Cuba love

prisonAdmiration for the Cuban dictatorship thrives in some Collectivist circles.

Meanwhile, an American employee of the U.S. Agency for International Development has been in a Castro prison for four years.

His crime: helping a small Jewish community get internet access on the Communist island. He was sentenced to 15 years for that atrocity.

Collectivists often turn a blind eye to tyranny.

And you don’t want one in the White House.

12 thoughts on “Cuba love

  1. Is that the punch line? Of course we already DO have a tyrant in office for all intents and purposes. This administration will go down as the most corrupt in the dustbin in U.S. political history.

    The machinations this bozo commits counter to the very tenets of our democracy on a weekly basis are beyond incredible. And yet the population sleeps…



    1. Mark: I am constantly surprised that I have a higher opinion of Barry than other folks on the conservative side. I think “tyrant” is going way too far. Fidel is a tyrant. Stalin was a tyrant. Pre-Fidel Batista was a tyrant. (Cuba just can’t seem to win in the tyrant department.) Hitler was a tyrant, as was Mao. Alfredo Stroessner was a tyrant, and Somoza and Trujillo too. Let’s not overlook Idi Amin and the Duvaliers (Papa and son).

      Those old boys knew how to wield tyranny.

      To me, Barry is simply a poorly informed (specifically of history and human nature), self-absorbed idealist with a considerable streak of arrogance that at times, now that he’s president, reaches to a God complex. This, alas, combines with being in way over his head, which is what inspired the title of Edward Klein’s good book The Amateur.

      Barry is the worst U.S. president ever, due to the long-term damage he is causing. Part of the damage is ruling by edict, presidential degree, ignoring the law. I don’t think he does this trying to be a dictator. He sincerely thinks his way is the right way and best for all Americans, the proper and fair thing.

      He is mistaken, of course. It is the zealotry of the true believer, and it exists in Collectivists as powerfully as in Holy Rollers in the hollows of West Virginia.

      Affirmative Action put Barry into the Oval Office, pure and simple, which is ironic in that he is not even really a black dude. He is biracial and had a pretty privileged upbringing due to his white grandparents, certainly not due to his drunk daddy or his hippie mama.

      We’ve had other corrupt administrations. Warren Harding comes to mind. I doubt Barry is corrupt. Alas, the same cannot be said of others in his administration, but even then too often they simply are unprepared for their jobs, more amateurs.

      And yes, much of the population sleeps. And many are increasingly happy with their ballooning handouts. So many “disabled” people!

      Ugh all around.


      1. Not that I agree with you, but another scenario is that when the opposition has no viable candidate, and the previous administration left a shambles; are you going to give them another try?

        Those that vote party every year will do just that, and that is why we have a dictator here in the GWN. Have you been following what Supreme Commander Harper has been up to?


        1. Kris: I hope you’re not blaming the Republicans for the economic meltdown of 2008 because that myth simply ain’t so. The GOP was at fault. The Democrats were at fault. The entire nation was at fault. That mess was a joint effort.

          The crisis erupted into public view in October of 2008. It might just as well rumbled along unnoticed for three or so months more into the Obama administration. Then it would have been all Obama’s doing?

          You are quite correct in that the Republicans have put up lame candidates the last couple of times. With luck, they’ll do far better in 2016, for the nation’s sake.

          A dictator up in Canada? Have to confess I don’t pay much mind to Canadian politics, but from what I have read it seems Harper is doing a good job of turning around some of the Canadian socialism.

          Bully for him, I say! You’ll agree in the long run.


    1. Red Shoes: As I responded to Mark, I don’t think Barry is a tyrant. I don’t think he’s even up to it.

      But Collectivists are indeed talented in turning blind eyes to tyranny. Cuba is just one good example. That it’s so easy in 2013 to find starry-eyed people in the Free World looking lovingly at Cuba is amazing. It’s as if they have had lobotomies.


  2. Well, my friend, in the realm of tyrants, you have surely done your homework!
    However, I must respectfully disagree. Though he may be on the lighter side of the gray scale of tyranny, this president surely qualifies based upon his usurpation of powers, both overtly and more insidiously, covertly.
    Our legislative branch has been brought to its knees and rendered impotent over the years, and Buffoon Barry has taken Congress right out of the loop. He now rules by executive fiat, virtually bypassing Congress altogether.
    He directs his storm troopers to enforce laws he agrees with and to ignore laws which he doesn’t. Immigration is only one glaring and horrible example. Look at “Fast and Furious,” the IRS scandal, etc., for others.
    I will keep this pithy. But I can’t end without challenging your contention that this is simply an amateur in office. I only wish it were so. You are giving this ass an out. I believe he is fully in control of this chicanery that oozes from the oval office like putrid stench from an outhouse. He simply has no regard for anyone or any group that he perceives as an impediment to his plans: a socialist makeover for our country. He has learned well from his education. It is better to boil the veritable frog slowly lest he jump from the pan. Our country is now in boiling waters.


    1. Mark: I can’t argue with much of what you say. My somewhat slightly more benign view of the situation, I hope, is more accurate.

      But I could be wrong.

      By the way, I had previously added to my initial response to your first comment.


  3. Yeah, up here we actually “feel” the sting of this incompetent oaf! I recall being down there as an observer. The impact is so much more powerful up north when a buffoon such as this continues to unleash socialist policies intended to bring a once great country to it’s knees.

    Nuff said, amigo, viejo viejo amigo!


    1. Mark: If I’ve said it once I’ve said it three or four times, I live in a nation on the way up, and you live in one on the way down.

      Time to pack your bags and head south again. Or at least start saving cash to do so.


      1. If it weren’t for my lovely lass, I would surely be scouting towns once again, my friend. I assure you.


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