Mohammedan poetry

A high school principal  in Massachusetts got into hot water last Wednesday, 9/11, because a Mohammedan poem was recited over the intercom, and the Pledge of Allegiance was not.

Okay, we’ve come to expect multicultural nonsense in the U.S. school system, which is anti-American to a dreadful degree, and we are especially accustomed to the adulation of the Mohammedan world that, in large part, wants to kill our men and stone our women who are, after all, unclean.

That a Mohammedan poem would be read on that tragic date and the Pledge “overlooked” should not surprise you.

Arab feetWhat is surprising is the poem in question. As Dave Barry famously says, I am not making this up.

Was the spotlighted poet a Mohammedan version of Langston Hughes or Pablo Neruda or Robert Frost? Hardly.

It was a poet named Mohja Kahf, and the work is titled: My Grandmother Washes her Feet in the Sink at the Bathroom at Sears.

A short news story of the school’s affront can be found at And if you wish to read the entire poem, it can be found here.

Before you dub me a dunderhead, know that I strongly favor education about other cultures, and our own culture too. Let us teach young people about the oppressive nature of Mohammedan culture.

And the proud, productive past of our own.

Currently, we do precisely the contrary.

Reciting a poem about washing Mohammedan feet in the bathroom of Sears on 9/11 while simultaneously skipping the Pledge of Allegiance is shameful.

Teacher union labor leading youth into the future.

8 thoughts on “Mohammedan poetry

  1. I wonder if they let the women they intend on stoning to death wash their feet first before using the rocks (unwashed I presume ) to plummet her body to death, a cultural thing that I can’t wait to come to the USA.

    I wonder if they let American poems to be recited in Muslim schools? Diversity only works one way, I am told.


  2. I am starting to have a more favorable view of labor unions since they’ve been publicly denouncing Obamacare this past week.

    The schools are increasingly being used as tools for government propaganda.


    1. Andres: You cannot imagine the pleasure I am getting at (1) The chickens coming home to roost atop unions that were gaga over ObamaCare at the get-go and (2) The increasing medical insurance prices the unions will be paying due to ObamaCare.

      Ha! Who says there is no God, no justice?


    1. Hola, Laurie. So you finally found your way here to the fresh, new look. I am glad. Yes, the cactus does suit me. The irony is quite clear. Imagine my surprise on finding it among the three offered by WordPress for this theme. One can use whatever photo one can find anywhere, but that one was made just for me. Plus, it’s pretty. And what an odd mugshot you are using here (via Google-plus).

      Don’t be bashful.


  3. I visited the Biosphere, in Arizona, last week. It is run by the University of Arizona. We took the tour, and towards the end, the guide led us by a mosque looking structure and garden. “This illustrates how water bubbles up in the desert, called Sharia, and flows to the mosque for ritual cleaning.” she said with a perfectly straight face, as if it were a scientific fact. Apparently, the country of Oman paid for this tribute to Islam. Imagine the uproar if the Catholics wanted to fund a chapel on the grounds of the Biosphere! The guide invited us to return to the mosque after the tour to “meditate.”


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