Pants and skivvies

I wear jeans. Always.

When I lived in Texas, where it swelters in summer, I was not much of a jeans man because jeans don’t breathe. They are hot pants, which is good when you live on a cool mountaintop in Mexico, as I do. But not in a Texas summer.

Whereas I’m 100 percent jeans below the border, I used to be 100 percent khaki above. Long in the workplace, of course, short outside in summer — khaki shorts. I had great legs back in those days. Feet too. A woman in an elevator once told me so.

jeansBut those things, like noses and ears, do not improve with age.

I long had trouble finding jeans in Mexico because I’m way taller than most Mexicans, but they can be found. Levi’s often are available in my size, but I don’t pay $45-$50 (U.S.) for pants.

Those prices seem overblown to a Mexican mind.

Mostly I buy Riders at WalMart. One odd thing about most jeans sold in Mexico is they label the waist size but not the length. Most are high-water on me.

Riders are the only non-length jeans that extend far enough. It’s close, but close enough. And they cost less than 25 bucks. Yahoo! That’s my ballpark.

Before moving over the Rio Bravo in those now-distant days, I was addicted to Hanes drawers. Boxer-briefs, they call them, which is a contradiction but the Mad Men can say whatever they wish to sell stuff.

When we visited Texas regularly, something we’ve not done since 2008, I always brought back a nice supply of Hanes boxer-briefs. But God knows when we’ll next be in the United States (something that interests my child bride far more than it interests me), so I’ve branched out into new skivvy territory.

Fruit of the Loom.

They’re just as good. One shouldn’t get too goofy about underwear.

Nobody much sees them anyway. Just so they don’t ride up.

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  1. Soon Amazon is going to be selling in bulk a la Costco but on the interweb. Costco sells Hanes in bulk but Hanes knit skivs tend to shrink.


    1. Carole: I wish Costco down here sold Hanes, but it does not. I don’t recall that Hanes drawers are particularly bad for shrinking.

      As a test, I recently ordered some pocket t-shirts from Lands’ End and had them shipped to me. I wanted to see what the final cost would be after shipping and import taxes. I was shocked to discover that the price about doubled. I won’t be doing that again.

      I wonder why Lands’ End puts the apostrophe after the s, not before it. Doesn’t seem to make sense, but that’s what they do.


      1. The plural of Land in Lands’ End got to me just the other day, too. I had to go and look it up to be sure. I’d assumed that the company was referring to the ends of multiple lands, possibly a reference to sourcing merchandise from hither and yon. But nope. It turned out that the company was named after a sailboat company, Land’s End, but a typo in the promotional materials placed the apostrophe incorrectly, and the owners couldn’t afford the expense of changing it.


    1. Christine: And you’re a Californian, which also speaks volumes, but no matter.

      Actually, I am not a Texan, but I spent my final 15 years as a Gringo working in Houston. I was born in Atlanta but only stayed there a few months. From Atlanta to a farm in southwest Georgia till age 7. Then 10 years in Jacksonville, Florida. Then here and there till age 20 when I landed in New Orleans where I spent most of the next 18 years, with a couple of middle years off to live in Puerto Rico.

      Moved to Texas when I was 39. Left when I was 55.

      Basically, I am a Southern Cracker.

      Think Faulkner and Tennessee Williams. But with a lazy streak.


      1. Well, my father’s family goes way back in Los Angeles. (The family legend is that my great-grandfather built the first brick building there. A silly thing to do in earthquake country.) But my mother’s family goes way back in Connecticut and Rhode Island. (Descended from the “Swamp Yankees” who ran into the swamp when they heard the Red Coats were coming.) Despite coming from opposite coasts, all of my relatives, now firmly settled in Southern California, are Republicans. Most love Limbaugh.
        I, as you have guessed, am the outlier. Which is why I moved up here, a little north of San Francisco, where I would be safe.


        1. I voted Democrat until 2008. But, like others, I did not abandon the Democratic Party. It abandoned me by going over to the dark side. No racial pun intended. They simply nominated a radical, anti-American socialist.


  2. I, unfortunately, am the perfect specimen of what happens when a person goes mad over underwear. Back in the golden 1980s, I took a trip to Canada. Maybe for the World’s Fair. In The Bay (the department store, not the body of water), I discovered some English-made boxers. The combed cotton was soft, and there was cloth covering the elastic waistband. They were practically perfect in every way.

    Of course, they wore out before I did. And I was almost bereft until I discovered a similar product for sale at Costco. Made by Hanes.

    Alas, all romances come to an end. Costco stopped selling them. Hanes stopped making them. The few I have left look as they could be the property of a hobo — or a Hollywood celebrity (the distinction is hard to make).

    That cloth-covered elastic would be perfect here in the tropics. But I seem to be destined to start purchasing Mexican bare elastic drawers. Come to think of it, though, I am a beach bum. Who needs underwear?


    1. Steve: I urge you to ditch underwear. Put on cotton shorts, and be done with it. Of course, another option is to abandon the beach. That would be the smart thing to do, I think.


  3. 2xist are awesome undies. Next are Merona undies and jocky. All after that are just not good at all. FoL are no good for undies, only for under shirts


  4. Fruit of the Loom has big manufacturing sites in Honduras. Check your tag. I wear Jeans almost exclusively, When I was only four, I cried and cried to be allowed to wear jeans, and jeans only. Of course, schools in those days made little girls wear skirts and dresses. I still love jeans and of course, girly ankle boots. I wear jeans about 99% of the time.


  5. In my opinion, Abercrombie and Fitch boxers take the cake. The fabric is 100% cotton, tightly woven, and very smooth and supple. The normal price is $18 a piece, which is steep, but if you buy them on clearance (which is easy to do), you can get them for $9 or $10 each, and they last a LONG time. Some of them can also be had in fun colors and patterns. I’ve got a few polka dot ones, and some with mooses printed all over them.

    Unfortunately, I’m the only one who gets to see them these days.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we can’t believe what intimate details of our life we are now posting online for the other 6,999,999,999 to read.


  6. The best way NOT to get too goofy about underwear is, just don’t wear any! 🙂 Haha! Don’t wear jeans anymore either. Maybe it’s where I live NOB, but to me jeans feel hot in the summer and cold in the winter.


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