Conrad, Mark and Barry

BlackI’m quite fond of Conrad Black, also known as Baron Black and jailbird Black. He did some time for alleged fraud, a charge many think was trumped up.

I prefer to see it that way.

Black writes great commentaries. Here’s one about the United States, the Syrian mess and the blunderer named Obama. It was published in the National Post, a Canadian newspaper. A snippet:

What is more worrisome than the fact that the United States has an inadequate president, is that the public still accords the incumbent a significant degree of support. If the American people, who have responded to intelligent leadership so often within living memory, has become so morally obtuse that it buys into this flimflam, the problem is more profound than I imagined.

SteynBlack was born in Canada, as was another astute commentator, Mark Steyn. Not counting some Canadians who pass by The Unseen Moon, Black and Steyn are my favorite Canucks.

Steyn’s take on Barry and his Syrian mess also merits attention. This link was in a comment on an earlier post, but it should be on the front page. Here’s a snippet about America’s massive military superiority that can bomb but not convince:

But the object of war … is not to destroy the enemy’s tanks … but his will. And on that front America loses, always. The “unmatched” superpower cannot impose its will on Kabul kleptocrats, Pashtun goatherds, Egyptian generals, or Benghazi militia.

Three years and four months more to go with Barry the Bumbler, a president who’s just George W. Bush in black-face in many respects.

Joke’s on you, Democrats! Still loving regime change. Still got Guantanamo. Still running up the national debt. Economy still limping, etc.

Dubya, though defective, was a far superior president.

Like the United States should have done with the civil war in Vietnam, it should steer clear of the civil war in Syria.

20 thoughts on “Conrad, Mark and Barry

  1. You forgot the change, the change Obozo promised when he ran for office. The only change I got is the change in my pocket that at one time actually purchased something but now doesn’t even buy a 10-cent coke.

    I just can’t wait until the next Democrat gets elected, so everyone can blame Bush for all of Obozo’s faults.


    1. Tancho: I considered mentioning the famous “Change you can believe in,” but I didn’t want to rub it in, being the kind soul that I am.

      We can embrace a bit of solace in the knowledge that historically the U.S. has almost always replaced a president who’s been in office eight years with a president of the opposite party. There have been only, I believe, two exceptions to that routine, thank God.

      But have you noticed that we don’t see quite so much finger-pointing backwards at Dubya anymore. Even the Democrats are seeing that doesn’t work anymore.


      1. I agree with Black so I don’t hold your hope on a party change. Hillary is in the wings. Too many people are on a govt check one way or another.

        Good observation by Steyn. Nothing Obama does (or Bush did) will break the will of Islamic terrorists.


        1. Patzman: As for party change in 2016, history is on my side. However, these are quite different times in which we now live, so who knows? With luck, the GOP will come up with a real candidate, someone with pelotas, which Romney lacked. I like Cruz, and I liked Rubio before he wimped out on the immigration measure.

          Hillary is a mess, but even she would be better than Barry, plus she’d have Bill to guide her a bit.


  2. Liberal interventionists, humanitarian hawks and neocon warmongers are all the same to me, only their tactics vary somewhat. I hold Dubya in contempt, because he paved the way for Obama with the passage of the Patriot Act.

    I view Obama as the best confidence (con) man the world has ever seen. He is by far the most dangerous flim-flam man in history.


    1. Andres: I don’t think Obama is a con man. I think Affirmative Action shot him from one step to the next all the way to the top, helped in that last large leap by folks who vote purely by race and those others consumed by white guilt.

      I think Obama is sincere — but absolutely in over his depth.

      And I think Michelle is having a grand ole time as a result. She’s partying hearty, grinning from one ear to the other.

      I do not care for Michelle.


  3. Felipe, Mr. Black gave up being a Canadian to accept his British title. Please do not refer to him as a Canadian. I sure don’t.


    1. Wally: You are quite right, which is why I wrote that he was born in Canada, not that he was a Canadian citizen. I also refer to him as a Canuck, which I believe him to be. Once you take that first baby breath with the scent of maple leaf, you remain a Canuck forever.

      Makes sense to me.


        1. Wally: Didn’t know that because I never heard of the Bilderberg Group. So I googled it. A private organization of wealthy, important people. Due to its being private it gets accused of all manner of conspiracies, it appears, by people on each end of the political spectrum.

