The Lesbo look

There is one basic current in the political correctness movement. All of the movement’s outrages are related to this element.

That current is militant feminism from the Island of Lesbos. This current claims to be about equality, and that is true.

The manly women want to be like the guys, and they also want the guys to be like them. Unisex, and everybody equal.

The political correctness movement stormed the White House in 2008, and they installed an androgynous front man who looks like you could knock him over with a feather, the kind of fellow who wears a helmet on a bicycle.

He is disorganized. He dithers. His far more manly wife shoves him around. And his foreign policy is to say he’s sorry.

He has been dispatched from the Island of Lesbos. He is their guy, using the word loosely. And this is the cause of the assault on the U.S. military, the putting of women where they have no business being.

hatPlaces like the Marine Corps Infantry.

The horrors are piling up. Here is the latest. Barry wants male Marines to look more like women. Have you seen the new headgear? Here is a news story about Obama’s girly chapeau.

Barry aims to dip into the federal bank account, which is already the Red Sea, to extract $8 million for the hats that are almost identical to women Marines’ new headgear. It’s all about equality that tilts toward women.

More detritus washes ashore daily from the Island of Lesbos.

11 thoughts on “The Lesbo look

  1. Yep, hats look like the French Foreign Legion type for sure. Won’t happen though. As for Lesbo types, ran into a contingent of Dykes on Bikes a while back. They could give manly types a run for their money for sure, gave them a wide berth. On Mommy Obama, you don’t mess with a black lady or “woman of colour.” She stands her ground, but I like strong women. Mr. OB will not be messin’ with the Monicas of the world.


    1. Bob: There is a bit of goofiness in this conflict because the hats do resemble the Foreign Legion, and nobody ever accused those boys (and they were — probably still are — all boys) of being girly men. Many, perhaps most, were not even French. I do not know if the regular French army sports those same hats, but I think so. If not now, in the past. The basic problem is the general French connection because, as we well know, they are wusses. They have perfected the surrender.

      Having said that, there is a French guy who lives here in my town, and he’s no wuss. He’s a great guy.

      But I digress.

      You like strong women? Of course, you have to say that, especially if some Dykes on Bikes are in your neighborhood. But there are many levels to being a strong woman. It’s complicated.

      No, Barry will never have a Monica event. What Monica would want him? Plus, Michelle would pin him to the floor and beat the bejezus out of him in a nanosecond.


  2. Barry, Barry, quite contrary
    How your insanity grows.
    With silver bells and cockleshells
    And burly butches all in a row.


  3. In an email, Marine Corps officials said there is no truth to reports that President Obama is behind the potential change.
    “The president in no way, shape or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover,” according to the Marine Corps statement. “We are looking for a new cover for our female Marines for one overriding reason: The former manufacturer went out of business … The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover.”


    1. Beanie: There are a few elements at play here. First, I know Obama was not behind this lamentable idea of the headgear change. I am sure he has more important things to do like lighting his cigarettes and saying yes, ma’am to Michelle and thinking up new ways to take cash from the successful and handing it to the unsuccessful, who vote for Democrats. Stuff like that.

      However, not in just the story I linked to but others also, it was phrased that this was Obama’s idea. I knew full well it was not true when I read it, but the news stories said that, so I went with it, mostly because anything that makes Obama look silly puts a smile on my face.

      The way you could rightfully blame Barry for this unisex headgear nonsense is that his underlings somewhere did come up with the idea. The ole “buck stops here” thing.

      That the Marines had “zero intention of changing the male cover” is false. They are lying, trying to backtrack as fast as possible due to the uproar. (Cover! Gotta love military jargon.) It is false because there are photos of the proposed male “cover.” That did not come out of thin air. It was considered for sure. They had it designed, and they photographed it. And that the male “cover” so closely resembles that of the women bubbles up from the abominable unisex mindset.

      I do appreciate your feedback.


  4. “I knew full well it was not true when I read it, but the news stories said that, so I went with it, mostly because anything that makes Obama look silly puts a smile on my face.

    The horrors are piling up. Here is the latest. Barry wants male Marines to look more like women. Have you seen the new headgear? Here is a news story about Obama’s girly chapeau.”

    I’m not so sure exactly who looks silly here.

    Use the Google…


    1. Beanie: That Stars and Stripes piece, while saying Obama had nothing to do with hats, which I concede, says they are indeed considering the silly Dan Daly cap for both men and women. A unisex desire seems to be a factor. Yipes! And the story says they have not come to a decision.

      What the Stars and Stripes piece is denying is that Barry has anything to do with the dust-up.

      I vote for sticking with the current Marine hat and making a girly version for the womenfolk.


  5. Hmmm, there’s also a story here about how a company which provides hats for the marines went out of business.


    What’s next? unisex combat mumus?

    The President is designing Marine Corps hats? I feel like he needs to delegate.

    Yes, they issued him a big pad of paper and a box of crayons, and he has been sitting behind his big desk for days, designing away. It’s just the way it happens in the Obama White House (when they’re not busy destroying freedom).

    Have I missed something about hats? Aren’t hats unisex as a rule? It’s not like your head has a penis. Men and women have the same parts and shapes up there.

    If we want to discuss girly headgear in the military, can someone explain the berets?



    1. Beanie: Today marks your first comments here. I like comments. Perhaps you are relatively new to my end of cyberspace. If so, please be aware that profanity is not allowed. I edited yours out. Not that I am such a prude, but I think the internet, sadly, is being ruined by rampant obscenities, and I maintain this corner with none whatsoever, ever.

      As for hats being unisex as a rule, I’m not sure. Many hats are very gender-specific, especially women’s. Men’s hats are more readily worn by women (and they often look quite sexy, especially cowboy hats) than women’s hats are worn by men.

      Berets, I think, can look great on both men and women, but I prefer them on women.


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