The violent Left

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, minding his own business walking down a sidewalk, was recently heckled by vacuous leftwing students at City University of New York where he is a visiting professor.

The students had been egged on by a radical professor. CUNY, like so many U.S. schools these days, is a hotbed of leftwing extremism.

In contrast to conservatives (of course, there are rare exceptions) the Left is prone to violence when faced with opposing opinions.

The violence manifests itself in two ways:

1. Actual violence, up to and including mass murder.

2. Verbal violence.

Famous, conservative speakers at most American universities these days will almost invariably be heckled and shouted down to the fullest extent possible. Sympathetic school officials usually look the other way.

Brown shirtLeftists do not permit opposing views. They are Brown Shirts.

Conversely, a leftwing speaker at a conservative event will almost never be bothered. Conservatives are polite.

Alas, it is those who shout the loudest who generally get their way, and this is having a spectacularly negative effect in the United States as good people tend more and more to keep their mouths shut.

* * * *

Collectivism is embraced with a religious fervor by violent Leftists who adore their impossible utopian world of equality in the same measure that the vituperative Jonesboro “Baptists” love their badly interpreted Bibles.

The leftwing abhorance of religion is ironical because they are profoundly religious. It’s just that their deity lives here on Earth, a dream god who rules a universe where all shoulders must be level.

The last century was a particularly grisly one, and almost all mayhem was done in the name of Karl Marx. Communist China and Communist Russia murdered far more people than did Nazi Germany.

Yet sporting a Red Star on your cap is still considered cool while flashing a Swastika is not. Truth is, the only difference is that the Red Star has left far higher stacks of corpses.

But let’s take a closer look at Hitler before you write him off as a Rightist, as is commonly done. While Mao and Stalin murdered their rich citizens, Hitler killed the Jews, the hated money-makers, perceived as rich.

All three preached a perfect world.

Nazis were the National SOCIALIST Party, and Hitler was a vegetarian. Conservatives are not vegetarians. We love barbecue.

* * * *

While actually murdering people who hold opposite opinions is a dicey proposition and often perilous to those who do it, there are other, legal ways for leftists to indulge their propensity for mayhem.

Yes, verbal violence. Not just the shouting down of contrary opinions. The Left is where obscenity and name-calling thrives.

That show business is controlled by BMW-driving, martini-sipping leftists is well known. That many popular movies and TV shows showcase rivers of profanity is grossly familiar to most of us.

This is violence against society, and it’s almost exclusively leftists who do it.

During the presidential compaign last year, I wrote two posts about slick, professionally made political videos promoting Obama. The videos are wall-to-wall obscenities, verbal violence.

There were, of course, no profanity-laden political ads for Romney, which would have been unthinkable.

The Leftist propensity for violence can take bizarre turns, sometimes into pathetic triviality. There is a browser add-on called WOT (Web of Trust). It’s a useful tool that steers you away from scams, porno, etc.

Conservative bloggers and websites often flash the red WOT warning for no other reason than Leftists have gone there specifically to rate them poorly. Comments left on WOT make their motivation obvious.

It is internet graffiti, and not unlike dropping your pants and leaving a load in the yard of a neighbor who holds different opinions.

Leftwing websites are always rated favorably because conservatives don’t do such silly stuff. We are courteous. And we eat barbecue.

* * * *

The Left embraces violence. Whether it’s the gulags, the Bergen-Belsens, the re-education camps, the sensitivity classes, the killing fields, the speech police and heckling on American campuses, the defacing of opposition websites, it’s all part of the same nasty playbook.

Agree with us — or else.

16 thoughts on “The violent Left

  1. Almost takes me back to the anti-Vietnam demonstrations that I was so proud to be a part of. Besides Syria, I’m not quite sure what the left is worked up about except the Koch brothers and Monsanto. Life rolls on!


  2. So easy to throw a dart at the elusive “They.” I’m surprised you are so partisan lately.

    How many right-wing goofballs follow the “when you disagree with their gospel” ….. attack! All the way from U.S. politics to killing doctors in abortion clinics.

    Not enjoying reading your rants


  3. I find it interesting that people who disagree with your ideas choose to comment at all. It’s not like your blog is the Huffington Post or The Blaze where many people will read it and enter into a lively debate. Sparks is like that tree that fell in the forest, sorta, or maybe like my Mama used to say, “That preacher was loud, but he was shoutin’ down a well.” BTW, we’ve had a drouth in East Texas and my bougainvillea is dying on its own. I haven’t had to hack it back at all.


