Queen Michelle

Queen Michelle is living large on your dime.

Her guy, King Barack, had to attend a Group of Eight summit in Belfast this week. He could have gone alone, of course. But Queen Michelle wanted to go too (Oh, Baraaack!), along with the two princesses (Oh, Daddy!).

Queen MichelleThe First Family flew to Belfast together on the royal air yacht sometimes known as Air Force One.

But Belfast is a nasty place (all those angry Catholics and Protestants. White people! Ugh!) so the queen and princesses continued ASAP aboard Air Force Two, the backup yacht, down to nicer Dublin.

Yes, two yachts sailed from Washington to Ireland.

The queen stayed two nights in the five-star Shelbourne Hotel, the Princess Grace Suite at $3,300 each glorious evening. That was just for her and the princesses. There were 30 other rooms for the purple entourage.

The left-wing lords, ladies, jesters and sycophants.

The estimated two-day cost is 5 million taxpayer dollars.

Two days, mind you. Your money. Their holiday.

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  1. For the sake of credibility, please link back to where you posted about Bush’s wife and daughters on their annual taxpayer funded shopping trips to Paris.

    Most of the costs you quote would have been incurred anyway. A backup aircraft is sent anyway and the delegation accompanying any presidential visit are and always have been ridiculously huge, regardless of the political party the president belongs to.


    1. Anyway, Croft, those were far happier economic times, plus Republicans are supposed to live like royalty. Everybody knows that. But not the Democrats, the party of the common man.

      This left-wing woman, on getting access to the public tit, is living it up like there’s no mañana or like she’s a one-percenter Republican. No wonder we never saw her at the Occupy Wall Street camping grounds.

      Where did her principles fly off to?


      1. Interesting that when Obama’s compared to Bush, it makes Obama’s behavior all right every time. He’s a black/white Irishman, you see. (Everyone in Ireland is Irish just like on St. Paddy’s day.) I think the recently planned Africa trip for Obama’s sybarites cost way more. Africa is unsafe, you know, even though it’s Obama’s ancestral home.


  2. Hard to believe how STUPID the U.S. people are for putting up with this and other nonsense from the Obamas. Is it just that they want their leaders to live like kings and queens or what? Stupid, stupid people!


      1. For the love of all that is holy – and for the relief of stupid, stupid people everywhere – give it a rest.


  3. Oh, and by the way — what are the Queen’s hubby and his cronies up to — rather than trying to get make world peace? They are doing:

    “Leaders of the G8 major economies have agreed on new measures to clamp down on money launderers, illegal tax evaders and corporate tax avoiders.

    They include requiring shell companies — often used to exploit tax loopholes and invest money anonymously — to identify their effective owners.

    Governments also agreed to give each other automatic access to information on their residents’ tax affairs.”

    Working on how to beat the proletariat out of more dough! OMG.


  4. As I understand it, both “flying yachts” are always taken on overseas trips…no extraordinary abuse there…and Laura Bush’s Paris shopping trips cannot be justified by stating the economy was so much better then…it was a bubble economy waiting to burst at any time…and burst it did…lucky for GWB it didn’t happen until he was almost out of Dodge…

    If Mitt Romney had been elected I wonder if we would still be reading this post? Just sayin’…


    1. Charles: Let us put aside then the issue of two flying yachts. No matter.

      But I am saddened that you have taken up Croft’s line: excusing a crime because others have committed the same crime before.

      And no, had Mitt been elected, I do not think for a moment that his wife would have abused the taxpayer dollar so flamboyantly. They are not the tacky nouveau riche. And I can guarantee you that Ann Romney would neither have shaken her booty on late-night comedy shows with vapid comedians nor have been all a-twitter handing out Academy Awards in order to rub shoulders with mink-draped glitterati.

      The Romneys are classy people. The Obamas are not.

      By the way, do you know that Dubya currently has a higher approval rating than Obama does? People are catching on. Too late.


      1. I am very disappointed that Obama has continued and even expanded parts of the Patriot Act…and Obamacare is a far cry from what most of us were expecting…the change I voted for has yet to happen and likely will not happen in the next 3 years…but I like Michelle…I would much rather share a cafecito in conversation with her as opposed to Ann Romney…I used to play piano for private parties for old money Repubs in La Jolla…very shallow for the most part and they live a life much different than you and I…no idea what real life consists of…I was never envious because most of them were very unhappy folks in spite of their wealth…the only exception was Joan Kroc (wife of the McDonald’s founder)… a super nice down-to earth lady who was very generous with the billions they earned late in life.

        As far as Dubya’s approval being higher than Obama’s…I’ve always said the American electorate has a very short memory…and on we go…


        1. Charles: I cannot help but chuckle at how this president has so disappointed you people who voted for him, and he’s doing it more and more every day. He has not brought much change at all, apart from the economic disaster that ObamaCare will prove to be. So far, it’s been almost five years of pure slogging. He has no leadership qualities. He is wooden, and it’s become quite clear that he badly needs a teleprompter to speak in public. The eloquence has always been a myth.

