On being “racist”

When a collectivist hears what he considers an unsavory opinion, he cries out Racist!

An unsavory opinion to a collectivist is any opinion with which he disagrees. All agreeable opinions are located in the Modern Little Red Book. This manual sits in no bookstore or even on Amazon, but all collectivists know it by heart.

It lives in their bosoms with a religious fervor.

KlanJust recently, they added a new racist category. It is called Gun Owner. All gun owners are — simply by owning a gun — racist.

Read about it here.

I do not currently own a gun, but I have owned guns in the past.

Before moving over the Rio Bravo I owned my grandmother’s chrome-plated Smith & Wesson .32-caliber revolver. I also owned my granddaddy’s shotgun, and once I owned a .45-caliber automatic pistol with the words Ejercito Argentino engraved on the side.

So I clearly was a racist.

I own no firearms now, deeming it unwise in Mexico which has strong gun laws of the sort collectivists desire for the United States. Ole Felipe — an upstanding citizen — has no firepower, but bad guys do. See the problem with gun bans?

I have been called racist now and then hereabouts due to conservative leanings, which is to say I embrace opinions not allowed by the Modern Little Red Book.

At age 55 I intentionally moved over the Rio Bravo to a land 90 percent inhabited by brown people. I married a brown person. I learned these brown people’s tongue, and I speak it all day. For years, I have financially assisted a brown teenager in Guadalajara.

I love Israel and Jews. I once caressed a black Puerto Rican who smiled back at me, but never a redhead, which I regret.

In spite of these facts, since I harbor opinions banned in the Modern Little Red Book, which lives solely in the cheerless hearts of collectivists, I am a racist.

And now if you own a gun to shoot squirrels, tin cans or burglars, you are racist too.

22 thoughts on “On being “racist”

  1. I don’t carry a gun in Honduras, yet it’s a requirement for my drivers for groups. I don’t tell the groups, of course. We’re not racist, but we all want to remain in the land of the living another day.


        1. “Black” Book! Some people just can’t stop using racist expressions that offend sensitive collectivists.


    1. Being a culturalist means you know there are good ones, middling ones and bad ones. The United States once was a good one, great even. Then it embraced multiculturalism, and now it is a middling one. If it continues on its present path, and it likely will, it will become a bad one. That is tragic.


  2. Well, amigo, as you know, we have both feasted upon the international buffet of lovelies far and wide. I must admit, a fair-skinned redhead is about as yummy as can be had!

    As for guns, I am in favor of every American’s right to bear arms, color be damned! Friggin’ country is headed for the trash bin of history I’m afraid.

    May we live in interesting times.


    1. Marco: Far and wide? Ah, señor, you have overestimated me. International, sí, but far and wide? In my dreams.

      Yes, I never had a redheaded girlfriend and, I hope, will never — at this juncture — have one. I’ve always adored freckles.

      Yes, your country is going badly. The times up there are still not too “interesting” but it could certainly become so.


  3. Obama’s mentors taught him that politics is total warfare and rule number one is to never stop demonizing the enemy. Rule number two is to never tell the truth when a lie will serve you better. This is how it became racist in America to own a gun. You are also a racist if you live in a red state instead of a blue state or if you oppose Obamacare.


  4. When I was in college, a group of graduate students asked if they could interview the delegates to a Young Americans for Freedom convention I had helped organize. When I asked what was the purpose of the interview, the lead student told me the researchers had a theory that young conservatives were the equivalent of the Nazi Youth, and the researchers were looking for sociological data to support that conclusion. When I suggested that they might have turned the scientific method on its head, he responded: “So, I suppose you want to start a nuclear war?” That must have been an early test model of the “racist” bomb.

    As for redheads, I dated one. And would have married her had she not turned out to be crazier than I was at the time. She ended up working for Ross Perot.


      1. My mother was a redhead and I was a strawberry blonde. I always had a preference for brunettes, especially asians and latinas. I believe opposites attract.


    1. I wonder how the country would be now if Perot had been elected? I kinda liked the guy, good businessman, didn’t sound like a politician.

      Only thing was weird was his running mate, if I remember.


      1. Tancho: Perot would have been far better than Barry, but that’s not saying much. Almost anyone would have been. Perot’s running mate was some retired military guy. I forget his name. Didn’t help Perot any, to state it mildly. McCain, in a similar vein, did not help himself picking Palin. However, Palin, like Perot or my Aunt Bertha, would have been better in the Oval Office than Barry.

        Have I ever mentioned that I don’t think much of Barry?


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