Black crisis

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That there is a cultural crisis in much of the black population is clear.

The illegitimate-birth rate was far lower in the early 20th century than the current, stunning 70-plus percent. There were more stable, two-parent, black families.

These are not well-known facts.

Segregation was dreadful, but apparently separating blacks and whites did something, forcing a self-reliance upon black families, a self-reliance that has now widely collapsed.

A broad, national unraveling was born in the 1960s, the decade that started America’s downfall, a downfall that continues to this day.

Good and bad legislation came out of the 1960s. Blacks won legal rights, which was good. The “War on Poverty” was begun, which was bad. It put a significant portion of the black population on the government tit. Worse, it created a mindset.

(The poverty rate today is about what it was in the 1960s. In short, the War on Poverty, like the War on Drugs, has been a costly, miserable flop.)

That mindset continues today. You done us wrong, so you owe us a living. It is not universal, of course, but it’s sufficiently widespread to cause serious societal problems.

Black race hustlers, the best known being Al Sharpton, fan the flames of resentment, and they are assisted by silly, guilt-ridden white people.

These same silly white people are those who genuflect and bow to diversity and multiculturalism, which are destructive, divisive ideas in any nation.

I found the photo on the internet. Is it legit? I don’t know. It could be a joke. But what is definitely not a joke is that it could be legit. Easily.

We are in serious trouble.

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