Thank God for whitey!

Sometimes I read HuffPost, the website loved by the Left.

EinsteinA constant there is speaking badly of white people, even though it’s mostly white people doing the dissing.

History and facts do not enter into this self-loathing. It’s a hatred they have embraced due to their love of “oppressed people,” whom they always define as black and brown folks and invariably noble.

The Left exhibits lots of goofy thinking.

Plenty of truly oppressed people live in the East, but since Asian people in the West do so well in school and at work, they are not permitted oppressed status. Only irresponsible oppressed people can be truly oppressed.

Let us remember that it’s white people who historically have run places like Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the modern world of liberal democracy, safety and progress.

Al Gore did not invent the internet, but other white people did.

Plus cars, planes, motorcycles, vaccines and motion pictures.

Black people run places like Africa, Haiti and Detroit. Brown people run Latin America. Nobody in their right mind wants to live in Africa, Haiti or Detroit. And few people want to move to Latin America either.

Where people want to live, where people intensely desire to relocate, by hook or crook, by boat, raft, or wheel well of a 747, is the cursed white man’s real estate in the United States, Canada, Europe, etc.

Thank God for white people because otherwise you’d have to live in Nigeria, Bolivia or Bangladesh, and you would really hate that.

So let us praise whitey, and the better world he’s given us.

28 thoughts on “Thank God for whitey!

  1. Happy Columbus Day!

    I don’t like it when people denigrate any race, including my own. It seems like it is open season on white folks in the land of the gringos since Obama took over.

    I’m sure there are some nice places in Bolivia, however I am perfectly content living among the brown folks in Mexico.


    1. Andres: It was open season on whitey in the U.S. a good while before Obama got elected. It just has worsened since he moved into the White House.

      I imagine Bolivia would be interesting to visit, but I doubt I (or you) would want to live there.


    1. Ms. Rose: Don’t be a quibbler. You know full well my point.

      But to speak to yours, it is estimated that 60 percent of Mexicans are mestizos, 30 percent are Indian stock and 10 percent are white. Historically, the white folks have ruled the top roost here (whitey tends to rise to the top), and they often still do. Veer off into the land of governors, mayors, etc., and you’ll see more representative shades.


  2. As for us Canuckians (I was waiting to tell you this), we invented, besides basketball and a bunch of other stuff, the Caesar (drink with clamato juice, vodka and a sprig of celery), the Monte Carlo (five different liqueurs) and the WONDERBRA. Yur welcome. And we’re white as they come, has something to do with the snow, you know. We would have kept basketball but, as you are aware, white men can’t jump, and anything over 6 feet, 9 inches is a corn field.


    1. Señor Peterson: When I was in the 9th Grade, I was over 6 feet tall and still growing. An English teacher got it into his head that I should play basketball, even though I had no interest in basketball or any other ball-tossing sport, something that has not changed to this day.

      He bugged me so long and hard that I finally agreed to be turned over the the basketball coach. That was when it became clear that I could dribble a basketball, and I could run. I simply could not do them at the same time. End of basketball career.

      I am just too white for basketball.


  3. Senor Zapata,
    I’m not taking the bait. Although, I will say, I’m Mexican by descent and my birth certificate indicates in the “Race Box” that I’m Caucasian. Not that it means anything. This was just for your enlightenment.


    1. Francisco: I’m glad you did not take the bait because no bait was set out. I simply stated some facts, facts that are very out of fashion these days.

      White people are responsible, for the most part, for our modern world and the comforts and conveniences and freedom so many enjoy. Plus, it was the U.S. specifically that ended Nazi aggression (now those were some bad white guys indeed. White people are not perfect) in Europe, Japanese aggression in the East and Soviet totalitarian expansionism. And that’s just in the 20th century.

      That envious and disgruntled nonwhites, by yelling loud and often over the past few decades, have painted white folks as the bad guys and, even worse, that white folks have allowed themselves to be cowed, is tragic.

      Speaking well of whites these days in much of the Western world is akin to speaking well of Jews in Yemen, Coptic Christians in Egypt, blacks at a Klan rally (something that pretty much does not exist anymore), Tutsis in a Hutu village, Turks on the wrong side of Cyprus, well, you get the picture.

      When I wrote this piece, I thought that it would elict little comment because even clear-thinking people are petrified to say positive things out loud about white people these days because the virulently racist, anti-white campaigners have been so effective. You say something good about whites and you are automatically labeled a racist, which is errant nonsense.

      As for your being Mexican by descent and white too, well, that is no contradiction. Most Mexicans are not Caucasion, but some are.

      Me, for instance!


  4. Dear Felipe,

    I have enjoyed your writings through the years. You are gifted. This post, though, sadly, is far too typical of what you are writing. As far as racism, I saw it firsthand growing up in the South. There were a three-tier system in place: white, black and Indian. Whites had the best schools. Blacks had inferior schools. Indians were allowed in school until the eighth grade. They could not attend white or black schools: private or public would not accept these sub-humans. The few Indians in my hometown who received education and are my age attended out of state institutions and they were sponsored by the Methodist or the Catholic church. Racism is still ingrained deeply in the culture there and indeed in most of the world. White rules because white culture today has the most power.

    I do not see the anti-white mindset as a danger to the US. I don’t think racism is the root of all evil, either. Whenever we ignore the basic idea of loving God and loving our neighbor, we will have evil. By and large, the US does not uphold these two basic tenets anymore.

    As far as whites making society better, maybe we could see it as the places where Christianity and Judaism flourished, society made great advances. That would explain the advances in England, the US and many other places. Whites rules in Eastern Europe, where to this day, Christianity is considered a threat. Stalin and Hitler arose out of societies that rejected God.

