The Cocktail Party

COLLECTIVISTS ARE boozers, and conservatives are sober.


This has been confirmed by a recently released “exhaustive study” at Duquesne University.

If you doubt the results of this study, you need only look at me. For decades I drank to excess, and during that time I always voted for Democrats. I quit imbibing in 1996, and I have not voted for a Democrat since.

Direct correlation.

It’s fascinating when exhaustive studies are confirmed by one’s personal experience.

The study results make sense, of course. A sober person cannot be a utopian, and the collectivist world view is utopian, which is why it always fails.

* * * *

(Note: The photo is Ole Felipe, a shot taken by an ex-wife prior to 1996. Okay, perhaps I’m making that up.)

16 thoughts on “The Cocktail Party

  1. I decided to be a Republican when I was in the sixth grade. That was a radical choice for a girl in the Deep South. Now? I vote my conscience, where justice and compassion are found, either side of the aisle. I drank more when I was a die-hard Republican, including my teen years. Churchill and I are like in this respect: we vote and change parties as needed, and we don’t mind a stiff drink when necessary.


  2. There are too many boozers in both parties, including the Speaker of the House. Boozers tend to be totalitarian. Non-boozers tend to have better BS detectors.


  3. Félipe,
    Other than alcohol, which we’ve both abused in the past, there are other paths. You’ve talked about your psychedelic experiences. Was that before or after your conversion to conservatism? I would think (at least in my experience) that experience precludes the possibility of BS — at least that was my experience.


    Sitting on the Landslide


    1. Lorenzo: My swimming in the psychedelic seas occurred before my conservative awakening. Perhaps there was a connection. I do not know. You say those experiences preclude the possibility of BS. Maybe that’s why I abandoned the Democratic Party.

      As for abusing booze, I am not sure I would phrase it as abuse. I simply drank every evening of my life, and sometimes in the afternoon. It was constant. I was never a falling-down drunk, nothing like that. But alcohol affects your life if you do it daily, even when not to noticeable excess.


  4. Félipe,
    Just reading other post … you have neither sin nor flaw? That pretty much tops any other self-worth claims I’ve seen in years or following your posts. I doubt that your wife would agree to the no flaws and I strongly suspect your previous families and/or employers would not agree on the sin part. Of course that all depends on your definition of sin or flaw.


    Still sitting on the landslide


    1. Larry: (Are you Larry or Lorenzo? I kinda like Lorenzo. It gives the Moon a European flair.) Your tongue-in-cheek meter is flawed. When I mentioned my lack of sin and flaw, I was being cheeky.

      If you were to ask my child bride if I have flaws, she was say no. She would think otherwise, but that is what she would say because she is Mexican. As for sin, that can be a subjective concept, as you note.


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