June jive

Edging into mid-June, here’s what I see:

The green grass is growing, and it’s received its first cut.

Orchids are blooming on branches of the peach tree.

Calla LilyBright-yellow calla lilies have burst from underground where they lurk in bulbs most of the year.

A big bush in the yard is erupting in white flowers that look like little roses, but they’re not little roses.

The air is cool, damp and encouraging, and I know that at this moment in Houston and New Orleans, where I once lived, the air is hot and oppressive.

* * * *


Time to pound on Obama a bit. It makes my day:

The Ohio Department of Insurance reports that premiums will likely rise 88 percent next year, a direct result of Obamacare. Change you can believe in!

And who says the president does not bring people together?

Both right-winger Glenn Beck and left-winger Michael Moore call NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero.

Snowden is in Hong Kong hiding from Obama’s gun thugs. You can go here to sign a White House petition to pardon Snowden. I sure did.

* * * *

At just before 8 a.m., it looks like it will be another cool, moist, lovely day here on the mountaintop. It’s nice to be unemployed.

* * * *

(Lily art by Tanya Stollzhow.)

18 thoughts on “June jive

  1. People have short memories. Have they forgotten that it was GWB who is responsible for railroading the Patriot Act through so they could watch our every movement? People seem so surprised and appalled that big brother has been watching us and listening to us for almost 14 years. As for Obamacare, it is flawed in many areas. I am happy that I now live in a country with some of the best (and cheapest) health care in the world.



    1. Charles: Just last week one of the authors, a Democrat, of the Patriot Act said it was never the act’s purpose to be used the way the Obama administration is using it. Plus, don’t you think it’s time to quit blaming Dubya for everything? it’s getting hilarious. Soon it will be required that people who still blame Dubya for everything will have to wear white belts and shoes, and dance the disco.

      As for Mexican health care, we are of one mind. Great to live here.


    2. Five years into the Obama reign, still blaming Dubya has joined the classics, right up there with the PC people’s saying racism! to all opinions they do not agree with.


  2. I have been wandering around snapping photographs of the current flower season. One of the nice things about living on the tropical coast is that the flowers never cease. Of course, neither does the heat. Or the humidity.


  3. Well, at least now we are starting to have a little transparency. You know the kind that Obozo promised when he ran the first time, but then again he never kept any of the promises he gave us the first time. Why would he provide any transparency now? If he did, then the people would see what a dismal failure he really is.

    He is although a Chicago politician, and in that regard he has done a stellar job. A job that Mayor Daley would be proud of, or more currently, a job like Blagojevich.

    If you read about the corruption Chicago is famous for (you just can’t make stuff up like that). In that regard, Obozo has done an admirable job!


    1. Tancho: Didn’t candidate Obama promise national health care? I think so, and he followed through all right, disastrously.

      Lots of folks like to point to Chicago as the blame for Obama. I think the roots of Obama are far wider than that.


  4. I think American politics is flawed beyond help. Polarized to the nenth degree. One side (I guess the Republicans in this case) will never vote in favour of a Democratic reform just in principle, because they don’t want the other side to be favoured or seem to be on the right track.

    If the governing parties were reversed, I don’t think it would make much difference. The truth is, the Democrats won the election. That means the majority of the American public has spoken. That should have meant, okay, we (Republicans) lost, for now for the betterment of all, we have to work together. Next time we will do better. For Mr. Obama, of course, he will fail, especially when all attempts to bring about change are being blocked. Then “People” can say, see he did nothing, but the truth is the “People” made it impossible for success. Goofy politics.


    1. Well, Bob, we are in agreement in some areas and not in others.

      It does seem American politics are flawed beyond help. I hope you and I are mistaken.

      But you are repeating the old excuse that the Republicans are simply blocking everything, all of Obama’s great potential plans.

      I disagree, to put it mildly.


    2. However, Bob, I would not say the GOP does not block Obama’s radical, unrealistic agenda on many occasions, and thank the Goddess for that. And many moderate and sensible Democrats assist in that blockage.

      Would that it had happened with ObamaCare. ObamaCare would never pass now, were it possible to start over.


      1. I have no problem with blockages of ill-advised agendas, but, you must(should) also pass (support) the ones that have benefit. This doesn’t happen as far as I can see. As for ObamaCare, it mirrors somewhat the Canadian Health Package, I pay $69 a month, that covers absolutely everything, operations, hospital stays, the whole nine yards. What Americans (USA variety) can’t wrap their heads around is, the idea that while some people pay into the plan and don’t use it, others pay as well and do. The concept of putting money into a common pot so that everyone can benefit is totally lost on some people. It works.


          1. Peter: Many seem to agree with you, but that does not mean ObamaCare is the same thing. Plus, the U.S. is not Canada in a number of respects. One, the U.S. population is FAR higher. Two, the nation is dead broke right now.


        1. Bob: From what little I know about Canada’s health system, it does seem to work fairly well. I am not convinced, however, that ObamaCare is all that similar. It appears to be abysmally dense and complicated. And expensive to a nation already swimming in red seas.


    3. I don’t know if being Canadian makes us think alike, but I agree with you wholly.

      Don’t get me started on why we can live peacefully without needing to have assault weapons on our nightstands next to our false teeth.


      1. Kris: There are lots of assault-weapon lookalikes in the U.S., but true military arms are, with very rare exception, illegal, and almost nobody has one.

        It’s a widespread myth that the U.S. is awash in military arms.


  5. I have more of an ecumenical view. My view is that we’ve had 12+ years of disaster in the White House. It is too late to change what went wrong with the Bush years with some exceptions. It is not too late to change what Obama is doing. Government is out of control. Without political gridlock it would be far worse.

    It seems everything Obama touches turns to caca, the reverse of the Midas touch. We are turning into the United Stasi States of America.

    Thanks to Obamacare, the world’s most expensive health care is going to double in price.


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