          Makes me no never mind, as we say in the Old South and elsewhere.

          Anybody who writes columns that make good sense to me, as Black does, I like, so I like him.

          I don’t care if Black is one of the Koch brothers either.


    1. Carole: As I’ve mentioned in one way or the other, I do think he means well, truly. He simply is not up to the job, and it’s not because he’s “black.” Few people of any skin tone are up to that job. It requires, to do it well these days, a remarkable intelligence combined with a host of other rare talents. Obama’s a bright guy, but I question his education and his life experience. I would bet anything that he’s not particularly well-read. And his political druthers are clearly Big Government, socialism if you will. He’s no Marx, no Lenin, of course, but he belongs in Europe, not in the United States, and we are seeing where the European style of political and cultural thinking is leading them. Sharply downhill.

      Romney would have done the job far better. McCain too. Bill Clinton did it better as even did Dubya. Bush the First did it better. Reagan did it better. Ike did it way better. I like Ike.

      Even Carter did it better, but not by much more than a centimeter or two. Carter got tossed out on his duff at the first opportunity, as he should have been. And as Obama should have been. But times and attitudes have changed, plus there’s his skin tone, which serves him so well.


        1. Carole: A major, perhaps the most major, problem with the American system these days is the news media, my former occupation. Whereas reporters used to “play along” and where many major political decisions and candidate choices were made in smoke-filled rooms, a system that worked well more often than not, these days it is nonstop “gotcha.”

          Reporters used to overlook lots of skeletons in closets if they were not thought to be relevant to the office in question. Nowadays, every nasty detail that can be dredged up about a candidate is dredged up and published. Most people would be crazy to run for high office now unless they are squeaky clean, and few people are squeaky clean. Think Newt Gingrich, for example, not squeaky clean, but would have made a good president.

          This new world has severely diminished the candidate pool.

          But it has grown even worse than that due to the American media chucking their neutrality, moving almost totally to the left. While they are willing to publish anything, true or not, about conservative candidates, they bury unsavory items about candidates they like, which are, of course, Democratic candidates.

          The swiftness of sweeping Pastor Jeremiah Wright and other radicals in Obama’s past under the rug in 2008 is a classic example. The media totally did that as a favor to Obama.

          It’s a mess, all of it.


  4. Conrad will probably be Canadian again, he’s working on it.

    He also was, and may still, own the National Post, which gives him an ‘in’ journalistically. He is one of the most interesting people I know of, incredible vocabulary, which he uses when asked stupid questions, and very insightful. Importantly though, absolutely everything he does or says is only in his self-interest. If collaterally it benefits someone else, so be it, but it is only a by-product, not intended.

    I have much more respect for philanthropists like Warren Buffet.


    1. Kris: I don’t think he owns the National Post any longer.

      As for your other observations, I tend to agree with them. Interesting guy, which is what got him put in the slammer for a spell, trumped up charges or no. His wife appears to be a real piece of work.


      1. Félipe,
        Appears as if you’ve turned off comments on “Obama the Bundler.” As one of your most ardent leftist followers, I will confess here I had hoped Obama might be the savior & indeed voted for him — had nothing to do with skin tone; just a hope we might have found someone not beholden to the powers that be. Although both of them are controlled by their handlers and knowing that Dubya had absolutely no intelligence, (I do not waiver on this point — Dubya is an complete idiot.) it had been my hope positive change may come. Kim made an eloquent response in “Obama the Bundler,” to which I mostly agree.

        Knowing you and your degree of intelligence I cannot fathom how you would prefer a pathetic good old boy idiot puppet over someone as an astute political machine as Obama. (Not Obama himself but the machine behind him.) I do recognize that, in spite of his political views, George Sr. had, at least, some common sense and perhaps a reasonable degree of intelligence.

        Why do we not let the Syrians fight their civil war if that is the direction they want to take? Having no religious convictions, or even because I am so anti, why are they killing each other than some mostly dogma beliefs?

        Currently, however, I doubt we are dealing with religion, politics, or peace. It seems most everything is manipulated (overtly or covertly) by power and money.


        1. Larry: I think it was mostly Cheney running the Dubya White House, and that’s not so bad, in my opinion, certainly better than Obama.

          And yes, we should stay out of Syria. Looks like the Russkies have given Obama an out. Hope so. Stay tuned.


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