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1. It’s not going too well for the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial, but the evidence has nothing to do with it. As in the O.J. Simpson debacle, the jurors will vote based on their personal skin tone.

I hear the primary skin tone is vanilla. Zimmerman will walk.

Television!So expect ghetto blacks living on disability to muster the ability to riot. They will break windows and tote off big-screen televisions in the name of racial injustice.

Ain’t multiculture marvelous?

2. Egypt’s President Morsi is having a bad time with the people and the military. The Mohammedan Morsi says he will die before resigning.

Great idea. Shoot him.

3. Immigrants, both legal and not, account for all job gains in the United States since 2000. Native-born Americans, on the other hand . . .

It’s Bush’s fault, I tell you.

4. Washington D.C. moves closer to giving illegal aliens drivers’ licenses, a license that will look exactly like those of real Americans. The new license will be part of their Welcome Wagon Basket.

Sane nations don’t do this type of thing.

5. Basketball doofus Dennis Rodman wants the Nobel Peace Prize for his trip to North Korea to play kissy-face with dictator Jim Jong-un.

I say give it to him. Obama got one. I think you can buy them at WalMart now. On sale with additional discount for photo-free Democrat voter card.

6. The Obama administration tries to quietly delay implementation of a key part of Obamacare. It’s not going too well, you see. Oh, dear.

Didn’t go quietly either.

Republicans renew call for repeal of the legislative mess.

Let it happen.

* * * *

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. These are grand times to be American.

34 thoughts on “News of the day

  1. I know you think the sky is falling here in the US, but it’s not. Make a trip north and see for yourself.

    The media would have you believe that Mexico and the US are going to hell in a handbasket — it is not so.

    Sure the political class are at each other’s throats but that is what they do. It is what they have always done. The regular folk get on well with each other, better than ever as a matter of fact.

    Things are not getting worse. You need to come see for yourself. Read what the media has to say about Mexico. Why would it be any different with the US? The US is confronting its problems as is Mexico, that process is messy.


  2. 1) Zimmerman is guilty as hell. The travesty would be if they let him walk.

    2) Your problem in Egypt is that both sides in the argument are Muslim. Who does Felipe cheer for?

    3) Yea immigrants! It is a good thing SOMEONE is paying taxes!

    4) So you want them to drive without drivers licenses? I assume there is some kind of a test involved.

    5) Rodman who? As in “Who cares”.

    6) Obamacare will go through. The Republicans are only succeeding in slowing it down so the people who need it will not get it.


    1. Croft:

      1. You think Zimmerman is guilty because he is white (white Hispanic!) and you are a Lefty. Simple as that.
      2. I cheer for the Egyptian military and the street protests, yes. Morsi is a Muslim Brotherhood goon, and they don’t get much worse than that. A Mohammedan nut.
      3. Yea, immigrants? Legal immigration is okay. Illegal is not. You folks love to conceal the difference.
      4. I don’t want them driving at all. I want them booted back over the border ASAP.
      5. Rodman, who cares? You’re right. It was the light element in the mix.
      6. I hope and pray that ObamaCare will sink under its own weight. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility. The Republicans are only slowing it down so people who need it won’t get it? Those mean conservatives! You folks are a hoot sometimes.


    1. As the GOP fills itself up with religious zealots (anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, etc) and bible thumpers the difference between them and what they (and you) hate becomes less distinct. They are becoming a party of religious zealots. Maybe they already are.


      1. Croft: Religious extremists do have too much influence in the GOP. No doubt and not good. Similarly, collectivist fanatics (and don’t think utopian politics is not a religion to Leftists. You are an excellent example) embrace their beliefs with a red-hot religious fervor. All of which adds up to increasing polarization, a very destructive development.

        And I personally hate nobody at all. I believe the large majority of collectivists are well-intentioned, but they are ignorant of history and human nature. And I use the word ignorant not as an epithet, but in its basic definition of lacking information.


  3. And I thought things were going so swell in Egypt. Can’t wait until they take over the United Kingdom. Happened once before, will happen again.


    1. Tancho: In a number of nations in Western Europe with lax immigration policies, Mohammedans are entering in droves, getting on the public tit, plus they multiply like bunnies while the native populations’ birth rates are plummeting.

      Not a good mix. In some countries, the demographics are changing alarmingly.

      I hear that Obama has sent Morsi a consolation bouquet of carnations.


      1. This is what Obama actually said. It does not sound consiliatory to Morsi to me. Does it to you?

        “No transition to democracy comes without difficulty, but in the end it must stay true to the will of the people. An honest, capable and representative government is what ordinary Egyptians seek and what they deserve. The longstanding partnership between the United States and Egypt is based on shared interests and values, and we will continue to work with the Egyptian people to ensure that Egypt’s transition to democracy succeeds.”


  4. As a former criminal defense attorney who has watched the Zimmerman trial very closely I can tell you the Florida prosecution has absolutely no case against George Zimmerman. But that’s not the reality. I predict he will be convicted of something. Why? For the very reasons you state: to keep the black community from burning, rioting, and looting. He was charged, rather than indicted, for the same reason. The talking heads are worthless for accuracy. They are selling commercial news. Sorry, but Zimmerman will be thrown under the bus. And this is not the first time nor will it be the last. Forget the quote that translates Justice though the heavens may fall.


    1. Carlos: I have tried numerous times to catch a glimpse of the jury, but I’ve been unsuccessful. However, a commenter on a Yahoo news story told me it was all Anglo and one Hispanic, no blacks at all, which strikes me as rather strange given the nature of the case and assuming the prosecution wanted to have the faintest prayer of convicting Zimmerman.

