The blastoff!

I bought a new computer, the first since 12 years ago.

Computers have changed a lot in that time. Did you know that?

rocketI only do the desktop. I don’t travel wired, never have, perhaps never will, but don’t hold me to that because I can change.

The computer I was using before was purchased from a fellow who was the only internet provider on the mountaintop when I blew into town long ago.

The machine is a mix of components from different companies, and the Windows XP is a pirate. Most Windows in Mexico, I have read, are pirates. I did not know I had purchased a pirate till some time later.

The vendor neglected to mention that detail.

I found my new baby at Office Max in the state capital. It has Windows 8, and it cost about 600 bucks, which is less than I paid for the previous computer.

Boy, have times changed.

The old computer has the big tower, and it runs like a 747 on takeoff, a constant roar. This new computer is very quiet. Someone could actually sleep in the same room. At least, they could doze.

The new baby is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 20-inch “All in One.” It was that all-in-one that appealed to me because I am not into gadgets and all their details. Just give me something intact that works.

While the old computer was connected by wires to everything, this newbie just sits here, behaving itself. It connects to the internet via some kind of waves floating in the air. Did you know about that?

And it’s fast. The old computer was incredibly slow. I blamed the internet provider for years, but now I realize it was the computer.

I clicked on something yesterday, and suddenly I was looking at myself. I was on television! Or something like that. This thing has a camera. I think it’s that little hole at the top of the monitor. I put my finger there, and I vanished.

I bought a new computer, and they included a television studio!

Did you know about that?

I spent much of yesterday downloading stuff I am accustomed to. It took less time than I expected. I still have to move photos and music from the old computer.

I think I can use a tiny gizmo that plugs into little holes in each computer. I imagine you know about that already.

I should have done this far sooner.

Being cheap and lazy can be counterproductive.

24 thoughts on “The blastoff!

  1. Welcome to the 21st Century. Just be sure you load some free anti virus software so your new all in one desktop doesn’t become Mr. Molasses
    Once you transfer all your music and photos, pick up a wireless Bluetooth adapter which will then stream all your music to the stereo.


    1. Tancho: It already has Norton, free for a spell. Then I will install something else. I may be dense, but not entirely. I’ve never had a real virus problem, ever. Knock on wood.


  2. I still have my desktop computer I brought with me to Mexico + 22 inch monitor.with a pirate Windows 7. Microsoft nagged me for 18 months about my version, then gave up a few months ago. I have no camera watching me, no laptop or tablet. I need a bigger hard drive and more RAM.

    The best antivirus is + something like Avast. There is a free version of malwarebytes. You need to download a new version everyweek and run it manually every other day.


    1. Andres: I used AVG quite happily for years. Then they did an update about eight months ago, and everything went haywire. Had to kill it, and it really hung on as long as it could. I’ve experimented with a few since, on my old computer, among them malwarebytes and Avast. I think it was Avast’s free version that was a real space hog, even more than the paid AVG.


  3. One of the joys of your blog is to guess which role you are going to play for us on any given day. Your Señor Oblivious is very clever and funny. Felipe, thy name is irony.

    Come to think of it, even Felipe is a role. The real you and Felipe are about as far apart as Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain. And being compared to either one is quite an honor. (I will allow the ambiguity of that sentence to waft on the wind.)


  4. All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages.


  5. Not knowing our new tech toys have a camera IS very funny. My relatively new iPhone’s camera reverses itself (I didn’t know, I must have hit a button) and I accidently took a picture of myself looking very bewildered as a light hit my eyes, (I didn’t know it was the flash). I didn’t even see that I did it until the next day. My eyes are huge since I must have somehow touched the screen and zoomed in. My kids had a good laugh.


  6. Sheesh! Using a twelve year old computer?!? ¡Guacala!

    I can’t believe you waited this long to upgrade. And why the semi-laptop, when you could have the real thing and take it with you?

    In any case, I’m happy for you.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have a ten-year old desktop we built ourselves, but it was super-fast at the time, and is now still adequately fast. Most of our work is done on a recent laptop, though.


    1. Kim: Much of it was (is, because I now have it on a table to my left. My wife can use it.) 12 years old, but it had some newer elements. The flat screen was only about three years old, so it looked modern in that respect if you ignored the tower roaring on a platform down below. And the same vendor put in a faster processor about five years ago but, boy oh boy, it had become pokey.

      Semi-laptop? What semi-laptop? My wife has an Acer notebook that she has been using as desk model on the dining room table for the past few years, primarily to read the occasional email and recipes. She is mostly clueless about computers, but she’s a real whiz compared to her sister downtown who bought a desktop at WalMart about three years ago, and it usually doesn’t work for one reason or the other. I suspect it’s in the constant grip of viruses. She’d rather paint her fingernails anyway.

      You can’t believe I waited this long to upgrade? Me either. I am cheap and lazy.


      1. Big keyboards are a must for a man with big hands and a big monitors prevent eye strain and vision headaches and are very helpful for older dudes with failing eyesight.


        1. Andres: A couple of years ago an amiga in the state capital was trying to convince me of the joys of notebook computers. We have one, but only my wife uses it. The keyboard is almost impossible for me, only if I want to hunt and peck. With a regular keyboard, I type over 100 wpm.

          But who you calling an older dude?


  7. I discovered the camera on my computer in the same manner. Some people get a real kick out of taking shots of themselves from the phone or computer screen. Check out Web Therapy, starring Lisa Kudrow. It’s not about therapy, actually. The main character uses web therapy as a gimmick for short comedic takes with lots of guest roles by great comics. She is also extremely narcissistic. Much of the action, almost all, is Lisa looking at herself or others on her webcam. Lily Tomlin has a recurring role as her mother. Follow the link.


  8. I upgraded a few years ago to a beautiful, fast, streamlined Apple desktop. I love it. When I visit my mama, she often complained about her computer. I bought one for her last year. She still complains, as she is over 80 now, but her computer is fast, efficient and has far less connections to bother with.


  9. $19.00 including shipping from Amazon – MSN 3000 wireless keyboard (feels just like a Selectric typewriter – I bet you know what that is) and a wireless mouse included – adapt VERY well to the Acer netbook. Anita has the same netbook by the way (with the keyboard just described and additional pseudo ram card to speed the little netbook up – but we won’t try and get you there – probably too much information 😉


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