Bookmarks and dog-ears

I happened upon a bookmark yesterday, those rectangular pieces of stiff paper that usually have something written on them.

They’re little billboards from an age gone by.

bookmark(1)The one I found hypes our state’s new justice system. We’re trying to be more like the Gringos in that respect, which is good because right now it’s just a question of whom you can pay off.

Bookmarks often promote a bookstore or a book. My father, who published his poetry, had his own bookmarks made. They were nice, textured, sky-blue paper, and one of his haikus was printed on it.

I had that bookmark, but I lost it.

The alternative to bookmarks, of course, is the dog-ear, which is an atrocity. I only did that as a last resort, a resort I rarely visited.

I say did, past tense, because it’s not needed now.

Bookmarks and the shameful dog-ears are fast approaching the end of their shelf life, so to speak. Who reads paper books anymore?

Oh, you do? Tsk-tsk.

We modern people use Kindles or one of its competitors. The obstinate among you continue slapping that buggy whip against your nag’s backside. In time, your nag will fall dead, and you’ll become modern people too.

It’s simple to bookmark a Kindle, just a soft touch.

12 thoughts on “Bookmarks and dog-ears

  1. You are 100% right. Down there it is all who you know or who you can pay off. Hopefully, that will change with time.
    I still read bound books. Nothing better than a cold beer and a book on a summer’s afternoon. I own an iPad but prefer the paper books so far.

    Saludame a tu señora linda.



    1. Mike, a new justice system is being phased in. We will have actual open courts, as I understand it. Now everything is done behind closed doors, which is a perfect recipe for corruption, and that is what happens.


  2. I love my Kindle. I finally purchased a new one with a backlight. However, if I know that I will really study or use a book well, I buy the book and wait for a friend to cart it down. I like books.


    1. Teguz: By “I like books,” you mean paper books, of course, because those are also books resting in the Kindle. Actually, I like books quite a bit too and have lots sitting on shelves in the living room. They provide a warm, antique air, plus they make me look smart.


      1. I comment on other wordpress blogs; sometimes, Laurie pops up and sometimes Teguzchica. I will work on fixing that when I am not feeding 100 kids; making an inventory of our new shipment; trying to get Pepe out of the shop; controlling my wild horse/dog, etc. It’s on the list.


  3. I downloaded a Kindle book, “The Mexican Mind!” by Boyé Lafayette de Mente (Believe it or not.), and was surprised to find that it was already bookmarked. Must have had a previous owner, which explains why it was so cheap.

    Not recommended, by the way.

    Don Cuevas


    1. Señor Cuevas: You mean, I imagine, that you have a Kindle app on one of your Apple gizmos. From what I have heard, it does not provide the true Kindle experience that you get from an actual Kindle, a product that borders on perfection.

      So, God knows what you got or where you got it from.


        1. From what I have read, using anything other than a real Kindle gives less than an ideal experience. On the Kindle too there is an easy method to zap those “bookmarks.” I kind of doubt they are actual bookmarks. The books can be delivered with highlights, etc., from other people who have read the book. With a Kindle, it’s a matter of your settings.


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