The Mexico option

Much malaise grips the once-great United States of America, and with good reason.

The elites, the ruling class, the educators, now live in la-la land while one person in seven gets food stamps, and the legions of “disabled” people getting government largess increase daily.

mexicoSoon, nobody much will be working anymore. This is unsustainable. Everything and every place has its time, and the American time has passed.

But I have good news!

As your country declines, the one just to the south is rising. The Mexican economy is heading generally upward. Our people are not multicutural and diverse, so we have the lovely peace that brings.

We do not embrace illegal aliens. We deport them.

Our health-care system is excellent and affordable. Your chances of getting mugged are far less. You can tell ethnic jokes without losing your job.

Rents, utilities and taxes are low. Avocados are fresh and tasty.

Many of you can seize this superior option. Here’s how:

There are three income methods. (a) Independent resources, (b) online employment, (c) Social Security and/or corporate pensions.

Joining the Mexican workforce is mostly verboten.

We want jobs to go to our citizens.

Moving to another country requires nerve, which most folks lack. To this I paraphrase FDR: The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

When I sold all and moved south, going on 14 years ago, it was a pure lark. The United States still appeared to be a going concern, but it’s not anymore. You must take action to save yourself. Your ship is sinking.

And I’m here to help, no charge. The Mexico option.

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  1. My read of the entrails is not quite as dire as yours, but we come almost to the same conclusion. I am up north for two weeks. Within the first day I am looking forward to heading south. I would give examples, but we all know them.


  2. I wish you had not written this. I would prefer them staying north. But then it’s not the Mariel Boatlift.


  3. Unfortunately, I agree with you Felipe. It truly does break my heart. Maybe it’s corny to love your country, but I do. However, it is no longer the country I grew up in. Evil is good and good is evil now.

    My husband is in Mexico getting all his paperwork in order, Passport, drivers license, voter I.D. card, etc. I think he finally sees the light. To his credit, he has always appreciated the opportunities here and it’s harder for him to move.

    We’ll see what the future brings. Should be interesting.


    1. Jackie: It not only is not corny to love your country, it is required. A nation whose citizens feel otherwise is a nation in big trouble. Take a look around you. I imagine most Americans do love their country still, but a huge chunk of the influential movers and shakers, though a minority, do not. And that includes the White House.

      And furthermore, since the anti-American left has almost totally taken over the educational system, their mindset will spread even further than it has spread to date, and it has already spread quite a bit.

      It is heart-breaking, but more than that, it’s a disaster.


      1. The takeover of the educational system and growing welfare state has assured there will be no reversal. When? Will it be quick failure or drawn out? 2 or 3 years or 12 or 13?


  4. I came across a quote by Steve Jobs that I slightly modified to what I think both he and Ayn Rand might have put it.

    “The people who are the producers are the driving force behind the economy. Government’s job is to create a space for them, to smooth their path, and keep the leechers at bay, while maintaining an infrastructure for all, from their excess.”

    The nearly irreversible problem is that government is catering to the leechers because they have more votes.


    1. Carlos: I think the legions of leechers (your word, not mine) are increased significantly by government policies that are based on utopian notions. In other words, many leechers are made, not born.


  5. I am saddened by the fact that I remember too much and too well of the last 50+ years of the USofA. When family values, respect for life and liberty were paramount.

    That sadly has all disappeared in the U.S. except for a few holdout pockets of home-schooled, farm-raised enclaves of humanity.

    Between genetic engineering of the food supplies, combined with the moral decay demanded by the PC crowds, part of which now are allowing crossing the lines between boys and girls to become gender neutral so that feelings won’t be hurt, while visiting bathrooms, is nailing the final closure on the coffin.

    At least (South of the Border) has some traditions which will carry me on for the remainder of my life. That, along with the good memories of past times, will keep me going for a while longer.


    1. Ray: Ah, there’s the proverbial rub. Work on it as fast as possible. We could use you down here. Mexicans are cutting the forests faster than they should. They need guidance.


  6. I (sadly) don’t disagree with you, though I would attribute the decline to somewhat different causes.

    As for moving south, the problem is that in my lifetime, we have morphed from being citizens to being serfs. Why serfs? As you recall, serfs in the middle ages were tied to the land. Well, we Americans are now tied to the land of our birthplace. The USA is the only major country that taxes you on your worldwide income. So even if you move somewhere that has low taxes and you don’t consume a dime of public services in the USA, you still owe Uncle Sam because you are a serf. If you decide you don’t like being a serf and try to renounce your citizenship, you are still a serf as the USA wants to collect taxes from you for another ten years. Anyone who doubts this can Google the whole Eduardo Saverin saga. And before that is the case of the guy who started the Dart packaging corporation.

    And we’re treated like serfs, endlessly spied upon, regulated, controlled in every aspect of our lives. There are places where you aren’t even allowed to smoke outdoors!

    So you can move to Mexico, but until you fully renounce your citizenship, you won’t be free of serfdom. And, frankly, Mexico has other issues, as does the rest of the world. USA is bad, but many places are actually worse.

