Religious nuts

As often stated, I support organized religion although I am not a subscriber. It sets a society’s moral standards, which is preferable to leaving such things to individuals, a sure recipe for anarchy.

nuts-and-boltsOf our two main religions these days, I back Christianity over Mohammedanism. Both harbor crackpots, however.

Two egregious examples are in the news.

1.  The loons at the now-infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, plan to picket the funerals of those killed by the two Mohammedan wing nuts in Boston.

God, you see, sent the Mohammedans and their scrap-metal-filled pressure cookers to Boston because Obama supports “fag marriage.”

I think Baptist headquarters, wherever that may be, should excommunicate its Westboro brethren posthaste. Most Baptists are good people who favor lemonade and smoked ham on quiet Sunday afternoons.

But Mohammedan loons are always worse than Christian crazies. What the Westboro gang does is merely colossally crass. They do not advocate rape.

2.  A Mohammedan cleric in Syria has given the rape green light to rebels fighting the Mohammedan despot Bashar Assad. Go get ’em, boys!

Well, as long as the rape victims are not Sunni.

And yet, American elites in universities, the media (save Fox) and the pathetic Oval Office occupant are loathe to speak badly of Mohammedans.

Gotta be sensitive to other cultures, ya know.

Nero’s fiddling leaps to mind.

16 thoughts on “Religious nuts

  1. This fodder of hypocritical crap can overwhelm and cause one to discern prescient observations. But, it is useless amigo. Our once great country is surely headed for the manure pile of history. Yes, Rome is burning. What more is there to say?
    I for one prefer your insightful and colorful comments about the world you find yourself engaged in at present… Causes me to reminisce a bit. Given the country I reside in at present, this is a good thing. 🙂


    1. Marco: I am convinced the U.S. is a lost cause, and I’m happy I don’t live among you people any longer.

      As for comments about my new world south of the border, well, this isn’t a Latino website. It is Fact, Fiction and Opinion Stirred in an Odd Pot.

      With emphasis on the Odd Pot.


      1. I also miss your Mexico stories (I will just create my own in real time). But all good things come to an end. That sadly includes the U.S. The economic collapse (PC has already destroyed logic and morality) will not be pretty.


        1. Patzman: American life has already become quite unpretty. I was thinking today that when I departed that nation in January 2000, everything was running fairly well, which is to say I left it in proper order.

          But after I departed everything went straight to the Devil. I guess I could go back and set things straight again, but I just don’t want to.


  2. I wonder if the Mohammedan brethren comprehend the folly of their ridiculous statements and the perception of them around the world? Probably not, since their world is one square kilometer from the nearest mosque.

    Sadly, the other gazillion of the followers of Mohammed don’t say a word to either denounce it or support it.

    I am of the belief that the politically correct Obamaland had its paramount about 20 years ago and is pouring more gasoline on the fire to kill off any vestige of common sense left, and the country as we knew it.


    1. Tancho: Sadly, the other gazillion of the followers of Mohammed don’t say a word to either denounce it or support it.

      Those are what the PC people call Mohammedan moderates. However, they keep their tater traps shut for one or both of the following reasons.

      1. They support the violence in their heart of hearts.

      2. They know if they publicly oppose the violence, they and their entire families will get the scimitar.


    2. Point of correction: Please research how the terrorists recently planning to bomb a Canadian train were caught. It involved the (Muslim) parent of one of the suspects and the Imam of their mosque. Many more of these stories abound. Instead of regurgitating Fox News BS, try opening your mind to the facts.


    1. Joanne: Now that you mention it, I do recall reading something months ago when the Westboro folks first started acting out that they are not real Baptists. Both I and bona fide Baptists welcome that, of course.


  3. And then there is “Brother Dean” a white, “Christian” non- Mohammedan Arizona resident who says that women who wear short skirts in 90+ degree heat “deserve to be raped” . This statement obviously gives horny men permission to rape short skirted women because they are “asking for it”.

    He also recently posted a message: “A good question for your first date,” with a photo of a shirt reading “Will You Submit To Me?”


  4. There appear to me to just as many christianist crazies as there are muslim crazies. The problem is organized religion. No sane individual needs any organization to set his moral compass.


    1. Señor Brooke: I’m sure you are right. There are just as many Christian nuts as Mohammedan nuts. I’m sure the Westboro “Baptists” will be flying airliners into trade centers real soon, and killing innocents at marathon finish lines. Stuff like that. Blowing up infidels willy-nilly.


      1. Sarcasm becomes you, clearly. How about Tim McVey? Eric Rudolph? The various women’s health clinic bombers? How about those many who perpetuate hate crimes? Are they any less terrorists than the others?


        1. Señor Brooke: I don’t see myself as sarcastic. I see it as clever repartee.

          Tim McVey was angry at the federal government. Had nothing to do with religion. Rudolph was a crackpot, yes, and Christian zealots do target abortion providers, sometimes fatally. I never wrote otherwise. And you may indeed label them terrorists.

          As so many collectivists do when they pass by my end of cyberspace, you have absolutely missed the point of my post. I did not say Christian zealots are incapable of violence. Of course, they are. So citing violent Christian nuts serves no purpose. I do not disagree with you.

          However, their pathetic shenanigans pale before the evil work of the Mohammedans. Get back to me when faux Baptists fly an airliner into a skyscraper jammed with thousands of innocents or when they blow up people who are merely watching a sporting event. Or for that matter, when Christian fundamentalists stone women to death for adultery, require all women to walk around covered in sheets, or videotape abortion doctors they have captured while proceeding to chop their heads off. Or when anti-abortion zealots blow up a restaurant full of vacationers in Bali, etc.

          Unlike your Mohammedans, Christian terrorists are pretty much a single-issue crowd: Abortion.

          As for your calling Fox News B.S., do note that it’s the most-watched and most-trusted TV news source in America, blowing the socks off other channels’ ratings on an ongoing basis. The citizens vote with their remotes.

          A month or so ago, the nonpartisan Pew Research Center released a study of bias in television news. Fox rated as very even-handed while your MSNBC was found to be about 80 percent, if my memory serves, slanted toward the far left.

          The collectivists love to diss Fox, er, Faux News, and the reason is that Fox simply states things the Left disagrees with. Fox is not on the multicultural train nor is it anti-American.

          Now, I’ll let you go. I imagine the latest issue of Mother Jones awaits your attention.


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