sent directly to HSBC-Mexico. It will cost me 10 bucks each to do that every month, but it will be money well spent.

          You are right about HSBC’s website. It’s quite good. Banamex’s is far less so. Plus, over the years I have emailed questions to Banamex via their website two or three times. Never got a response. I have emailed one question to HSBC this week, and had a response in 24 hours. Amazing.

          Plus, if you open a certain type of account at HSBC, they have a separate line, essentially letting you butt to the head of the regular line to see tellers! It has an elitist air to it, but that’s fine by me.

          Parking voucher?! In 13 years of parking downtown here, I have never used a parking lot. You just gotta know where to look.


          1. I don’t have your parking gods bestowed enlightenment or the patience to drive around more than once around the plaza.


  4. I commented on “La Vida Bouganvilla,” but have a few thoughts to add.

    You should write a post on what exactly you think it is that Obama is doing to ruin the country. It’d be an interesting read. Though I voted for Obama, I’m not that wild about him. Just one of those “lesser of two evils” kind of choices. And I don’t see his presidency as all that much different than what has come before. A lot of the so-called evils that people complain about have been under way for a while. For example, I recently read a comment on a Bloomberg story by someone complaining how Obama was taking away civil liberties, spying on Americans, and generally becoming Big Brother. In particular, this commenter cited the NSA data center being constructed in Utah. But my response to this was that the diminution of liberties has been under way since J Edgar Hoover, and was a sadly bipartisan effort. For example, the Republicans passed the Patriot Act, one of the biggest impediments to civil liberties to have come along in a long while.

    Most of the things I read where people rail about Obama tend to fall into one of three categories. 1) They blame him for the deficit, while conveniently overlooking the fact that most of Federal spending is due to legislation that was passed way before he became president, like Social Security, Medicare, and most military spending programs. 2) They think he’s a socialist, but can’t really provide any hard evidence of this, other than the fact that he wants to raise tax rates to levels prevailing during the Clinton Administration. 3) They hate him passionately for vague reasons, like they think he’ll somehow take away their guns without concomitant congressional action.

    I think you’re a smart guy. So far I haven’t seen any particularly compelling argument from you about what’s so lacking in Obama. (I agree with you on a recent post about Michelle’s lack of gravitas, but I think that’s another subject, and also irrelevant to the presidency.)

    So I throw down this challenge.

    Please write a reasoned argument, citing verifiable facts, as to why Obama is such a disaster. This argument should focus on actual policy, actions and deeds, not attitude or what you think he might like. This should also fairly contrast said policy, actions, and deeds with what the Republican party is promoting. It should also hold him to the same standard as any other president. So it’s no fair to complain about things that may be bad, but present in many other presidencies. And, for example, if you cite things such as how the GM bankruptcy was handled, then please provide an alternative scenario. So for example, if GM had been allowed to go into bankruptcy, please write about how that would that have been a better outcome than what happened.

    Personally, I think both parties are a disaster, and would be quite happy to write at length as to why I think so. And I don’t think things would be any better under John McCain, and likely worse, particularly with his unfortunate choice of running mate. Imagine her as president! Even Republicans would soon long for Obama.

    But since this is your blog, and you continue to rant about Obama, please. Take the challenge. And write a persuasive case as to why we should all agree with you. If you do it well enough, we might even be persuaded to take your side in this.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think the USA has a ton of problems due to bipartisan ineptitude, weakness, and vulnerability to special interests.


    1. I agree with Kim. Since I am Canadian, I don’t stick my nose into the political arguments between USers, but here is a quick take on the subject.

      Starting the day of the election, the Republicans, rather than try to govern the country with the President, prepare for the next election by doing everything possible to stymie any policy, whether they agree with it or not, just to make Obama look bad, sometimes cutting off their noses to spite their face.

      The people of the US are suffering from the Republicans blaming everything on the current government, and refusing to work together with them. They seem to think that if they destroy the country for four years to get into power, the country will somehow benefit. We all know that the only reason most of them are there, (Democrats included) same as in Canada, is to help themselves and their lobbyist friends to a big payday.

      I could go on, but like I said, a quick take.


    2. Kim, mi viejo amigo, why in the world have you put this political comment on this post about tips on moving to Mexico?!

      As for saying why I oppose Obama, I beat that to death before Nov. 6, making myself quite clear, I think, and when he was re-elected, I pretty much threw up my hands. Now I will restrict myself to the occasional snarky sentence when appropriate, just for kicks.

      I will say that I am very surprised that you voted for him.


    1. Connie: This is it here, in modified form. I just don’t deal with Mexico nearly so much as before when living down here was new and fresh to me. Now it’s become old hat, and my attention is wandering farther afield.


  5. This post was part of my moving south checklist. And Banamex is still part of that mix, primarily because it is the only bank in Melaque. Like so many things, options are often limited in my village life.


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