Racism and slavery


What with Zimmerman’s acquittal, Oprah not getting a closer look at that $38,000 handbag in Switzerland, and Stevie Wonder saying he won’t sing in Florida,* racism is on everybody’s mind these days.

And the related issue of slavery.

Here are the facts:

1. We are all racists. However, in most of us, it’s no big deal. We simply prefer the company of people who look like us. Are your closest friends of another skin tone? If they are, you are an anomaly.

A blatant demonstration of this human desire takes place daily in student unions of universities. Black students are at one table, whites at another, Asians at another and Latinos over there at yet another.


There are some exceptions, of course, the anomalies.

While this is no big deal in most cases, there are the extremists, the evil and vile people. Examples are the Klan, David Duke, the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, Eric Holder, Michelle Obama, the Black Panthers, Barack’s so-called pastor Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, La Raza, and so on.

I have named more blacks than whites because these days evil black racists are far more numerous and vocal than their white counterparts.

Racism will never end, by the way.

2. Slavery has existed since the dawn of Man. Thousands live in slavery today. Most slaves have not been black. Many have been white.**

Slavery ended in the United States one and a half centuries ago. It is ancient history and not the cause of black Americans’ problems these days. Black racists and their clueless white lap dogs are the cause.

Perhaps the world will be free of slavery one day. Maybe not.

Bonus fact: There will never be world peace, and war will not cease.

The global rainbow will ever be tumultuous.

 * * * *

* How does Stevie Wonder know where he is? Unless somebody tells him?

** I demand a fat reparations check!

11 thoughts on “Racism and slavery

    1. Joe: You assisted me in two ways, not one. The $4,000 price I initially wrote was a typo. I had intended to write $40,000 because that is what I read somewhere. I imagine someone was just doing a rounding-up.

      I have corrected it to $38,000. Thanks.

      I imagine Oprah spends $4,000 on nail polish for just one finger.


  1. The Zimmerman trial was not about racism although black America was duped into thinking it was. That bag lady Oprah issue was not about racism until she mistakenly said that it was. As for Stevie, I wish he and a lot like him would stay out of Florida. Thank you for the boycott. I agree with you we are all racists in the true definition of the word. So am I but I cannot say that I am racially prejudiced. The only reason and single operative fact that Treyvon Martin is dead is because he was stupid enough to attack and try to kill a man who he didn’t stop to think might have a gun. All the other facts are just inoperative. This has been almost entirely ignored by black America. Which brings us back to your thesis that racism is on [black America’s] mind. For them that the excuse for every perceived affront to their sensitives.


    1. Carlos: Interesting distinction that I had not made, that between a general racism which we do all possess and racial prejudice, which is different. I agree with you.

      As for whether Trayvon intended to kill Zimmerman cannot be known. I tend to think not. I think he was likely stoned to some degree and was not thinking farther than an inch in front of his nose. I have read that some evidence was not allowed to be introduced into the trial. One was that an autopsy had revealed that Trayvon had a degree of organ damage due to some type of ongoing drug use, glue-sniffing or something of that nature. Certainly, he was not the innocent young child the initial photos of his far-younger self were intended to convey.

      And I think there are lots of black Americans who think straight. Problem is that the ones who do not, and the ones who profit literally by keeping emotions stirred up, are the ones we hear about.

      There is a silent majority. Or at least I hope so.


      1. Trayvon’s character, his drug use, his tendency toward violence, and other evidence of that nature was properly excluded by the Judge from introduction by the defense. If the prosecution had brought it up or opened the door as an issue the defense could then have exploited it. The prosecution as inept as they were, scrupulously avoided it. Trayvon may not have intended to kill George Zimmerman but that is not important. What is important and extremely critical, is what Zimmerman thought. All the jurors agreed the evidence was conclusive that Zimmerman feared for his life. And that is what got Trayvon killed!


          1. Not a problem. My kids bought me two books full of lawyer jokes. I am used to it and besides i am retired. So zing away.


  2. I’m an anomaly. I’ve been called worst. I’m colorblind. I’m totally comfortable with people of color. It’s a helpful trait to possess in Mexico and many other places.

    There are many racists around the world. I do not believe it is universal. There are many who exploit racism for their own political agendas. Like Oprah, they often make a fool of themselves.


    1. Andres: You don’t understand, it seems, my blanket definition of racism as the human inclination to prefer people who look like themselves. That inclination encompasses many things other than race, like class, age, nationality, language, etc. The overwhelming majority of people fall into the category. And yes, there are exceptions, anomalies. You say you are one, and I believe you. I appear to be one, due to where I live and to whom I am married, but truth is that I feel comfortable with almost no one. It is extreme introversion, but that’s another yarn entirely.

      This human trait of which I speak is why pushing diversity and multiculturalism on people is doomed to violent failure.

      Carlos, in his comment above, mentions the racism that is oppressive to varying degrees, a narrower definition. That is another ball of wax, and it is what most people think of when they hear the word racism. I, obviously, think the word encompasses something far broader.


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