Waco spaceman

Billy Bob deployed one iron anchor and then the other. The wooden space ship was bouncing loonily.

Moments earlier, before skidding onto the moon’s surface, he opened a big silk parachute he had purchased at the military surplus in Waco.

woodThe parachute and two anchors combined to slow the ship down pretty darn good, and he was sliding along the moonscape now at a diminishing velocity.

Billy Bob was a deacon at the Second Baptist Church in Waco, so he was praying to God Almighty.

He had built this spaceship out of wood planks, and he’d shellacked it 37 times for re-entry protection. Billy Bob sat in a wicker chair inside the wooden rocket in a steel septic tank he had uncovered in a Waco junkyard.

The tank was kept intact by a compressor he’d purchased at Home Depot. The blastoff from his backyard was done with dynamite. The trip had taken two days during which Billy Bob dined on Cheetos, Moon Pies and RC Cola.

Suddenly, the spaceship stopped.

Billy Bob opened the septic tank, then the wooden door, and stepped out. He had a goldfish bowl over his head, duct-taped at the neck. A scuba tank — full of mesquite-flavored Texas Hill Country air — sagged on his back.

How you doing, honey?

The voice startled Billy Bob, and he swung around. There was a hole in the ground, and the most dazzling woman he had ever seen was standing there, half out of the hole and half in. Her smile was stunning.

Billy Bob later learned that millions of Moon People lived below the surface, and that 95 percent were lovely women whose average life span was 32. Men, being in critically short supply, were highly prized.

Billy Bob never went back to Waco. And he quit being a Baptist too.

12 thoughts on “Waco spaceman

  1. I loved this story! It’s truly Waco, er, wacko.

    But what did he do for air when the supply in the tanks ran out? I imagine that he was breathing heavily much of the time.

    Don Cuevas


  2. I’m assuming he didn’t need that 37 coat shellacking for re-entry. Probably forgot to bring extra dynamite for his homeward bound blastoff anyway. Only improvement you could have made on the tale would be if the nubile 32 year old natives were especially fond of 60+ old fogies who would enjoy eternal life with the hollow core good air.


  3. Is there any chance that Billy Bob is a distant relative of Gilligan? The story possibilities are limitless, as is, like I’ve noted before, your imagination.

    Well done!


  4. I like characters with two first names. The Billy Bobs, the Tim Deans, the John Rays, the Dora Frances’ of this world are almost all gone. I mourn their passing to other worlds.


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