Pause for Mexico


LET’S TAKE a brief break from tossing darts at America’s politics, its unraveling society, Barry Obama and diminishing liberties. It’s time to gloat because I live down here, and you do not, or probably not because most Moon fans* live above the Rio Bravo.

Life here is good. It is not dangerous — fraught with peril — as many would have you think. It is peaceful, fun, colorful and inexpensive.

Let’s take yesterday, for example. Our young nephew, age 10, had spent the night with us. He has no bathtub where he lives, just a shower stall, and he loves filling our huge tub with hot water, getting in and hooting and hollering for about an hour.

He does this on the evening he arrives. He does it again the following morning. If he spends another night, that means two more sessions in what amounts to his swimming hole.

And we always eat waffles in the morning when he’s here. He and I are big waffle fans.

But let’s get back to yesterday. It was a sunny Sunday with cool temps. We drove downtown to eat lunch on the big plaza, a sidewalk table like in Paris. But people weren’t speaking French. They spoke Spanish. There were lots of Mexican tourists.

We dropped the kid off with his mama, and my child bride and I crossed the plaza and found a sidewalk table at this good restaurant. We both ordered arrachera, medium-rare. It came with guacamole, beans and warm tortillas.

I took the photo at the top just for you.

* * * *

*And I love you. Never think otherwise.

34 thoughts on “Pause for Mexico

  1. Your nephew sounds like my 10-year-old grandson and the 12-year-old too. Whether it is a bathtub, swimming pool, lake, pond or creek, they will not get out of any kind of “water hole” until you tell them they have to. AND they do have a bathtub in their home.

    We love you too, and I really appreciate you taking a break from tossing darts. You DO have a lot to gloat about!! 😉

    P.S. Wish I could be in that picture at the top and NOT here where we could get 10 inches of snow tomorrow.


  2. Arrachera can be very good, but having had steak last Tuesday at the Parrilla y Canilla Restaurant in Morelia, yesterday we joined 4 friends at our favorite Pollos Asados al Carbón place, along the you know where highway. It was as great as ever, and we even had a couple of pieces to take home.

    Earlier, we had visited the Feria Alternativa, which in its new location is more attractive than ever. We didn’t eat anything there, although some stands had good looking items. I did drink an artisanal beer ( a home brew) and bought some “natural Queso” from friends.

    Don Cuevas


  3. It appears the young vaquero and I share the same love for water. But I have no tub here on the coast — where I could put it to good service. And I have no uncle — all of whom are now napping in the breast of Abraham. Instead, I will take a quick shower and head off to celebrate the Constitution of 1917 as my conscience dictates.


  4. I’m going to second Cat’s comments, and add this. Wow! There are women sitting outside in February wearing only camisoles! It’s gotta be a lot warmer there than you generally let on.

    Meanwhile, here I just cleared 3″ of snow, and am looking forward to the formation of ice overnight.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re trying not to complain TOO much about the weather as folks in the upper Midwest have it much worse.


    1. Kim, I think for the most part, your weather has been much worse than ours. What is really killing me is being in the low 60s on a Sunday and going to 5 the Monday after with wind chills between –20 and –30. I am so over this winter!! 😦


      1. Yeah, that’s gotta be a pretty nightmarish temperature drop! We’ve got another 10″ of snow on the way here, LOL… Stay warm!


    2. Kim: Winter here can be unpredictable. Before we went to Mérida, it was colder than now. It’s been mild lately, which is great. More often than not, overnight freezes in winter are common. Then, starting in March, it backs off. One recent winter, I think it was last year (my mind wanders), it did not freeze at all. Then March arrived, and whammy! Froze a couple or three times, killing yard plants just when I thought we had it made that year. All of which is to say that some winters are brutal (at night), some much less so. So far this is turning out to be kind of mild, but it’s early yet. Plenty of time left to zap us.

      But overnight freeze or not, it always gets lovely in the afternoon, which is why those ladies in the photo are not wearing coats.


  5. I write from Deep East Texas and have always had a snobbish opinion of anybody who lives above the Mason-Dixon line. I thought, “Who the heck would live there and put up with that weather.” It just dawned on me that people who live where you live are wondering the same thing about me.


    1. Not to mention that you have to put up with sweltering heat and humidity in the summer, while summer in Boston is very pleasant, always cools off at night, and seldom gets over 86-87°. Saludos!


    2. Good one, Sue. From my perspective, I get to be snobbish about folks both above the Rio Bravo and then again about folks above the Mason-Dixon line. We are both right.


  6. “Life here is good. It is not dangerous — fraught with peril — as many would have you think. It is peaceful, fun, colorful and inexpensive”

    The truth of the matter is Mexico is NOT safe and it can be fraught with perils – especially for foreigners. I plan on a few Blog entries to elaborate, but for the moment I can only disagree with your warm and fuzzy characterization. This is not to say there are not wonderful aspects within the calculated risks. I am not leaving Mexico any time soon.


    1. Señor Calypso: Did you have an unpleasant experience lately? This does not sound like you.

      There is no perfect place, of course, but I firmly stick with my contention that one is safer in Mexico than in the U.S., and many statistics back me up. There are places to avoid, however, just like there are places to avoid in the U.S. Gotta be smart both here and there.

      Mexico City is safer than Washington D.C., and going to New Orleans is putting your life in peril.

      As for your plan to write blog posts on the dangers of Mexico, I suggest you forget that. We get enough bad press as it is, mostly overblown.


      1. “I suggest you forget that. We get enough bad press as it is, mostly overblown.”

        I guarntee my exceptions will not be over-blown. Just the facts and nothing but…. And no we have been very careful and lucky to have avoided that which many have not.


  7. Wow… this is way off subject, but does my computer screen have a problem or did your page just turn a cool looking salmon color? 🙂


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