    I won’t be visiting here much in the future. I wish you the best. I hope that your mind and heart is enlightened one day. There is no other name under heaven that has the power that is in the name of Jesus. I feel like your writings could encourage others to extremist positions. Taken too literally, your writings about cultural and ethnic purity are a danger to civil society.


    1. Ms. Laurie: The claim that I am writing about “cultural and ethnic purity” is, of course, nothing more than politely calling me a racist skinhead Nazi. It is errant nonsense. And you should be ashamed of yourself. I have never written such stuff, never thought it, believed it, and never will.

      Last year, I wrote a post dealing with the very unwise comments on rape made by the none-too-sharp GOP candidate Todd Akin. There too you left a long, misguided comment which, in effect, erroneously implied I was defending rape. I had not done any such thing, of course, nor would I.

      I forgave you for that. And I will forgive you today.

      In much of the Western world we now live in a Fellini-esque universe where black has become white, and white has become black. And up has become down. Good often has become bad, and vice versa. This can happen when bad people scream long and loud enough, and good people say nothing out of fear. That is where we are today. Believe it.

      My stance on white people, to repeat myself, is this: Liberal democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, women’s rights, most of high technology, capitalist progress, and the comforts and conveniences of our modern lives were created almost exclusively in the white man’s global real estate. They were not created in Asia, though they have often been improved upon there. They were not created in Africa. They were not created in Latin America.

      I attribute these fantastic successes of the white man’s world primarily to culture and perhaps in part to pure luck and fortunate circumstance. I really do not know why these good things have been born in the white world, but they definitely were born there.

      Were I the Pope and were you Catholic, I would sentence you to a long crawl on your knees over broken glass to ask forgiveness for your verbal sins today in front of a statue of a bleeding Jesus. But you are Protestant, so just take off your blouse and lash your back a short spell with a soft whip while simultaneously asking Jesus to make you a better person.

      That is all. Sin no more.


    2. P.S.: Europeans are not goose-stepping today, Soviet communism was contained till it collapsed, and Imperial Japanese brutalities do not now hold sway on the Asian mainland for one reason: Anglo power, skill and determination.

      And that was just in the last 75 years.

      We were not saved from 20th century totalitarians by Nigerians or Bolivians or the Burmese. Or your Hondurans.


    3. Laurie: I just reread your comment again, and that you attribute the progress I mention more to Christianity than to white people. I very much think you are on to something. However, the Western world, Christianity and white folks have been mostly a package deal for centuries. You mention the exception of Stalin’s world and Hitler’s too. Stalin was a Slav, and certainly rejected God. Naziism, as I recall it, mostly ignored religion, neither promoting nor rejecting Christianity. Their focus was elsewhere, on nationalism and that racial purity you loonily attribute to me too.

      I think Christianity, which I support, and the type of society it has historically encouraged, is a key player in developing our modern world.

      If you have been paying attention, you will know that, along with denigrating white people, dissing Christianity is a huge part of the elite’s focus these days.

      Not a coincidence.


    4. You say that “Stalin and Hitler arose out of societies that rejected God.” Quite wrong. Czarist Russia was very Christian (Russian Orthodox Church ring a bell?) and so was pre-Hitler Germany. And you say that Christianity is considered a threat in today’s Eastern Europe. That was the case until communism collapsed. It’s not the case anymore. When Communism imploded in Eastern Europe a couple of decades ago, people headed back to church though not in the quantities I would like to see due to the long, nasty influence of Communism in those parts.


      1. Here’s another *Like* vote.
        Yes, bashing Whitey is all the rage nowadays. As is branding everyone who has a opposing thought a “racist.” Just ignore it and maybe it will go away. Maybe.


  5. The genesis of white superiority has its roots in European colonialism and imperialism. It was easier to justify conquering foreign lands by referring to the native non-white people as heathens and infidels. It was easier to justify slavery and genocide. It was used by the Spanish when they conquered what is now known as Latin America and by the British to conquer India and to enslave China with the opium trade.


    1. Andres: You’ll get no argument from me on that. As the European world became more technologically advanced, it did spread out and take advantage of things. No question. But, like the cave men hitting their wives over the heads with clubs to announce matrimony, that sort of thing is in the past for us now.

      And conquering other people is certainly not restricted to white people or Europeans in general. Many cultures and nations have done it in distant corners of the world since the dawn of history. Black people conquer black people. Asians conquer Asians. Slavery has existed forever, and exists today, mostly in the Middle East and Africa. People are always doing unpleasant things to one another. And always will. White people never had that market cornered. It is the human race that is flawed, not just white folks.


    2. PS: I imagine references to American, European, white imperialism and colonialism are quite popular in U.S. higher education these days. I bet you rarely hear of Russian (Slav) imperialism and colonialism into Eastern Europe after WW II (hear it expressed that way), or of Japanese imperialism and colonialism in Asia. Both of those 20th century experiences were far worse for the colonized people than anything white Europeans ever did in their colonial heyday. And ask Tibetans about Chinese imperialism.

      Which is just more pointing out that everybody does it, has done it, or will do it. This is why having a good grasp of history keeps people’s attitudes away from rampant silliness.


  6. You are one eloquent debater. Sadly, most people in today’s world take more interest in social media and Hollywood rather than engaging discussion.

    Keep it up.


    1. A flip side of the demonization of white folks is the glorification of non-white folks, giving them quite an innate nobility.

      To counter that silly attitude, it’s good to keep in mind, for instance, that when the European states abandoned their colonies in Africa, most of those places turned instead to black dictatorships.


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