Fog of winter


WE HEAR it’s pretty dang cold above the Rio Bravo.

Here on our Mexican mountaintop, things are mostly following the blueprint. Quite cool to cold in the mornings, then getting mild and sunny later in the day.

Sometimes mornings bring fog, as you see in the photo.

What’s odd this January is Birds of Paradise are in bloom, and Red Hot Pokers too. We rarely see that. Must be global warming. I’m neutral on the global warming dispute, not being a scientist, but did you catch the incredible irony of that research ship that was caught in the Antarctic ice recently? Its mission: study global warming.

Most of the news media chose not to report that point. It damaged their worldview.

What you don’t see in the photo is that our monster bougainvillea has lost most of its leaves and flowers. I’ll get Abel, the deadpan yardman, to take this opportunity to whack it back in a week or two. I have clippers, but he will prefer a machete.

It’s also time for house repairs. Our currently favorite albañil (guy who builds and repairs) will come by tomorrow morning to give us prices. There will be some waterproofing paint, some reconnection of clay ceiling tiles, some reconnection and grouting of ceramic floor tiles, stuff like that. Then we’ll be good as new, almost.

Other things on the to-do list: Tax forms and renewing my child bride’s U.S. visa.

8 thoughts on “Fog of winter

    1. Mike: Yep, gotta do it. It’s a pain in the kazoo, but she loves to visit Gringolandia. When will we visit? Hopefully, not before the Age of Obama is over. So, not before 2017.


  1. Summer has never abandoned us here on the shore of the Pacific. Usually, our winters offer a bit of respite from temperatures and humidity that rival each other in their race to the top. A bit of your fog would be nice. Of course, when we get fog it is merely because there is too much moisture in the air. And that is seldom a comfortable sign.


  2. “Deadpan yardman” LOL… I think you need to work that into a limerick.

    As for “danged cold north of the Rio Bravo,” that doesn’t begin to describe it. I think we’ve had one day out of the last ten or so that got warmer than the low 20’s.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d love to see some cool fog.


    1. Kim: I’ve never lived in snow in my life, if you don’t count the winter of 1962-63 in Rantoul, Illinois, when I was in an Air Force tech school for about two months. Froze my butt off. Nice to look at on a Christmas card. Not so much for living. You should move to Mexico.


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