Thai Choc


This lovely Thai model was painted a chocolate tone to promote Dunkin’ Donuts “charcoal donut” in that Asian nation.

It was probably a great gig for the girl until American race hucksters got wind of it, and screamed racism. What this has to do with racism will elude the rational mind, but Dunkin’ Donuts caved. No more ad campaign.

Meanwhile . . .

* * * *


Alai-mon, bare-breasted with a cockatoo on her shoulder and a swath of colored cloth, brought by Baptist missionaries from Mississippi, around her slender hips, rowed a long canoe across the narrow river.

Monkeys and parrots sang in the jungle. It was her wedding day.

In the thatch long house on the far bank, she kissed and embraced Jesu-jok whom she loved dearly, and they danced with the villagers, smoked the holy herbs, and sang far into the dark night.

Near dawn, the newlyweds rowed back across the narrow river to the small hut that Alai-mon and her sisters had carefully constructed the previous month among the towering long-hok trees.

And there they lived for 60-odd years, raising children and grandchildren, still dancing and singing and smoking the holy herbs into many dark nights.

But the missionaries were gone. The  tribe had eaten them.

8 thoughts on “Thai Choc

  1. Missionary types, at least back in the day, were usually gaunt and skinny. More likely to be chased than eaten, in my opinion. But it makes for a good ending, at least for the cannibals.


  2. ¡buen provecho! bon appetit.

    At least these missionaries made themselves useful by providing the pot luck supper.


  3. I am of a mind that all of the proselytizing missionaries, priests, ayatollahs and their ilk, perhaps a shaman or two and many others of their ilk should have been marinated and cooked over a slow spit. (My own, admittedly, prejudices preclude some of those peaceful Buddha followers.) Would certainly be a different world had that been so. I’m not saying it would have been a better world. Given all the religious strife that has accompanied mankind since they started worshiping rocks & had they not violently asserted their beliefs, it, hopefully, would be a more peaceful reality. On the other hand, given each man’s basic reality of the need and/or belief in superiority over all those other wrong-minded folks, there would probably have been alternate motivations for conflict.


  4. P.S. Dunkin’ Donuts achieved a major disservice in portraying those beautiful Thai women in such a way. There is no way you could improve on the natural beauty of these ladies (Photoshop included). There are plenty of gorgeous black models… who would have far surpassed this humorous effort. Particularly those “hapa” children our black soldiers abandoned when they returned from the Vietnam war.


    1. Larry: Nationalities and ethnicities being what they are, I promise you that the Thais, the customer target group, would respond more favorably to a Thai in black face than to an actual black face. Most nations are not into this diversity thing that we slobber over in the United States.


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