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m a big fan of Fox News, and proud of it. Not only is it Fair and Balanced (more on that later), but it sends collectivists into paroxysms of rage, and that’s always a hoot to watch.

A cable network that actually is unbalanced, in more ways than one, is MSNBC, home to race-baiter Al Sharpton, smug and dykey Rachel Maddow and others of their ilk.

The nonpartisan Pew Research Center just came out with this: MSNBC is almost pure left-wing propaganda. Pew did not phrase it precisely like that, but that’s what it amounts to.

On the flip side, Pew states that Fox’s coverage is about 55 percent opinion and 45 percent factual reporting. CNN is almost exactly the same as Fox.

Of course, CNN’s opinion is lefty, and Fox’s is righty. We all know that.

It amazes me that people take Al Sharpton seriously. It’s like paying real attention to David Duke or Louis Farrakhan.

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We have a new Pope. He looks like a nicer guy than that Benedict character (a flinty-eyed German whom my child bride and I always referred to as “the Nazi”) and the Argentines are delirious with joy.

The new Pope — Francis is his name, which is kind of dorky — wants us to treat the downtrodden nicely. It’s good to have a fresh message  from the Vatican.

No matter. I support organized religion. Most of us need it.

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  1. OMG, religion is the opiate of the masses, amigo!
    Are you suggesting we masses start smoking the sweet stuff?
    How are we to rise above the hypocrisy if we are embroiled in the (expletive deleted)?


      1. Now Felipe, I did actually put an ! in the bull so as not to offend 😉
        On a more serious note, I do believe in the progression of consciousness of humankind toward a more peaceful and loving nature. Yes, there are bumps in the road, always will be. But, if we don’t get over this religion BS and rise above, then we are destined to repeat the atrocities and inhumane acts of the past in the name of the aforementioned.

        What say you, oh Great One?


        1. Marco: Oh, yeah, the ! made the word unintelligible. Keep in mind I run a tight ship here. While I may let fly with a good one or two when I hit my finger with the hammer, hereabouts we stay bland. Well, as far as expletives are concerned. It can be a slippery slope.

          As for humankind moving toward a more peaceful and loving nature, I don’t see any evidence of that whatsoever. Would be nice.

          As for religion sometimes pushing some folks over the edge, yep, it does. And why? Because we are not moving toward a more peaceful and loving mankind. Wish we were.

          Organized religion provides a ready-made value system. Otherwise, we are left to our own devices, to dream up whatever value system and morals suit us, individually. In other words, chaos and anarchy.

          The Western world is already slipping more into chaos and anarchy. Most just don’t recognize it as such.


        2. And our friend Adolf was such a devout Catholic. How can one explain that?
          It seems that there lots of wackos from Jim Jones, to the so-called Reverend Sharpton (no one can put their finger on exactly what cereal box he got his divinity certificate from) to Rev. Jessie Jackson, all a little wacko if you ask me. Only reasonable guy was MLK.


          1. Tancho: I assume you are referring to Hitler. I went Googling. Seems he was raised by two Catholic parents, but he abandoned Catholicism early on, and turned to the Deutsche Christian Church, whatever that is.

            More than anything, of course, he was insane.


  2. Right-wing zealots and religious zealots actually have a lot in common. Perhaps it is because most right-wing zealots are also religious zealots?


    1. Croft: Many right-wing zealots are indeed religious zealots. You and I are of one mind on that. Alas, zealotry of any stripe almost invariably leads to no good.

      Left-wing zealots also have a religion. It is utopian politics, and their God is “A Perfect World.” They are as obsessed with it as any holy-roller in the hollers of West Virginia is obsessed with speaking in tongues and caressing serpents.


  3. I am surprised that you are so enamored with Faux News. Most of the media giants are biased towards either the left or right. Since I moved south I try to avoid them all. I do read the Huffington Post which I’m sure must be on your list of Commie rags. As for the new Pope, actions speak louder than words. We’ll see. Saludos! P.S. I miss Walter Cronkite.


    1. Charles: You are surprised that I like Fox News? How could that be? Fox and I are made for one another, and I’ve mentioned it quite often. I really like Bill O’Reilly except when his takes on issues are overly colored by his Catholicism.

      I am a non-religious conservative, which means I can (and do) support abortion rights, assisted suicide, legalized drugs, stem-cell research, etc. My boy O’Reilly opposes all that. Sometimes religion makes us less smart, less kind, less compassionate.

      The Pew study apparently only focused on cable TV news, not the so-called commercial networks like NBC, ABC and CBS, all of which are, to varying degrees, left wing, more for what they choose to report or not to report than for blatant opinionizing like MSNBC.

      One gets far more left-wing slant from the media these days than the other way around. And that’s a fact you can deposit in the bank.

      As for the Huffington Post, it is to the left what Breitbart is to the right.

      I miss Walter Cronkite too.


  4. The other day for some unexplained reason my TV turned to a liberal channel. Rachel Maddow was there with some of her buddies as was Bill Maher. Bill was whining and complaining about how much he has to pay in taxes now. I have to admit, I had a smile on my face all day.


    1. Jackie: I read a news story a few days back about that. Maher is starting to complain about having to pay so much tax. He lives in California, I think, so he’s paying through the nose. California has to do that in order to pay all those benefits and give drivers’ licenses to Mexicans with no legal standing, hobos and young, unemployed mamas with five kids and no hubbies in sight.

      I guess Maher’s not so keen now to pay his “fair share.” Where’s his compassion going? Send him to Cuba, I say, so he can see what real “fairness” is about.


  5. I am happy to see that none of your commenters has come to the defense of Al Sharpton. That pleases me a lot. He has always struck me as what a Klan writer would produce as a parody figure. Unfortunately, he is too real. I met him at the height of the Tawana Brawley fraud case — where he embroiled racial tensions and still has not apologized for his part in the case.


  6. Chaos and anarchy is what the system wants. This is why they denigrate religion and promote secularism and atheism and worship science. Half the Catholics in the world are in the Americas and their membership is dwindling quick to Holy Rollers, evangelicals and unbelievers. The name Francisco resonates better than Francis. Let’s hope for the best.


    1. Andres: You are quite right. Francisco would have been nice, far better than Francis. As for hoping for the best, I hope but my hoping usually is not enough.


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