Gender made simple

Joining a music website the other day, I was asked the usual questions, email address, date of birth, etcetera, and whether I was male or female, which is when the fun erupted.

Music sites, of course, cater primarily to the young, and it’s the young where you spot cultural changes barreling down the highway. Cultural changes in the Anglo world are rarely good these days.

Did the website simply ask my sex? No, it was phrased this way:

“I identify as:” Male? Female?

womanSo it’s not a question of whether you’re a guy or gal, it’s a question of what you think you are.

There are “identity” choices.

This is, of course, more of the sexual confusion being screamed loudly for the past few decades by sexually confused people, who are a minuscule portion of the population but who scream loudly nonetheless.

And clueless people actually pay attention, and Democrats pass laws.

It is why schoolchildren in California can now pick their restrooms depending on how they’re “identifying” that day.

Pair of ballsFelipe is here today to provide a foolproof system!

Look down your pants.

If something is hanging there, you are a guy.

If nothing is hanging there, you are a gal.

This procedure is 99 percent accurate, but perhaps you were born goofy or lost a knife fight with a Latino. I have a backup system for that 1 percent.

Look down your shirt instead. If something is dangling there, usually a pair, you are a gal. If nothing is hanging there, you are a guy.

I realize the backup test is not 100 percent accurate either. In that case, you must return to the pants exam. Combining both tests, you are as likely to go wrong as you are likely to be hit by lightning on Gay Pride Day.

Pass it around. Let us end all confusion.

11 thoughts on “Gender made simple

  1. “lost a knife fight with a Latino.” not sure if that statement is bigoted or racist, no matter I know that it offends someone and for that I am pleased.


  2. Saw a news segment very recently in which a couple was featured for their trans-gender issues. He used to be a she and she used to be a he. It’s amazing what can be done with a couple of knives and a few vials of hormones 🙂


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  3. Your comments link was not obvious, to me at least. I, actually, accidently clicked on the headline and found my way.


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