Faculty of felons!

As Dave Barry famously says: I’m not making this up.

But first, let me repeat that the seed of America’s ongoing implosion was planted in the 1960s, as any sentient citizen now knows.

The seed germinated — and grew tall and gangly.

social workWhile many of that (my) generation simply stayed stoned, others fancied themselves revolutionaries and turned to violence and murder. And many spent decades in the Big House.

Well, they’ve been sprung, and they’ve flocked to high-falutin’ Columbia University to teach social work!

A major goal of this “social work” program is doing something about the problem of “mass incarceration,” which you can bet means they think too many “people of color” are in prison, primarily innocent victims of racism.

This is a textbook case of Crow Jimism.

But back to the main issue: This ivy-league institution in New York City, a historic pillar of American higher education, knowingly has installed a gang of murderers, robbers and bombers on the faculty!

Again, I am not making this up! The mind reels.

The grim details are here.

* * * *

(Note: I was tempted to mention that radical-infested Columbia University is one of Obama’s alma maters where he, I’m guessing, got in via affirmative action due to the biracial president’s being “black.” He is, of course, black kinda like Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee, and I’m a Mexican.

(But I’ve been ragging on Barack a lot lately, and being a Fair and Balanced fellow, I decided not to mention him here in any fashion whatsoever.)

21 thoughts on “Faculty of felons!

  1. Unless your carta de naturalizacion was forged, you’re 100% Mexican, which is more Mexican than Warren is Cherokee or Obama is black.


    1. Aw, I know that, Ms. Rose. Sometimes I play loose with words for effect. Legally, I am 100 percent Mexican. In my dark heart, however, I am less so. And, of course, Barry, being half black, is way more black that Warren is Cherokee because she’s about as Cherokee as you and I, which is to say not at all. She’s a fraud is what she is.

      And yet, she got elected. One more example of the lamentable implosion that continues daily above the Rio Bravo.


    2. But I am much prouder of my passport from Mexico, a nation that improves every day, than of my passport from that other country that worsens every day.


      1. I, too, cherish my Mexican passport far more than the one with the blue cover. BTW, Mexican-turned-American writer and academic who takes some hard looks at Latino identity (and when and how Hispanics became brown) Ilan Stavans is someone you need to know.


        1. Ms. Rose: Thanks for the tip. As for Hispanics being brown, of course, most are brown due to the Indian effect of Latin America. However, many people, including uninformed Latinos themselves believe Latino is a race (La Raza!), which it is decidedly not. There are plenty of white and black Latinos. Spain being chocablock with the white variety, and the Caribbean being well populated by the black version.


  2. Yeah, you have to laugh at stuff like this. The Left’s and the Blacks’ default “thought” is that their kind are in prison due to racism instead of their being criminals … because the police, the juries and the courts ALL being racist is just so much more likely than the minorities in question actually having committed the crimes in question.


    1. Jonolan: The American Left has done incalculable damage to “minorities” by so effectively convincing so many that they are helpless victims of endless oppression. Many were, of course, centuries ago, but times have utterly changed.

      Thanks for the feedback. Your first, I think.


      1. The Left’s position on minorities, especially Blacks, makes more sense if you discard the term, “social work” and use, “animal husbandry” instead. The Left simply ranches minorities as political livestock.


    1. Hot dang, almighty Jesus! I love this guy. Never heard of him. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Carole. I think I may make a separate post out of it.


    1. Well, once again, off I go internet searching. I had no idea what you were referring to, but now I do.

      Good. Did not occur to me that it was fake. Nice to know that he’s real.


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