DimVenezuela is investigating the possibility that the United States killed Hugo Chávez.

Gringo hit men offed him with a cancer implant!

This is the same sort of thinking that has led many folks to believe that AIDS was a U.S. government plot to eliminate blacks and gays.

People with these types of ideas sometimes hold high offices, and that’s why the world will always remain in an uproar.

We do not elevate our best and brightest.

8 thoughts on “Dimwits

    1. Señor Calypso: Idiotic indeed. I liked the column you linked to.

      By the way, I made a short URL out of your original link. In my ongoing quest to make short URLs, especially here, I point you toward an easy, fast way to do it. Just bookmark this page:



  1. We are the world’s enemy — don’t you know? We are the country everyone loves to hate but loves to cash their checks from us nonetheless.

    I seem to recall that photo from one of your posts years ago. Correct? Saludos to your lovely wife.


    1. Mike: America-bashing is the fashion these days, especially among the white wine-sipping elites in our nation’s universities, media, etc., and much of government. And all of the Democratic party.

      When it happens overseas, there is invariably an element of envy mixed in. Most of the globe views the United States through a lens of love/hate.

      Yep, used that picture once on the now defunct website The Bierce Account.


  2. Anything to keep the focus away from the fact that the Venezuelan economy is teetering on the brink of collapse. That’s why they are raising this ruckus about the USA somehow causing Chavez’s cancer.

    The gig will be up there soon enough, then the politicos will have to face the music of their own making.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we do not generally believe in conspiracy theories on the thesis that it’s virtually impossible for a group to keep big secrets.


    1. Kim: It was reported yesterday that the despot’s corpse will not be publicly displayed for all eternity like Lenin and Mao, as was previously announced.

      Turns out they did not start to embalm him quickly enough in the Venezuelan sunshine. He started to go bad before they got around to the process. No joke.


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