The Twilight Zone


This is the in-between time, that space between wet and dry, cool and colder.

The Twilight Zone.

The air here is always good. Some times better than other times, but always good. That is subjective, of course. If you enjoy sweating and living in sandals, shirtless and shorts year-round, you would not consider it good.

You would consider it cold or cool or nippy, unsuitable for beer.

But I do not care about sandals or shorts or going shirtless, and I don’t drink beer, not anymore, so this is a perfect world.

Today, right now, this week, we are on the cusp, the edge between wet and dry. From June to right about now, usually earlier actually, we get rain every day, and this upstairs patio is mostly useless. There are always puddles or lakes in it.

You can make it to the hammock, but venturing farther, especially that corner which offers the best view into the rooms of the sex hotel, is mostly out of the question.

The constant puddles make it nearly impossible to sweep, so the floor accumulates grime. I snapped this photo today just after sweeping the entire terraza, which was doable due to scant rain recently. The rain is about gone.

I removed the light dirt, but the more serious grime will be attacked in the next few days with a hose run up from downstairs, an industrial broom and then the mop.

Then it will be sparkling. November is the best month here.

baby bearPerhaps I will swing in the hammock. It’s just out of view to the left. The air will be neither warm nor cold. It will be just right like the baby bear’s porridge. The sky will be a beautiful blue where birds, big and small, will fly high and low, hunting and singing.

There are two Twilight Zones here on the mountaintop. This one between summer and fall and the other one between spring and summer. That latter can get a bit stuffy on occasion, depending on where you’re sitting.

This one, however, is perfect.

* * * *

(Yes, the Moon has changed her attire. Girls do that.)

25 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone

  1. I like the Moon’s new look, and maybe it is just my computer screen, but on the left side, this is what I see:

    We are in the “Twilight Zone” here too only ours is NOT perfect. We had our first freeze yesterday morning (27°) and there is a definite “chill” in the air.


    1. Cat: The only thing I can think of is that you are using a tablet or another sort of small screen. You can make the type smaller by hitting Control and the dash simultaneously. That may solve the problem.


  2. Actually, I am using a 12-inch flat screen , and I just went to my Google browser rather than Mozilla and it still looked the same.


    1. I do wish the title were smaller. Tomorrow I’ll go to a WordPress forum on code and see if I can figure out how to make it less large. But don’t hold your breath. My coding skills are pathetic.

      Or you could use this as an opportunity to buy a nice big screen like I’m using!


      1. Felipe, I have another flat screen that is a 17-inch I believe, but I don’t really like it too much because the wider the screen, the more difficult it is for me to read across the page.


    2. Cat: I looked at this website on my wife’s 10-inch notebook computer, and it reads fine. I had thought your screen size was the issue, but it appears not. I have looked at it on my screen, which is 20 inches, on both Explorer and Firefox. No problem. Can’t help but think it has something to do with your specific screen. If anyone else has this problem, I would like to hear about it.


      1. I initially had the same problem but it’s my Firefox settings. I have an add-in that automatically resizes web pages so that they fill the whole screen. When I shrank your blog from 133% to 120% the problem stopped. So some browsers on some computers, depending on magnification, may have that problem. I had a similar problem on my own blog until I let the page select its own font.

        Cat: is your browser set to use the page’s fonts, or have you set a minimum font size? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you are probably using the page’s fonts.


        1. Kim, I have my Mozilla browser set to allow pages to choose their fonts. Where did you go to shrink the blog from 133% to 120%?


          1. I have an add-on called “Default Full Zoom Level 5.8,” which automatically sets the default zoom based on the page’s size. I installed this because I was reading a lot of pages where there was a ton of blank space on the sides, and the type was too small to comfortably read. If you don’t have this installed, the default zoom comments I made don’t apply to you. If you somehow have it installed, then the zoom factor appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and if you click on it, you can change the zoom for that page, and I believe it saves that setting if you come back to the same page later. You can also manually zoom pages by holding the control key and simultaneously hitting the =/+ key or the minus key.


        2. Thank you Kim. I installed “Default Full Zoom Level 5.8” on my Mozilla browser and shrunk the blog from 100% to 90% and now I see this:



    1. Peter: I love my casa too, so we are of one mind. Designed it ourselves. Just this year, I am passing a longevity mark. I have lived in this house longer than I have ever lived anywhere, the previous record being the place I lived in from age 7 to 17 with my parents.

      And it’s only the second home I have owned.


    2. Correction: I do not own this house. I do not own any of the three places we have. The Mexico City apartment was already in my wife’s name when we met. The two places we bought since I have put in her name. The Honda is in her name. The only thing I own is the old Chevy, which we will be selling in a couple of months to buy a new car for her, which will be in her name.

      At that point, I will own absolutely nothing.


  3. Why doesn’t the nicely done new icon under Felipe, on the left of the Moon’s page, not look like the one on the comments page? It seems like the left side of the face was inadvertently omitted?


    1. Andean: I’m not sure what you are referring to. On the left of the Moon’s page? You mean the tiny one at the far left in the strip at the top? I’m assuming the public sees what I see because that is not always the case.

      I have a square version of that, and I intentionally cut off one side to be half anonymous. The comments on this new WordPress theme put that into a circle, and it cuts off a little more of my face, making me about 60 percent anonymous, face-wise.


      1. Felipe, I have noticed over the years that you seem to spend a good deal of bandwidth highlighting your anonymity.

        I find this fascinating, if not contradictory.

        Don Curious


  4. Yes, I can see the 60 percent. Theres more black space then a face.
    I like the one with the “half”, and is still anonymous, but attractive in its space.
    Have not had aproblem with any of the rest.


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