The third edition

Tolstoi had Anna Karenina. Zapata has Kristanabel Wasoo.

KrisDue to increasing international clamor (or not), the Marbol Hotel saga has gone into its Third Edition.

The First Edition was a serial affair as the astonishing story of the now infamous serial killer, the beautiful Kristanabel, was revealed to an astonished world, little by little.

The Second Edition saw the shocking epic moving to its own website, but it was constructed in standard blog style with the beginning at the end and the end at the top, which made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The Third Edition gets it right. It is a seamless story that starts at the beginning and ends at the ending, the way Tolstoi would have done it.

Plus, there is a cast of characters on a connected page for newbies.

The link remains in The Unseen Moon’s side column, the one that says Library. However, to reduce your efforts, and I know how eager you are to get there, here’s a direct link.

3 thoughts on “The third edition

  1. I had hoped Kristanabel had miraculously survived and that the saga would continue. I miss both her and your stories of the Egg Man’s exploits. (Though I do realize Kristanabel is your fantasy and the Egg Man led a fantasy life.)


    1. Larry: Kris has left the building, and she took her bloody roast beef sandwiches and dark ale with her.

      As for the Eggman, I cannot write about him or the darker aspects of the family anymore. They now have a computer down there, and one day I would be found out. And it would be ugly.


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