The Devil’s Work

Religious war is under way in the United States.

One army readily confesses that it’s a religion. The other would utterly deny it. But both are classic religions, embraced with Godly fervor.

On one side of the battlement are the Christians. Their heaven lies above us in some uncertain place. On the opposing side are the Leftists. Their heaven, the one they seek to create themselves, lies here on Earth.

helmetOf this, they are as certain as a Pope.

Both beliefs are Utopian. A perfect world above that awaits us versus a perfect world here that we can and must  create.

Since the Christian religion and their perfect world are well-known, let us focus on the less-acknowledged Leftist faith and their  perfect world.

That world is this: From each person what he can contribute, and to each person that which he needs. When this is established, we will live in harmony.

Thus spake Karl Marx.

Think milk, honey and multicultural angels.

This notion, like the Christian heaven, is a pie-in-the-sky concept.

Leftists rule the Democratic Party and Christians rule the Republican. And their religious war is escalating daily to the detriment of the nation.

Religious fervor never accepts compromise, which is an essential element of civic peace and harmony.

The Leftist faithful love to point to the bloody history of their Christian opponents, bloodshed that took place centuries ago. It happened. It was terrible. And, most importantly, it’s in the dim, distant past.

In contrast, the bloodshed of Leftist clerics is quite modern, the Stalinist gulags, the mass starvation campaigns of Comrade Mao, the terror of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge. All were attempts to create Heaven on Earth.

Despite the Leftist antipathy toward traditional religion, they now fervently support Mohammedans against Christians. This is a classic case of the enemies of my enemies are my friends.

While Christians have long since abandoned Inquisitions, Crusades and burning heretics alive, modern Leftists have adopted similar tactics.

There is their Speech Police, their shouting down foes in public forums, their ruining of careers, families and lives.

These are their modern racks, boiling oil, and thumbscrews.

There is their rampant profanity, those hand grenades they lob over the battlements at their Christian opponents daily in the public square.

Religion can be a beautiful thing, and we need it. However, when its fanatics rise too far they unwittingly turn often to the Devil’s Work. Both faiths have been guilty of it, but these days one is far, far guiltier than the other.

10 thoughts on “The Devil’s Work

  1. I went through my personal address book to see if your right/left religion theory held true in my shere . It was pretty much 50/50 as far as the political leanings of my friends who I know count themselves as members of the faithful. I think you are buying into the Fox dog and pony show. The right claims to represent the pious but from my circle it does not seem to be so. I suspect that one’s faith has little to do with one being a liberal or a conservative. But that fact sells few papers.


    1. Norm: I, on the other hand, am not a member of the faithful. At least as it is normally interpreted. Yet I heartily support them.

      I like Fox News. Their straight-news shows are good, I hear. Haven’t seen one in a decade or more because my cable service does not include Fox. I like to watch my boy O’Reilly’s videos on the Fox website. We see eye to eye on many things, but we part company on abortion rights, the drug war, Mexico and, I would bet, quite a few other things. I don’t understand why he has that race-monger Al Sharpton on now and then. That always baffles me. I think Sharpton is a pure fraud.

      I think it was the Pew Research Center that recently did an objectivity study of various TV news shows. Fox’s results were that they are balanced on the news shows. The commentary shows, however, are by definition slanted. That’s what opinion is. Fox and, I believe it was CNN, were both in the Fair and Balanced territory. MSNBC was shown to be almost pure left-wing bias, not surprisingly.

      Fox has the highest ratings of all TV news shows. It is trusted. And it drives the lefties bonkers with its honesty, which is why they detest it so.


      1. I guess we can agree that you buy into what Fox is selling and many do, Rurp is a good shill.


  2. This post disappoints. I feel like your treatment of Christianity is superficial. Pie in the sky theology was popular in America in the 18th and 19th century. Christians in the 21st century have a different view of heaven, the Kingdom of God, and the present life. Before making generalities about Christian theology, do a bit of reading. Try NT Wright, probably the foremost theologian of our day. His style is very easy to read, too.

    There is a culture war in the US, but it’s mostly lost. In the end, it may be good for believers to be out of fashion. We always do best when we don’t fit in, anyway.


    1. Ms. Teguz: The pie is no longer in the sky?! Well, I must confess that I do not keep up with Christianity in any detail, nor do I with any other organized religion. I consider them all 99 percent myth. But don’t take what I wrote too much to heart. The point I was making was something else, primarily that the Left embraces their beliefs with a fervor equal to that of any Holy Roller preacher. It is a religion to them. They simply don’t know it, and would deny it totally.

      And I agree that the culture war is mostly lost, and with it the nation.

      But perhaps there is hope. Let us pray so.


    2. The Left holds its beliefs in the same way as Osama bin Laden held his, and also like him wants its opponents dead, literally. There are some exceptions, of course.


    3. As you must know, although I am not a Christian, I am a big fan of its effects. I support all major myth/religions with the exception of Mohammedanism.

      Here’s an item from the culture war. Seems a university student was told to remove her cross necklace because it might OFFEND other people. Freaking incredible.

      Here’s a video on the ruckus, which finally was set right:


  3. Careful, you’re starting to sound like my main man, Mark Levin (well, at least in regard to the leftists). Use that fancy reading machine of yours and download his books.

    I don’t believe that “Christians rule the Republican party,” because the rulers in the party have shown themselves to be corrupt (approaching the level of the leftists, yes). However, I would say that most Christians vote Republican, simply because most Christians are conservative and most conservatives vote Republican. If there was another option, they (we) would very likely go that route. Who knows? Maybe soon.


    1. Becky: When I say Christians rule the GOP, I mean people who claim to be Christians. Many, of course, are hypocrites.

      I do not think the Leftists who rule today’s Democratic party are necessarily corrupt, although some surely are. What I see most of all in the Left these days are true believers, and whenever you encounter a true believer of any stripe, it’s best to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

      True Believers = zealots.

      As for another option, a third party, that’s a real hard thing to pull off in America. Those — so far — who have attempted it have failed. But you know all that.

      A third party would not come out of the Left. It would come out of the middle and right, I think. Certainly, many conservatives are very unhappy with the Republican Party now. But it’s still way better than the other party.

      Thanks for your input, which is too rare here. Your old man too, but he says he just gets hot under the collar when he reads some of the comments that appear on my political posts. Tell him to breathe deeply, and say Oooommmmm.


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