The believer


I BELIEVE in the power of positive thinking, prayer, and child brides.

Most nights, after the lights go out, I repeat: Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God.  Many times over. Then I slip into slumber.

While I subscribe to none of the God myths that run rampant across the globe, I know something is out there … or in here. Everywhere, actually. Something absolutely beyond the comprehension of people using their normal minds.

I do believe this God can be experienced. Mystics sometimes do it. It can be done with plants and herbs if you know how to use them.

Believing in God, as everyone from Southern Baptists to Buddhist monks can attest, will improve your daily life, make you feel better, make you healthier, perhaps even lengthen your time on this fascinating planet.

Which is where child brides come in. It’s good to live with the daily viewpoint of the next generation. It is refreshing and often surprising, always sweet. A gift from that God, wherever she is. Yes, God is a goddess at heart, more female than male.

Which is what makes her manifestations so endlessly tumultuous.

17 thoughts on “The believer

  1. As I age I am more and more awed by the nature of things and whether the master architect of how things came together to make the world I live in “exists.” I am more appreciative of every day that is a good day and less resentful of things that don’t work out as I would like. Somehow this puzzle that is earth and sea and sky functions in harmony … for the most part, and it is a marvel to me.


      1. Pinky! Long time, no hear. My child bride is almost of a generation past, if you define a generation as 20 years. Some define it as 30 or, Biblically, far longer. I tend toward the 20-year definition, so my child bride falls four years short of being a previous generation … from me.


  2. Felipe,
    What with birth control and years of what is called “education” generations are getting longer … but I digress.

    I would consider myself of our generation, my mother of the previous generation and my daughter of the next generation. But I quibble.


    1. Don Cuevas: And it’s too late to change that. No matter. You scored pretty good, in my opinion.

      Translation (which has become standard with Don Cuevas’ feedback): Estoy de acuerdo contigo means I agree with you.


  3. Positive thinking I agree wholeheartedly with. Prayer, my daughter the minister does that far better than I, so I don’t do prayer. The Christians being fed to the lions tried that. Didn’t work well for them. Child brides are a good thing, I had one, I lost mine. I believe we all get one true love in our lifetime. All the rest just add on to our lives, or lead up to the person we were meant to be with. Life’s processes.


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