      As for your believing he will be convicted of something to keep the lid on emotions, how would one convince a jury to do that?

      So, I hope you are mistaken.


      1. That is the jury makeup that was reported when they were chosen. Five Hispanic, one white, all women. This sounds like it would greatly benefit one side or the other, I just can’t decide which.


        1. Croft: So, a conflicting report on the jury makeup. All female sounds as suspicious as no blacks. Of course, Hispanic is not a race. Many Hispanics are white, which is why I use the term Anglo to make the distinction.


        2. The jury cannot be pictured to protect their anonymity and from public rage, whatever the verdict. The jury is composed of 6 persons, all female and mothers. One is mixed black and Hispanic, one is married to a lawyer and another has a son who is a lawyer but neither criminal defense lawyers. So far as convincing a jury to go against their convictions, that is a matter of public pressure. Enter Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Donna Brazile and their ilk. Also the state case is only round one. If Zimmerman is acquitted, my bet is that it will go to a federal court where the judge picks the jury. More about this jury can be found online. It is definitely a pro defense jury for all that matters.

          As for being wrong about the outcome, I hope I am.


          1. Carlos: Thanks for that info. I had pretty much concluded that the jury was intentionally hidden. I sure could not find a glimpse of them anywhere. Probably a very wise move in this case.

            All female! Well, that surprises me.

            “Public rage, whatever the verdict.” There could very well be public rage due to the verdict going either way, but nobody will riot in the streets and steal TVs, etc., if Zimmerman is convicted. Only if he is acquitted.


  5. I thought that it is supposed to be a jury of your peers? Rightfully so, since they are in Florida, which has a preponderance of white middle class and Latin residence. If they wanted a jury of blacks they could have moved the venue to Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia.

    Too bad for the businesses in the neighborhoods that the victim was black. Had he been any other color, there would be no riots and looting.


    1. Tancho: There is no shortage of blacks in Florida, especially north Florida, which is pretty much an extension of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

      But the trial is in south Florida. Lots of Latinos.

      Had Martin been Anglo or Latino, nobody would even be paying attention to this trial. Might not have even been a trial. This case is 100 percent race-driven.


  6. Zimmerman should have the same rights as all Americans. You are innocent until proven guilty.

    Illegal immigration is costing California alone 10.5 billion per year. Were I to move to Mexico I would do so legally. I would follow Mexico’s laws.

    Obamacare is a disaster. We should be able to recall every member of Congress who voted for a bill they never read, while exempting themselves from it.

    Liberals stand with their arms wide open welcoming Muslims into this country. Yet, under Islamic law, women are nothing more than property of some man, husband, father, brother, whatever.

    Why are we sending billions of dollars to these countries that hate us? I agree with Sarah Palin, “let Allah handle it.”


    1. Like this Jackie?

      “Likewise, ye wives, [be] in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;” or,

      “Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are”

      Oh wait, that is from your bible.

      I don’t believe this crap either, but I don’t call myself a christian.


  7. It is a strange society where a person can stick a gun in his belt, stalk an unarmed youth who is doing nothing wrong, instigate a confrontation and then kill the young man he is stalking. If it was some young, black gang-banger who followed and killed an unarmed white man, I wonder where we would be right now? Actually, I don’t wonder, I know.


      1. I have not been watching the whole trial but I have watched some of it. Nothing I have seen or heard convinces me that it happened any other way than what I have written. His young friend testified she was talking to him on the phone when the confrontation started and phone records seem to back her up.. As she said, “Why would he start a fight with his phone in one hand?”

        The medical examiner stated that Zimmerman’s injuries were “very minor” and not life threatening, certainly not the result of “slamming” his head against the concrete walk. The question begs, were they self inflicted after the fact?


        1. Croft: I am sure the prosecution will bring this convincing case of yours to the attention of the jury posthaste, and Zimmerman will be convicted and executed like the no-good, racist pooch that he is.

          As for Martin’s young friend, I assume you’re referring to the eyeball-rolling, head-rocking ghetto gal who was on the stand and later the brunt of so much nationwide howling and laughter. I saw a touch of video. I understand the prosecution got her act cleaned up a good bit by Day Two, and she was acting almost like a normal person.

          You have a script of that night that you accept, one that is in lockstep with your radical, anti-white politics. And I have my script too, and it is in lockstep with my politics, which are the complete opposite of yours. We are, like all humans, flawed.


          1. Strange society? Well, yes. But nothing Croft describes is a violation of the law. The facts as well as the forensics indicate that Zimmerman as a neighborhood watchman spotted a suspicious individual walking in the rain at night peering into windows. On retreat to his vehicle he was attacked, knocked to the ground, placed in fear of his life and responded accordingly. Croft’s facts seem as made up as Rachel Jeantel’s testimony. Look at what you see. You couldn’t convict Jack the Ripper on her testimony.


  8. As an unbeliever, Croft, I wouldn’t expect you to understand the beauty in the word submit. To you, it’s an ugly word. As a Christian woman, I have submitted to my husband’s authority in the home, my choice, it wasn’t forced on me. I have loved, honored and respected him. I have taught our children to love, honor and respect their father. In return, I have had the love of a wonderful man. He treats me with all kindness, tenderness and love. I feel truly cherished by my husband.
    We have our disagreements and arguments, but I don’t fear being stoned to death because I voice a different opinion. I am not his slave nor am I a doormat.


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