We are different

I am a relax man, and my wife is a motorcycle.

Just after marrying over 11 years ago, we would sit long mornings on the yard patio, at the glass table beneath a big blue umbrella, eating warm croissants, sipping hot café, seeing orioles and hummingbirds.

Yin-yangI enjoyed that, and I thought she did too. But that was before I discovered I had married a motorcycle.

And me, a relax man.

In those early days, she did not quite know what to make of me, the only Gringo she had ever known, much less married. I was alien, so she observed, mimicked and wondered about a wife’s role.

She had never married before. She was 41.

But in time, she found her own legs and pace. She cranked her inner motorcycle, and she’s been hauling butt down the highway ever since.

She rarely sits down.

I, on the other hand, remain a relax man.

I don’t try to brake her, and she never pushes me.

Now we breakfast at the dining room table. Then she immediately leaps up and begins her full-throttle day. I linger longer, and that’s okay.

I’m a relax man. And she’s a jumping bean.

12 thoughts on “We are different

  1. Ying and Yang is an interesting concept, especially in relationships.
    Does it work? I suspect if we feel it is. But it seems, it can go either way, regarding each individual.


  2. Although you profess to be a relax man, I suspect in your heart of hearts you have a motorcycle mind. Given your astute awareness of those around you, I think relax man is a costumed front for that very active motorcycle mind. It’s a very good costume, however.


    1. Larry: Perhaps you are correct, but here I am referring to our physical selves, not the inner life.

      I think maybe that people who cannot sit still do so because their mind is less active or they wish it to be so, and by constant activity they can dodge introspection.

      Or perhaps not.


  3. Maybe the constant activity is the process whereby they rid themselves of all the energy in order to calm the mind and become introspective.


  4. The Mexicans work just as hard as the Germans, Japanese and Chinese. If you don’t work here you don’t eat. If you’re old and poor here, you work until you drop.

    You both are damn lucky to have each other.


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