There is poetic justice.

The hallowed halls of academia, where low-information voters gather en masse, those fresh-faced zealots in the Cause of Obama, a multicultural Rainbow America, and economic equality by force, are suffering blowback.

CluelessThey’re losing their medical insurance!

The ObamaCare legislation makes the traditional, low-cost, student coverage so beloved by students and parents impossible to continue.

Schools are either pushing the semester-by-semester payments through the roof or they’re canceling the plans.

Message to students: Whoops-a-daisy!

Consider your candidate more carefully next time.

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And a fun video here.

22 thoughts on “Whoops-a-daisy!

  1. The law of unintended consequences. The Affordable Care Act is rife with them. Another example of not thinking through the steps from beginning to end. Like Ms Pelosi said “Let’s just get the bill passed to see what’s in it.” Or words to that effect.


    1. Carole: Yes, she did say something like that, and it’s coming to pass.

      I’m coming to the conclusion that the plan all along was to replace the private system with a totally government system. Problem is that nobody from Barry on down appears to have a clue as to how economics and business function. They wanted to get rid of the private plans of those 8 million people with private insurance. They wanted to get rid of these student policies.

      Problem is that they’re doing it chaotically. They are ideological, but they are not bright.


  2. I loved this SNL video. I also enjoyed seeing former President George W Bush and his wife on the Jay Leno show last night. Classy people.


    1. Laurie: Dang thing says that the person who initially uploaded the video did not make it available for Mexico. So…can’t see it, but folks above the border can, I imagine. Thanks anyway. Wish I could.


  3. There was just a little news clip about Kathleen Sebelius visiting someplace where there were “navigators” available to help people sign up. While she had stopped at a work station with a navigator logging on, the screen came up “website not available.”:)


  4. All work on implementing Obamacare, in 2012, was put on hold by David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager. They feared if the truth got out to the public about the ACA, Obama would never have been reelected. They knew then it would be a disaster.

    Obamacare was designed to financially destroy the middle class and to enrich the insurance industry.


    1. Andres: Can’t say I’m following you. The insurance industry would need a strong middle class to thrive, I would think.

      Here’s my take: The collectivist in the Oval Office and all the little collectivists he’s appointed since 2008, and the other collectivists his appointments have hired and appointed want socialized medicine. They want government to run the healthcare business because it’s “best for everybody” and “very fair.”

      They are zealots, and they are bumblers.


    1. Redshoes: I just found your comment in the spam file. Dunno why.

      Love the New Yorker cover. I wonder how many folks notice that Barry is using a phone from the 1980s.


  5. The U.S. has lost its foundation of hard work, initiative, and individualism. It’s Chumbolone Central.


        1. Red shoes: Good one. Thanks. I’ve been a big fan of Prager’s since I watched his television show in the 1990s when I lived in Houston. He is incredibly sharp. And yes, Barry is damaging the country. I have been saying for a long time that Barry is the worst U.S. president ever, hands down.


  6. Some food for thought …

    The healthcare insurance problems in the U.S. have long needed solutions and, until now, no one has had the guts to tackle them in any meaningful way.

    Any program this size is going to have a rocky start.

    The states with the worst roll-out problems are the ones where politicians wouldn’t cooperate to begin with and are now screaming the loudest about the inevitable results.

    The health insurance policies that are being discontinued are being discontinued because they don’t meet minimum standards. Policy holders who are finally reading the fine print on those discontinued policies are discovering that they didn’t cover much of anything. The naysayers, aided by the media, are whipping people into a frenzy about this without examination or explanation as to why the policies are disappearing. The insurance companies have been screwing over young, healthy people who are happy to buy cheap health insurance without checking to see whether they are protected if they actually get sick.

    And just FYI — I have family living in Mexico (full-time) and, after hearing stories from them and several of their friends about experiences with doctors there (and they love these doctors, by the way) if I got really sick in Mexico, I would be back in the US as fast as I could get there.

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


    1. LouLou: You’ll get no argument here that the U.S. healthcare system was/is in dire need of fixing. I will argue that ObamaCare is not a good fix.

      So far, it appears to be an abysmal fix.

      The best fix would have been to fix the private system.

      I am not well versed in the details of the U.S. healthcare system but, from what I have read, there are regulations, laws, even relaxing of some laws that would have gone a long way to improve it all while keeping it in the private sector, where things almost always are run better than government does them.

      Tying up and gagging malpractice lawyers would be nice too.

      Government runs few things well. Medicare payments are about 30 percent fraudulent. Social Security helps lots of folks, including me, but it’s scandalously wasteful. Means testing, among other things, should be applied. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security badly need reform. They bleed red ink on a daily basis, and the nation is sinking into the Red Sea. Only the Republicans mention that, and when they do the Democrats start screeching that the GOP wants to kill those programs, which is totally false. They do screech loudly and effectively, however.

      You say the canceling of policies is because they don’t meet minimum standards? Whose minimum standards? I prefer to decide my own minimum standard for health insurance. What ObamaCare seems to have in mind is kill all those narrower — but often satisfactory to the customers — policies and impose a big, all-embracing policy that everybody must have. Maternity care for everybody, for instance. Everybody.

      This, of course, will be expensive for all.

      I won’t even mention your boy Obama’s endless lying about people being able to keep their policies.

      Your relatives in Mexico and their friends have horror stories about Mexican doctors … yet they love them? I’ll have to mull on that for a while. I am perplexed at the contradiction.

      I’ve been getting superlative, affordable, medical and dental care down here for almost 14 years now. True, I use the more pricey private system, not the government system. But even the private system is affordable out of pocket, which is how I pay. I have no health insurance, and no Obama-esque regime forces me to buy it. I do know the Mexican government system can be dicey, depending on your location, but it serves most people well enough. There is no Utopia.

      There is no affliction or injury that would make me crazy enough to return to the United States for care. Making appointments weeks in advance. Sitting in crowded waiting rooms before going through the door to sit even longer in little cubbyholes waiting for the doctor who is racing back and forth between cubbyholes so he can pay his malpractice premiums. We have it so much nicer and better here.

      As for putting something in my pipe and smoking it, I gave up smoking long ago. And feel better for it.


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