          As for preferring Michelle over Ann Romney for a cafecito visit, I totally agree with you. I would too.

          But you are doing something that is commonly done, and should not be done: Thinking that someone simpatico, more “like you,” is better suited to run the country than someone less like you. Exceptional people should be at the nation’s helm, not someone who might be your next-door neighbor.


  5. It’s been reported that the African trip is going to cost taxpayers 100 million dollars. What happened to sequestration? What happened to all those terrible federal cuts where children were going to starve and planes were going to fall from the sky? Apparently doing with less only applies to the “folks”.


    1. Jackie: Much of the criticism regarding the Dublin Holiday mentioned sequestration. Of course, given the current economic times, which did not exist during the Dubya administration, this type of high living simply looks bad, very bad.


  6. The Queen and her consort are finally becoming somewhat of a stench back in the homeland. But for naught. Big Brother is here. He won’t leave even if our Irish/African boy leaves office.


  7. Did Miss Laurie just refer to our president as a “boy”?. I’m disappointed.
    Also, what president and their crew hasn’t spent our tax dollars like a drunken sailor? I will say at least our current fearless leader has not, to my knowledge, served thousands of our young men as cannon fodder by attacking the wrong country (Iraq) for the monetary benefit of Cheney’s Halliburton.


    1. Francisco,
      You don’t think Halliburton and other contractors are still involved in Iraq and Afghanistan? They’re still making millions and still working towards controlling the oil.


    2. Francisco: Yes, she did, she did! Oh, my.

      Harry Truman did not spend tax money like a drunken sailor on vacations. He would not have let Bess do it either. Neither did FDR. I don’t recall that the Clintons lived the high life on the public tit either. Or the Reagans or the first Bushes, but perhaps memory fails me. There are others, but many are in the distant past. Times and attitudes have changed, not for the better.

      That Iraq was the “wrong country” was not obvious going into it. Yes, the “intel” turned out to be defective. Hindsight is good. But aside from that, getting rid of murderous dictators is nice. I’m delighted that was done. Saddam was a plague upon the earth, especially to his own people.


    3. I should not have used the word, boy. It can be construed as racist. I am not racist. I don’t wish to speak evil of anyone. Perhaps son would have been a better term.


      1. Laurie: Hush yo’ mouth, child. I just was making excuses for you in another comment. Don’t be apologetic. We rednecks call just about everybody boy, unless she’s a female sort.


    4. Francisco: More on Laurie’s referring to Obama as boy: She, like me, is a Southerner. We are warm and friendly people. (Well, I am not, but for the sake of argument and stereotypes, let’s say I am.) You, of course, are familiar with the Southern expression, “Good ole boy.”

      It is applied only to white men. We simply toss the word boy around a lot. It don’t mean nuttin’ to us, just to Yankees.


  8. Perhaps, if they had to fly like us regular folks with all the TSA hassle, there might be some changes. I’ll wager they don’t have to take their shoes off or worry about emptying their water bottles. If they must have their privacy, why can’t the family and a couple of secret service guys fly in a corporate Leer jet without the media entourage? (Still expensive but substantially less than the current arrangement.) Why can’t the media representatives pay their own way? Why can’t the secret service kick in some bucks? Oh, wait! …that’s still our money.

    They do fly with two planes. Whenever they come to Hawaii there is one parked in Honolulu and the other in Hilo. Word has it that one or the other is a decoy.

    In defense of my left leaning ideals; it’s not the Obamas or the Bush family. It’s the stupid system in that it has always been done that way. Not to mention the paranoia encompassing the entire world making it necessary (?) to protect our leaders. Would that they could just jump on a commercial airliner — I suppose 1st class in their case — probably not going to happen.


  9. A fellow named Rob left a few comments on this post this morning, all at the same time. They were reasonable enough for the most part, and I would have passed them along. But then he flipped out the RACIST accusation so common to the multicultural crowd.

    So he went totally into the trash and has been added to the “nevermore” comment file. I think it was his first visit.

    Flinging that moldy epithet here will get you nowhere. Originality, logic and courtesy are the preferred avenues. Thanks in advance.

    And then another newbie by the name of Ken said I was biased. Well, of course! And that I am a GOP mouthpiece. If I have that public relations position, I’d like to know when the paychecks start arriving.

    Actually, I would dearly love to see a viable U.S. political party somewhere in the sensible and effective middle of the two current extremes. Without the collectivism of the Democrats and the religious fundamentalism of so many Republicans.

    Since Ken too was just being snarky, he has joined Rob on the no-more-comments list. Sorry, guys.

    However, HuffPost will welcome you with open, loving arms.


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