Morning moon


The day dawned good, so off we went for our morning walk.

I noticed the spectacular moon of the last few nights is reluctant to go home at dawn. There it hangs between the tallest banana fronds.

November is usually the best month of the year here on the mountaintop. Normally, the rains have gone, leaving all green and blue and bright and cool.

This year, however, the rains, like the moon, are reluctant to go away, go home, go wherever they go, perhaps to a rainforest somewhere.

They are far lighter though. I think they are giving it up. One hopes.

Returning from the morning walk — six laps around the plaza — we sat on the terraza and peeled tangerines.

I don’t even remember what it was like to work for a living.

11 thoughts on “Morning moon

  1. Last winter I bought a new pair of Flexi suede shoes. I avoid wearing them during rainy season. They’re back on my feet again and I’ve put about 15 miles on them this week. Walking is a delight this time of year and great exercise, too.


  2. The moon has been marvelous here NOB too. Last Sunday, a photographer friend and I went to walk in the Lynn Woods in the late afternoon to take photos by the golden afternoon light. We scurried about trying to get one photo after another before the light changed. Alas, it became dark, and we had to walk back through the woods in the dark. But soon the moon rose, casting a beautiful silvery light over everything, lighting our way, and creating more photographic opportunities.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d love to be out shooting more moonlit scenes.


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