Crackpot Highway

Will the nuttiness never end?

First, be aware that irrational governments, be they local or national, will crumble in time, and it won’t be a long time either. The utopianism that now drives the heart of the Democratic Party is just that, irrational.

The Democratic Party is the PC party, of course.

Whether it’s a nuclear-free world or that women and men are the same or that you should never say anything bad about others because it’s just not nice or successful people should not have more than dysfunctional people or that no nation should be more powerful than other nations, or that no student should score higher than other students, it’s all impossible.

Utopian nonsense.

Smile!Some notions are not so much utopian as dumb. Ceding elements of national sovereignty to international organizations, for instance, a goal for many. Kumbaya!

But enough of large issues for a moment. Let us focus on one particular piece of lunacy that has bloomed, disgracefully, in the great state of Texas.

San Antonio, which is chockablock with Latinos, which is to say minorities, who are people who often come up with this type of silliness, may pass a rule that no one can be elected to the City Council if it can be shown they have ever said anything not nice about anyone at all.*

It’s not phrased exactly in this way, but this is what it amounts to.

And the nation careens down the Crackpot Highway.

* * * *

* Latinos in their native habitat, which is Latin America, and who lack the “oppression mindset” would never propose such utter nonsense.

22 thoughts on “Crackpot Highway

  1. All you say it true, true Senor.

    My two pesos, our lunatic government coddles terrorists, calls them “freedom fighters” or such claptrap, allows an American ambassador to slowly be murdered over a period of hours. This, done to avoid any hint of terrorism to permeate the pending presidential election.

    Meanwhile, one American who had the wherewithal to expose the Soviet-style spying our government conducts on U.S. citizens every hour of every day is labeled a traitor and faces charges of treason.

    Truly, we are sitting alongside Alice through the looking glass. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.


      1. Yes, agreed, my friend. However, I didn’t make clear in my analogy that Nero, in this case, is the oblivious and self-absorbed citizenry who care not a lick about the crumbling of a once great empire.


  2. I read about this yesterday. Hard to believe this is coming out of Texas. California yes, sanity left the building years ago.

    All I can say is,
    “We’re all mad here.”

    The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.


    1. Jackie: It would erupt in San Antonio far more likely than in any other Texas city for the reason I stated. It is heavily “minority,” those Americans who love to feel downtrodden. They are enjoying the cultural sea change, and they will continue doing so … until the sky falls.

      Peace and prosperity is not the default mode of the human race.


  3. Our housekeeper (1/2 day a week), a naturalized US citizen born in Mexico, has been with our family for some 30 years. She has two boys, grown now, that had to be muscled to go to school and stay in school every day of their young lives and both had, for a long time early on, a chip on their shoulder that they were oppressed. In the midst of one of these crises I said to their mom that they’d better shape up because young Asians and Middle Easterners were coming into their world by the dozens and they are mostly motivated to do well, get their free public education and mold themselves into business people who now own many small businesses in San Antonio. The hispanic kids who are bitching about having no opportunities are being crowded to the back of the pack these days. Those boys must have been told something about my remarks because one is now a lawyer and the other an RN, a 180* turnaround from where they had been headed. Their father didn’t contribute any in terms of being a shining male role model as he laid around at home while their mom worked her butt off cleaning houses and supported the whole lot. Papi was murdered the first of May this year and, bad as it may sound, he did them all a big favor by keeping bad company in his social circle who took him out in a gory bloodbath after he decided that he was too good for his family.

    I haven’t heard anything about this PC City Council (full of leftist “minorities”, one of whom will be in the national picture before long) but there are many competitors within the same families at odds with each other in the political arena who are very capable of putting up hurdles for the others by publicly saying such BS. Those people have deep roots in San Antonio’s upwardly mobile politicians.


    1. Carole: Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Bill O’Reilly ignited a firestorm large even by his standards a couple of days ago by saying the problems in the black community had nothing to do with oppression and everything to do with the breakdown of the traditional black family. He put particular emphasis on the 70-plus percent of illegitimate births among American blacks, a dreadful statistic that leads to cracked families and cracked, crime-filled neighborhoods.

      The next day, following the uproar his perfectly logical take caused, he invited quite a few prominent “leaders” of black America to appear on his show to discuss the point. Almost 100 percent of them ran quickly in the opposite direction. No-shows.

      One thing O’Reilly did not mention because, I imagine, he (like most people now) does not know is that prior to the 1960s, traditional families were the norm in black communities and had been for all of the 20th century and the late 19th century. LBJ’s Great Society and its welfare programs and mindset did a real number on the black world in America.

      And here we are today, after having spent tons of cash for decades now on helping the poor, the poverty rate is essentially the same as before the helping hands arrived on the scene.

      And crime has shot through the roof.


      1. I’ve been in Canada for a week. They don’t ‘low Bill and the boys up there because of their lack of sensitivity toward the tender Canadians’ mindset 🙂


        1. He is available on my TV in Canada if I choose to watch him. I’m too busy enjoying life to waste all of my time on gloom and doom.

          I do however agree that we bend over backwards as a nation to be PC, all the while getting screwed over culturally and economically by people who are only too willing to take any advantage available to them, all with no benefit to society or the country.

          Canada was built on the same principles as the US, except for thinking that we need a gun to have our rights and safety. We face the same problem of smiling at the terrorists while they plot against us, but then we forgive them and reward them for their treachery after we catch them. An example is the Air India bombings, too many more to mention.


          1. Kris: Odd then. I have heard from others that Fox News is unavailable in Canada. But you receive it. One of life’s little mysteries.

            I would not label Fox News as gloom and doom, so much as I would call it clarity and good sense. There is a reason it is the most watched news channel in the U.S.


          2. Fox News, the same as any news channel is not on the ‘basic package’ of cable or satellite service, but comes when you subscribe to an extra cost package.

            Many USanians are woefully misinformed about the Great White North, such as one of your heroes, Dubya, who couldn’t be bothered to step foot into Canada until late in his period of taking money from the citizens and distributing it among his friends in the oil and defense industries, aka term of office.


            1. Kris: Americans are more uninformed than misinformed about Canada, I think. As for Dubya being a hero of mine, nothing could be more wrong. I was no fan of his at all during his administration. I think it was more Cheney’s adminstration than Dubya’s.

              I was a lifelong Democrat until relatively recently when I wised up.

              Dubya has simply risen markedly in stature due to the comparison with his inept replacement. Polls show that Dubya now is held in higher esteem than Barry. I certainly feel that way. What I would not give to have Dubya back in the White House.


      2. Do you know why this has happened? Because they vote! You can’t get the power unless you get the vote. You can’t get the vote unless you promise freebies and that does not mean a job. You can’t keep the vote unless you deliver some freebies. This kind of democracy doesn’t work long. The Roman Empire followed the same path. Romney was the last chance to change it. You can thank that fatso from Jersey sucking up to the trough just before the election that changed the swing votes to Obama.


  4. Decline and Fall of the Roman (American) Empire by Edward Gibbon. Gibbon’s style is detached, somewhat dispassionate yet critical and occasionally lapsing into some moralization.

    1. As long as mankind shall continue to bestow more liberal applause on their destroyers than on their benefactors, the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters.
    2. History…is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortune of mankind.

    Some things never change.


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