    I love my country, but I hate my government, at least the federal part. My city and state are reasonably well-run. I think the broad outlines of the Federal government are fine, the American constitution is brilliant, separation of powers and checks and balances are essential. But one of the BIG problems is that our government no longer follows the constitution or its own laws. Reasonable people can disagree about the NSA spying, though I think the whole legal foundation for what they are doing is shaky at best, and it’s clear that there are plenty of violations even of that framework. But anyone who’s awake knows that there’s been a military coup in Egypt. US law bans foreign aid to countries which have undergone a coup. Are we still sending foreign aid? Yes. Is Congress frantically trying to change that law because it makes sense to still send foreign aid? No. The government is just overlooking a law it should be observing. And this is just one small example. Look at Syria. American popular opinion is overwhelmingly against intervention, but it’s looking increasingly like the Feds who can’t seem to solve problems here, want a shot at solving problems there. The Federal Government is now officially out of control. Even congressmen can’t get the truth any more.

    A government which doesn’t follow its own rules is one that is one step away from complete tyranny.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Birthplace to a liberty which is now dying.


    1. Kim: Can’t disagree with much of anything you say. I don’t, however, see how taxes keep anyone from moving south. If you live above the border, you pay U.S. taxes. If you live down here, you do it too. So what? I have money in IRAs, and I pay taxes on it when I withdraw some, which I do little by little. My being down here does not affect that. So, I don’t see that tax problem at all.

      And since you can live down here easily on, say, $20,000 yearly, the taxes on that are next to nothing. Or nothing, depending.

      I know a number of Americans down here who drive themselves nuts worrying about taxes. Why? I don’t get it. Take what you need to live, which is far less than above the border, pay the tax, and get on with life. If you have lots of additional money, stick it in tax shelters, IRAs, annuities, whatever. Not complicated. I’ve been doing it for many years. I’d like to hear in another comment how taxes keep anyone from moving south.

      I have never heard of Eduardo Saverin or the Dart packaging corporation. I imagine his problems stem from being a multi-millionaire tycoon. Most of us don’t have that “problem.”

      Are other places in the world worse than the U.S.? Of course. In some aspects, Mexico is worse. Bizarrely, the much-ballyhooed violence issue is not one of those aspects. You are safer here, hands down.

      However, in more aspects than not, it’s nicer down here.


    2. P.S. Just occurred to me that your tax observations were prompted by my saying taxes are low in Mexico, which they are. My property taxes on the three residences are minuscule, laughable compared to property taxes in U.S. states. I have money in Mexican investments, and the bank takes out the tax and pays it to Uncle José automatically. It’s not exorbitant, and it’s okay with me. Gotta pay taxes to Uncle Sam on U.S. investments too when I take cash out of the funds. That’s life.

      None of it keeps me from living better in Mexico than I would be doing up north.


  7. Time’s a wastin’ for making the move to Mexico for your personal safety, security and sanity. Life in the US has run amok. I made the move south two months after President Obama was sworn in. I have no regrets. Señor Felipe has hit the bullseye once again.


  8. Félipe,
    Though it may be him (your nemesis Obama) and his administration orchestrating it, don’t you think the current Syrian and Egyptian situation deserve more attention than our malaise. Malaise is my middle name but it’s not going to amount to much if we stick our noses any deeper into the middle east and it’s certainly looking as if we’re heading in that direction for whatever political reasons.

    Though never one of the elite (actually rabidly non elite), but having been one of the “educators” and one of your dreaded leftist, I can guarantee you that I do not live in la-la land. In my youth and with the help of certain psychoactive drugs I was once able to, on occasion and temporarily, escape into that land. However, since then, every national administration, both Democrat and Republican, has led us down a path of confronting a religiously based demographic we are illl prepared to even remotely comprehend.

    I have, once again, strayed from your original premise — economy. In order to preserve our need for their natural resources (OIL), it seems the U.S. is willing to confront this religiously based demographic with the might of our armed forces without recognizing their desire for martyrdom and the promise of virgins galore.

    Malaise or virgins. You choose.


    1. Larry: I think America needs to tend to its malaise, which is primarily a growing and misguided federal government, and international relations at the same time.

      When the U.S. sticks its nose into international affairs, which it must do on occasion, it must do it intelligently. Obama is not doing it intelligently.

      He is, as the title of Edward Klein’s book emphasizes, an Amateur.

      If you are a lefty, collectivist, whatever, you are by my definition living in la-la land, which is to say reality eludes you, in some aspects of life, because, among other reasons, collectivism is utopian, and never works.

      The la-la land of psychoactive materials is another la-la land altogether, one that I endorse.

      As for that religiously based demographic you speak, I think it’s quite easy to comprehend. It’s a nasty religion.

      And the original premise of this post is not, as you suppose, the economy. It is broader than that. It is that living in Mexico is better than living in the United States, and that’s for a number of reasons, economic being just one of them.

      As for oil, the United States has lots of energy potential at home. Obama, always the incompetent, opposes them. He’s a mess. Let’s get the Keystone Pipeline going, and a bit of fracking to boot.

      Hope I have addressed your comment. I am not sure that I did. But I tried. It’s near dawn, and I’m still waking up.


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