Charm of Havana

Alert readers will notice a new item in the right-side column of this website’s home page. It is a list of the most-visited Moon spots on any given day. Actually, it can change from minute to minute.

There is one item you will always see there because it’s eternally the most visited post: Havana hookers, etc.  It was written over a year ago, but it remains the most visited due to internet search pages.

I have long been aware of this phenomenon due to behind-the-curtain stats I can see, and you could not, but now it’s out in public.

The universal interest in sex and Cuba continues. Sex, well, you know. But the Cuba fascination never diminishes. Tropical island. The romantic Ché with his scrawny beard and cocky beret. “Equality.”


Yes, the loony leftist notion that we can all be equal. It’s just and right and fair, and must be obligatory, by Jove.

Something happened in 1989 that was a combination of good and bad. The Berlin Wall fell, and with it the remnants of the dark Soviet dream. This was good for people who lived under communist oppression.

Bad for us. We lost our focus. The Soviet threat that existed for 44 years kept the Free World united. When Soviet communism imploded, as communism inevitably does, we began brawling among ourselves.

This is blatantly obvious in the United States where everybody is so angry with everybody else that nobody is tending the flaming store.

We have not been this unfocused in a century. We were focused during World War I. Then we danced the Charleston for a decade till the Great Depression arrived. Both focused us but in very different ways.

Then we focused on World War II. Following that, the Soviets focused us.

Since 1989, however, we’ve been flying free, and it’s gotten ugly. We focus only on our electronic toys and the notion that everybody else must agree with us.

Turning to Cuba again, it’s incredible how easy it is to find people who praise Cuba, an oppressive communist dictatorship, one of the few still standing on its wobbly, inefficient, nonproductive legs.

True communist regimes have mostly vanished, but lots of people still think it’s possible to enforce equality by government edict.* Much of Europe has long operated on a lesser version** of this nefarious notion, and they’re now falling down a financial drain hole, and riots are happening.

Enforced equality does not so much help the poor as it punishes the successful. In time, the house falls, leaving all equal but not in a nice way.

We are living in bad times. Could someone please resurrect the Soviet Union? I know many would love that because they so love Cuba and “equality.”

Love of both sex and Cuba will always keep that post in the right-side column. Humans are deeply flawed, and it will always be so.

* * *  *

* Obama is one.

** Sweet-sounding Social Democracy.

(Note: Havana Hookers, etc., was the secondary of the two posts on our anniversary trip to Cuba, but the primary had no mention of Cuba or Havana in the headline or URL, so the secondary steals the show.)

6 thoughts on “Charm of Havana

  1. Focus, wow, something which is lacking is so many efforts, starting with schools, employees and governments. No one seems to see the big picture anymore.
    My favorite post from the past of yours was the party with uninvited guests which you had to tolerate. Might bring that back for a refresher.

    Carry on, Captain!


  2. Without Fulgencio Batista there most likely would not be the Castro brothers in power or Communism in Cuba. Not only was Batista el presidente, he was king of the rackets and Havana was the cesspool of the Americas. My grandfather hated Batista, the mafia and Frank Sinatra, who he claimed brought suitcases full of mafia cash to Cuba.

    In the 1960s, Florida was invaded with Cuban refugees. As for Cuban sex, I’ve had some delightful Cuban girlfriends in Florida.


    1. Andres: Whether it was Batista specifically that led to Castro is impossible to know. In that time, the 1950s, there were quite a few dictatorships in Latin America, and Batista was by no means the worst of them, and Cuba was not the worst Latino economy. Now all the despots, save the Castros, have long gone, swept aside by democracy and capitalism, and all of Latin America is in far better shape than the colossal mess that is Cuba.

      That the island still has so many defenders among the armchair-sitting, martini-sipping Left in the Free World borders on hilarious.


  3. I personally look forward to the passing of the Castros. I will be right there with The Salvation Army helping to pick up the small pieces that once were Cuban society.


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