Nine glorious years

WAKING SOME moments during last night’s moonlight, it hit me that I had been writing this stuff for nine years. Amazing.

When you don’t have a job, it’s a good way to give yourself one, even if the salary is nonexistent. And if you live on a mountaintop in the middle of Mexico, it’s a good way to interact with people. I interact with people better online than I do in person, but that’s another issue. In another era, I might have been institutionalized.

NineSo I started just five years after moving south, and now I’ve been down here 14 years. After moving over the Rio Bravo, I spent two years wife-hunting, and that turned out spectacularly well. Then there was almost a year building the Hacienda and getting settled in.

I chilled out about two years more until I noticed and got started. My first website was called a variety of names similar to The Zapata Tales until I settled on The Zapata Tales. People thought I was really nice, and said so.

A lot. They were charmed.

But I always had a bleak side, and it finally came out when I started a second website calledThe Bierce Account. I used The Bierce Account*  to do grimmer stuff. It was fun. The two websites were a split personality.

The Bierce Account could be about anything, but The Zapata Tales was about my life in Mexico. By 2011, I was weary with writing about my life in Mexico because I had been here quite a spell, and the newness had worn off. It was time for new adventures.

I deleted The Bierce Account entirely, and I took The Zapata Tales offline. It’s still floating out there, hidden. And I started this thing that you are reading, The Unseen Moon, which is fact, fiction and opinion stirred in an odd pot.

I prefer the fiction posts** by far, but they don’t come to me so often, so I’m stuck more with fact and opinion. Some people agree with my sharp opinions. Some do not, and get angry. I wish they wouldn’t, but it’s today’s world. Everybody’s in such a dither.

Often I feel I’ve run out of stuff to write, but a few days pass and something shows up. It likely will continue until I die, or somewhere near that date.

For the 10th anniversary next year, maybe I’ll throw a party. Bring gifts.

* * * *

* Named after the notoriously cranky, Gringo writer Ambroise Bierce who vanished in Mexico during the 1910 Revolution.

** Examples abound in The Pearls of Zapata.

29 thoughts on “Nine glorious years

  1. Started blogging 8 years ago. I have been following along here for at least that long. Seldom lacks being entertaining. I agree that having blog “friends” is convenient and by far better than face-to-face stuff. You learn more about people, I think.


  2. It’s interesting how time flies. I miss the Zapata Tales, and I think it’s a pity you took it entirely off line. I’ve often thought that it would have made a good book.

    I must have discovered your blog pretty early on. I became fascinated by Mexico in 2005, and I must have discovered your blog that year or in early ’06, as we met in January of 2007. God only knows how many comments I’ve made. Via Disqus, I’ve made (elsewhere) 1551 comments. And I’ve only had a Disqus account for a couple years or so.

    Saludos, and happy blogging

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are continually astonished that people want to read our own blog.


    1. Kim: We have long been fellow travelers.

      As for your blog, it’s excellent, which is why you became so popular so quickly. I think your lengthy commenting history made things happen faster than they would have otherwise.

      Now, for Pete’s sake, go get a good avatar for your Gravatar account so you will look snazzy in your constant comments.


      1. Patzman: You two are not the first to have made that suggestion, but I was then — and continue to be — far too lazy to make the effort. But thanks for thinking such positive thoughts.


        1. “On Mexican Time” about SMA did quite well, I think. But, of course, you would change the name of the town and the state.


  3. A 10th anniversary party would be nice. And because I am far more entertaining in person, I will climb into my Escape and bring my gift in person — that will, of course, be me: in person. If all goes well, I will make the trip. Party or no.

    Thanks for letting us ride the roller coaster. It is a spiffy ride.


    1. Steve: You are engaging in person and online just about equally, which is a lot.

      If you do make it back this way, you will find the casita much improved, to put it mildly. Many changes, all positive.


      1. I don’t blog. However I have replaced most of my newspaper time with blog time. I’ve read yours for many years. All of them. In fact I read the blogs of many of those commenting. Don’t stop the music.


  4. Enjoy your words very much. Been around here for six years or so. Miss the Bierce Account. I like edgy stuff. Keep it up, Young Sir. At least till Missus Pantsuits wins the next go around. That’s going to interesting reading for sure. I wish you well.


    1. Thanks for the support, Bob. You’re almost a perfect man.

      Your support for Barry is your primary flaw, but I forgive you for it because you are Canadian, and can do no electoral damage in the United States.

      Missus Pantsuits ain’t gotta chance to be president. Mark my word.


      1. That would be President in capitals, or maybe Presidentus. I see that’s not a word, underlined in red it is. Okay, whatever a female president is, she will be that. The Old Boys Club is in tatters, me thinks. Jeb Bush won’t run, Gov. Christy got mucked up crossing a bridge not wide enough. There’s just too much backtracking for the Republicans to make a decent show. Now, after Mrs. Pantsuits, yes, then a change will happen.


  5. Thanks for explaining the lineage back to The Zapata Tales — I used to follow there pretty regularly, and while I thought I recognized you here, wasn’t quite sure. I’m curious why the old material is hidden away or deleted — such a fine body of work. Seems deserving of exposure to new readers and their appreciation. I certainly appreciated the experience.

    In any event — glad I found you here through a link from another blogger.


    1. Hi again, Stan. See what happens when you look the other way, even for a moment. I vanish.

      I took The Zapata Tales offline because my wife’s sister and nephew are getting more computer savvy. The kid’s getting older, of course. She did not even own a a computer when I wrote The Tales. Now she does. There are posts on the Tales that would bother her, upset her, anger her because I used to write far more of my Mexican family, a conflicted bunch, to put it mildly. She is very touchy.

      Plus, there are photos of my wife and I, something I rarely show here, preferring more anonymity. I don’t even mention where in Mexico I am anymore. If anyone does in the comments, I edit it out.

      So, times change. But thank you very much for the compliment.

      Don’t look the other way again! I move fast.


      1. This seems like a fine example of putting the sensibilities of others and an appreciation for discretion ahead of what for most folks might be a nearly irresitable urge to continue reaping the rewards (in the form of continued and expanding readership) of producing so many well-crafted musings. Kudos, and thanks for the explanation.


        1. Stan: While I would like to feel noble, I did it as much to protect myself as sensibilities for others. It was about 50-50.

          Not sure why your comment went to the moderation line. It should not have.


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