Delights of diversity

The empty socialist suit disastrously deposited in the Oval Office by a daffy American public says the Zimmerman verdict should cause us to “address the issues of race and gun control.”

Where has Barack been all his life?

Leaving gun control for another day, I say this: Is any topic addressed more than race in today’s America? Does Al Sharpton ever sleep?

It is a nation obsessed with race and other issues that so enrapture the hearts of the intellectual elites who dream of a multicultural Valhalla where one day all skin tones, religions, genders and sexual orientations will coexist in a honey pot of love and acceptance of every difference.

These dreams run directly counter to human nature and all of history.

So . . . whoops!

KumbayaAccording to FBI statistics, over 90 percent of murders of black people are committed by other black people.

When will Barack urge us to “address” that? And the chaos in which too much of urban black America lives.

Point 1: The black Martin getting killed by the white-Hispanic Zimmerman was a statistically rare anomaly.

Point 2: All the hubbub about it is a beautiful illustration of the fact that a multicultural nation is a nation in deep trouble.

Down through the dark halls of history and up to the current day, multicultural societies are at one another’s throats far more often than not.

A peaceful nation is a nation in which almost everyone shares the same skin tone, religion, language and culture. A nation is a family, or should be, and it has been that through most of human history.

Multiculturalism is a dangerous fad.

If you want civic peace, don’t encourage diversity. Multiculturalism within a nation is a dilemma to be dealt with in the kindest manner possible. It is a dire problem, not something to be encouraged and adulated.

Ask Zimmerman and the corpse of Martin.

33 thoughts on “Delights of diversity

  1. The Obama White House and the media shamelessly use racial demagoguery to advance their political agendas and win elections. Civil liberties are the last things on their minds. There is nothing wrong with diversity per se, however multiculturalism has been used as an instrument of social control and a propaganda tool to stifle dissent and encourage political correctness.


    1. Carole: The word tribe brings American Indians to mind, of course. It is fashionable in the elite circles to romanticize “native Americans.” They all lived in peace and harmony, you know, till the white man arrived.

      An excellent book that annihilates this silly notion is “Empire of the Summer Moon” by S.C. Gwynne. It’s a history of American Indians, focusing primarily on the horrendously brutal Comanches. To say the tribes were not kind to one another is a massive understatement.


        1. Carole: It’s a fascinating book, and you learn that if you were captured by the Comanches, you would pray that you had been sent to Abu Ghraib instead. The lefties would reply that it was just payback for the abuse of the whiteys, but not so. They treated other Indian tribes the same way, horribly. And long before American settlers came on the scene.


      1. There is no such thing as a Native American. The earliest arrivals can more properly referred to as pre-columbian americans. Accuracy tends to defer to PC.


          1. Really! Check with your reservation benefits representative. You are probably due some government money. Good luck, Chief.


      2. Coincidentally my grandfather was a Cavalryman. He was an officer when the American Indians were escorted from the Dakotas to Oklahoma Territory. We have old snapshots of the tribes.


  2. Glad to have you back … The pot gets stale when you don’t stir it. Cheers, mi amigo!

    P.S.: I leave politics to those that believe themselves to be pundits, but I am intelligent enough to recognize a “witch hunt” when it slaps me in the face.


    1. And thanks for noticing my uncharacteristic absence. It’s nice to be missed. I was, of course, away from my desk for a week, and when I got home I had to replace the antivirus software on my computer plus related issues. That took almost four days.


  3. The dude was attacked. Florida law gives him the right to stand his ground and defend himself. Last I heard, it is quite an anomaly to call the police hot line right before allegedly hunting down a 6’4″ boy to shoot in cold blood.

    GZ was every bit as Hispanic as O’bummer is black. This whole case stinks to high heaven!


    1. Mark: I don’t think he was 6’4″. I’ve read that the kid was 6’2″, which is still a sizable fellow, bigger than Zimmerman.

      Good point about Zimmerman being as Hispanic as Barack is black. Actually, one can be totally Hispanic and totally white at the same time because Hispanic is not a race. Black and white are, and Barry has one foot in each gene pool.

      And the whole case does stink to high heaven. I hope the entire mess vanishes ASAP so Rev. Sharpton can focus on some new racial atrocity.


  4. “How do we end racism? Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” – Morgan Freeman


    1. Charles: Racism will never end. It is part of the tribalism that humans embrace instinctively to varying degrees. Stamping out racism is a fool’s goal.

      Speaking of Morgan Freeman, have you noticed that he’s in almost every movie made this days? That old fellow is everywhere. He is a good actor, but he’s not a great one.


      1. I agree. Prejudice has largely ended. But racism, whatever that means, will not end. Too many people depend on racism to continue their entitlements. Race-mongers depend on it to continue their crusade. If it ended, there would be no dragons to slay and they be relegated to chasing windmills.


        1. Carlos: Well, no chance of that. Racism is with us to stay. It’s active, negative manifestations can be made illegal, and that is good in most every instance.


  5. I cannot believe that the media has absolutely nothing to talk about other than the GZ case. I am surprised that the Georgia Cracker said, ““I think the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented.”

    Well, that being said will surely end his career as a Democrat. In the big picture nothing is ever mentioned about the problems of blacks shooting blacks, but have one half-white guy shoot someone who is bashing his head into the sidewalk and all hell breaks loose. Too bad GZ wasn’t named Gomez or Martinez, it would never have been even printed in the newspaper anywhere.

    So now we have Sharpton stirring up stuff to perpetuate the hate, along with MSNBC admitting that they doctored up the tape that would have showed Zimmerman in a better light. But decided to take it all out of context. Unbelievable.


    1. Tancho: The Georgia cracker you are referring to is, of course, Jimmy Carter. He did say that. However, he went on to imply the evidence had been badly presented by the prosecution. We should not think he was on Zimmerman’s side.

      Zimmerman is not necessarily half white, half Hispanic. He could be a white Hispanic, which is something different. Not that it makes any difference.

      Zimmerman sounds a bit Jewish, and Jews are out of style these days.


  6. The University of Texas has an admission policy that favors racial diversity. The university president says that all students benefit from a diversified student body. It’s never been explained exactly how everyone benefits…I still trying to understand the president’s reasoning.


    1. Joe: Lots of universities have admission policies that push racial diversity. I agree with you. Exactly how that improves education is not clear.

      The University of California system stopped that some years ago. It was forced to by a court, if memory serves. And something wonderful happened. I read this earlier this week. While the number of minorities (often from substandard high schools) admitted to the elite campuses like Berkeley and UCLA fell, the graduation rate of minorities over the entire UC system actually went up!

      This happened because the minorities who earlier would have been, for instance, accepted at Berkeley, later flunking or dropping out, were accepted on actual merit in other less-demanding schools of the UC system where they flourished and graduated.

      Affirmative action is stunningly counterproductive and dumb to boot.


  7. With the Zimmerman case and racism constantly in the news headlines it makes me a little nervous as to what Obama is really up to now. He loves smokescreens.


  8. “Two guys fighting in the dark, both thinking they have the law on their side and what’s more, both of them being RIGHT about having the law on their side, that’s hard!!”


  9. Guy has gun, guy has skittles. Guy with gun shoots and kills guy with skittles. And nobody has a problem with that?


    1. Mark 2: I don’t know what skittles are. I guess I could Google it.

      I stuck a 2 on your name so you won’t be confused with another Mark who comments here on occasion. I intuit your take on things and his are diametrically opposed.


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