Obama’s Wonderland

When the murderous, hate-filled, anti-Western, anti-modern cult called the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt, which is what can happen when you let zealots vote, Obama continued sending a fortune of your tax lucre and weapons to those lovely people.

The very same sorts who brought you Benghazi.

Now the Egyptian military has booted those fanatics from power, and Obama and much of Europe is ending aid or considering doing so.

Obama's wonderlandWhat is wrong with this picture?


When your desire to “embrace other cultures,” even those wanting to destroy you, and your wish to “set things right” and address “historical wrongs” leads you toward the abyss, it’s time to stop and think.

But there is no stopping and thinking.

Yesterday I watched a video of Obama’s first presidential address to Congress in 2009. No doubt to “embrace another culture,” he quoted from the Koran, surely the first American president to do so.

Washington D.C. is Alice’s New Wonderland.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Wonderland

  1. The news is not telling us about how many Christians are being slaughtered by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Not newsworthy I guess because after all Islam is the religion of peace and love.

    The spread of Islam in this country is beyond disturbing. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Million Muslim March in DC scheduled on the anniversary of 9/11. Disgusting!

    Finally getting hubby to check out Mexico for retirement. We are going to take a trip in February to Lake Chapala. The family of a very good friend of ours lives in the area. His brother has offered to show us the area. Good place to start.


    1. Jackie: I have read a number of news stories on this issue of attacking Christians. It’s out there, probably not so much in the mainstream media.

      Yes, the Million Muslim March is in colossally bad taste. God knows how many people will show up, but some will be Muslims and many will be their clueless non-Mohammedan supporters in the name of “embracing other cultures.”

      Glad to hear you perhaps will flee your sinking Gringo nation. Chapala would be a good match for you, far more than the artsy, lefty land of San Miguel.


    1. Norm: As I have mentioned hereabouts on more than one occasion, my preferred governmental form is the benign monarchy. The problem with that, of course, is maintaining the benign part for more than one or two generations.

      Democracy is chockablock with defects, and they are demonstrated clearly in the Mohammedan world. If you give crackpots the vote, they will invariably vote for crackpotism.

      The core problem with democracy in the Mohammedan world is that the culture does not accept the notion that others have the right to disagree. Mohammedans believe they should have the right to choose, but their foes should not. That is the core problem. If this sounds like the modern, evolved Democratic Party in the United States, that is because it is so.

      But I digress.

      When a culture is based on a religion that orders that nonbelievers be put to the sword, both figuratively and literally, the concept of democracy will not go as we would like in that sort of world. Democracy sounds sweet, and sometimes it is. And sometimes it is not.

      When zealots vote, they vote for more zealotry. Invariably.

      Now let us thank the Goddess for the Egyptian military.


      1. And from my chair on the other side of the room, the same could be said for the Republican party. The Republicans have some pretty crazy folks in their tent, zealots if you will but I still think they should have the franchise, even if they are nuts. But , ‘What do I know?’ .


        1. Norm: I did not say Democrats should not have the right to vote. Of course they should.

          Democracy, however, is not a good fit for the Mohammedan world. Perhaps some day it will be, but given the nature of the culture/religion it looks doubtful.


        2. P.S. I must confess, however, that though I would not deny your right to vote, I wish more of you would find something else to do on election days. Perhaps sending get-well cards to Fidel or lighting candles at the Hugo Chávez shrines you all have in your homes.

          Stuff like that.


      2. Voting? Somehow I just don’t like the idea of leechers having a say in how much of my money I must give them.


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