    1. Sue: As is well known, politics and religion don’t lend themselves well to lively debate. Perhaps politics more than religion, but changing other folks’ minds about these things is pretty much an impossibility. We believe what we believe, and we’re very bone-headed about it, and that includes me.

      I write this type of thing here simply because I enjoy doing it, and I do it well. Maybe I’m just getting it off my chest.

      As for HuffPost, what I see in the comments there are lefties agreeing with each other and cussing anybody who offers a contrary opinion. I leave a comment there now and then just for the fun of it, and I routinely get called nasty names. Name-calling is popular in those precincts. Some of them would shoot me if they could get away with it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


    2. Sue: You imply The Unseen Moon is less popular than HuffPost and its unsavory ilk. That may be true, and I attribute it in large part to the fact that I include no celebrity gossip or photos of starlets in bikinis.

      I am rethinking my wholesome strategy.


    3. >>>> Sparks is like that tree that fell in the forest

      I didn’t get that one at all … you and Felipe “heard” it. I’m not talking to the whole world any more than any Blogger does. I’ve enjoyed many of Felipe’s posts but obviously we are not on the same page politically. His rants could be from true belief, as an entertainer or out of boredom. Now on to Obama-care 😉


    1. Ray: Dead on indeed. Yes, and not for the first time. Thanks for noticing.

      Actually, this particular rant, er, polemic, isn’t inspiring much feedback, so gracias for weighing in.


    2. Ray: It’s always fun to watch the occasional lefty who weighs in here on these issues, and the arsenal he or she brings. No matter whether I am referring to Mohammedans crashing airliners into the World Trade Center, killing thousands of innocents, the mass murders of Communist regimes over the last century, whatever, their arsenal rarely wavers, and it is this:

      The rare “Christian” crackpot who shoots at abortion clinics. That’s their comeback, always. That’s their arsenal in its entirety. They bring a pocketknife to a cannon fight.


  4. I have to agree with sparks in this case. You have declared the ‘Religious Right’ to be leftwing, and thrown Nazis and all mass-murdering political groups in with them.

    The brush you are painting the political left with is getting ‘extreme’ly wide.

    Maybe you’re taking Rush Limbaugh too seriously.


    1. Kris: Go back and read again. I did not declare the Religious Right to be leftwing, and would never do such a silly thing. Of course, they are not.

      I did lump the Nazis in with the Communist mass-murdering regimes. There was no significant Christian tint to the Nazis. They were, as their name clearly indicated, Nationalist and Socialist.

      Hitler was an atypical “rightwing” dictator. Not only did he have a “plan for the world,” a trait he shared with communist despots (a different plan, of course, in many aspects), he differed in many ways from what most people consider a rightwing dictator.

      I consider rightwing dictators folks like Nicaragua’s Somoza, Paraguay’s Stroessner, Uganda’s Amin, Burma’s military junta, Argentina’s Videla, Spain’s Franco, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, Cuba’s Batista, Chile’s Pinochet, the Dominican Republic’s Trujillo, Portugal’s Salazar, etc.

      With rare exceptions, rightwing dictators come up from the military. They have no world-domination plans. They murder only as far as is necessary to cow their nation’s population, and that is rarely on a mass scale. Basically, they are goons with guns who take over a country so they can live like kings, having all the cash and babes to themselves.

      Hitler had more in common with Stalin and Mao than he ever did with those guys. Think about it. The three of them escalated violence to a stunning scale. They were comrades in arms.

      If Hitler was not officially a lefty, he certainly acted like one in many aspects.


  5. What I find so sad is the division that has been perpetuated in this country. Black vs white, right vs left, haves vs have nots. Islam vs Christianity. I know this has been done deliberately, a country divided cannot stand. It’s easy to do when people won’t think and provide for themselves.


    1. Jackie: Certainly, the racial divide has been kept alive by racial hucksters, 99 percent of whom are black. The left-right divide, I think, is eternal due to people seeing the world through different lenses. The haves-have nots is kept alive because it furthers the Left’s political ambitions. Mohammedanism is simply a nasty world view.

      The United States has become severely divided, and it ain’t good.


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