Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

(If you tend toward attacks of the vapors, best not watch the video. Really.)

BUT IF YOU’RE made of harder stuff and possess a streak of adventure, let’s move on. Grab your fur-lined handcuffs, leather hood and straps.

This video with a chirpy little coed aims to make you feel all right about sadism, masochism and bondage. Her Valley Girl manner of speech is like fingernails across a blackboard.

I have no problem with BDSM, as it is known to the cognoscenti, because I have no problem with whatever consenting adults do to one another under the covers … or hanging from a roof beam … or trussed over a barrel and gagged.

What is appalling about this video, and it’s one of a series, is its connection to Planned Parenthood, which receives annually over $500 million in government grants. Your tax money at work, amigos. Did anybody ask if that’s okay with you?

I always thought Planned Parenthood dedicated itself to birth-control advice and — if that advice was not followed — offering safe abortions. Well, safe for mama.

But no. They also teach how to use fur-lined handcuffs.

Why do you need instructions for that? Just snap them closed around each of your victim’s partner’s wrists. Start spanking or grab a whip. It’s easy.

* * * *

(Note: For more information brought to you by Planned Parenthood, and to hear more screeching from that girl, Laci Green, don’t miss A Naked Notion.)

15 thoughts on “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

  1. Tried to watch, could not stomach the Laci creature, (she was spoiling my morning coffee), so shut it off.

    Seeing as someone there thought Laci was a good choice for a spokesman for their organization I am not sure there is any point in discussing anything else about this.


    1. Brenda: I too only made it partially through her spiel. Obviously, she was chosen due to someone’s thinking that her manner would appeal to modern youth, and I imagine that supposition is correct.

      So what we’re seeing here is the future hope of America. And the dreadful use of tax money.

      Good time to live in Mexico, I say.


  2. Couldn’t make it through the whole spiel. Well, Young Sir, you definitely cover all the spectrums here on the Wonderful World of Felipe.

    So, now can we go back to bear baiting, Repubs vs. the Demmies, how Madam Pantsuits is going to ruin the economy and send all America into a tizzy when she’s the first woman president of the good ole U.S. of A, and accepts her position (all done in blackface, of course) on the prestigious steps of wherever they do that? Of course, Mr. Bill will play Hail to the Chief on his saxophone. What a show it will be. Shall I order the mink-covered handcuffs? Do you have a preference of color?


  3. Couldn’t watch the thing more than about 30 seconds. What a bunch of BS our tax dollars are supporting. It seems that the last decade the folks have all been working at messaging that weird stuff and lifestyles are normal. What was once odd behavior must now be made acceptable by all so that no one “feels” different or offended. It is interesting to see how little by little agendas are forced on people instead of just settling for allowing people to accept that people can be different and enjoy whatever they desire on their own.

    Now I have all these things shoved down my gullet, and if I object I am immediately labeled intolerant or bigoted.

    Little by little, they will achieve murder, rape and other behavior normal, by the desensitizing of America.

    Another reason to embrace Mexico where there is still some basic morals.


  4. Yes I did, and I apologise for that. I am not myself, it is Sunday, it is snowing. I’ve been up since 5 this morning, reading Ribs for a Granddaughters Birthday. My house is about to be invaded by hungry hordes, both large and small, and I have no escape route.

    Did you read the post from “Generation Y” this morning? Supports your theories well.


  5. I did watch the whole thing. I also glanced at whole site and looked up the Mission statement:
    “To provide, promote, and protect access to reproductive health care and sexuality education so that all people can make voluntary choices about their reproductive and sexual health.”

    As the mother of teenagers, I am grateful for an organization that is producing sex education in an acceptable way to this next generation.

    Frankly, thanks to you for letting me know this site exists. I will use it as a parenting resource for talking to my kids. There are tough topics that are hard to talk to kids about – BDSM being one of them for sure!

    Take another look with an open mind. Take it from me – there are very few resources that teenagers have for good, accurate, reliable and safe information. Way prefer they are here than porn site.


    1. Ms. Mommy: It seems you missed my core complaint. This is, at least in part, financed with federal tax funds, and I think that is dead wrong. If you, or any parent, wish to get into bondage and sadomasochism with your little tykes, feel free. Or any other aspect of doin’ it. Makes me no never mind, so to speak.

      But lots of folks strenuously disagree, and their tax bucks should not go into this. This is not the place for government. This is a family matter or, at best, private enterprise. Not the government’s business.


      1. Look at the site – there is tons of important educational information about STDs, birth control, etc. Education is the most effective prevention of unwanted pregnancies, avoidance of sexual predators, STDs, etc.

        Planned Parenthood uses its funding for lots of services. For example, the annual report showed it provided STD treatment and testing for 4.5 million people and cancer screening and prevention services for 1.3 million people. 45% of Planned Parenthood funding is from government.

        I cannot educate my child without information. More importantly, as a woman, I also need information for myself. And the teenagers who cannot talk to their parents need a place for trusted information. Where exactly do you think this information comes from? Doctors – they do not have time. Schools – they will not not teach sex ed because of religious right. Churches – not likely. Books at library – maybe but libraries are publicly funded so government money would be paying for the books I check out. Buy materials and books – maybe but many Americans just cannot afford the costs of the books – I could but many others cannot. Those who cannot afford books are very ones who need the education to avoid abortions, pregnancies, etc. And teenagers would not have the means to buy the materials either.

        Would it be more acceptable if Planned Parenthood just used the same money and put the sex ed information in a pamphlet that the tech generation will not read? Sex Ed is important and it should be funded by the government -preferably in schools but that is a whole other topic.

        We will agree to disagree on this one. Education is the most important tool we have and thank goodness Planned Parenthood is looking for inexpensive communication methods. Yes a video on the internet is very cost effective way for educating millions of people.


        1. Ms. Mommy: I think Planned Parenthood provides some great services and information. On that we agree. But when tax money gets into the mix, some discrimination on how it is used is called for. Some things should stay in the family and/or in the private sector.


  6. Last comment. I think there is a generation gap(s) situation here. I am in the “between generation” of parents. We are parenting kids who were born into the information age. And I was not – I became an adult as the information age surfaced. Kids, tweeners and teenagers have information everywhere. Electronic communications and access to literally everything you can imagine on the internet for teenagers is a tremendous parenting challenge. Your generation cannot possibly comprehend how very difficult this new parenting paradigm can be (no insult intended.)

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to control what teenagers access in cyberspace. Our parents dealt with kids looking at a playboy issue or sneaking behind the X-rated theater. My teenage son could easily go to porn sites with disturbing videos and images anytime. I can put controls on his devices but I cannot control his friends or other internet sources. And young minds are cognitively not ready to understand what they see is not real and can be dangerous even. You and I can.

    It was easy to teach how to say please and thank you. And we started as soon as they could mumble a sound. Parenting now means I have to teach texting & email etiquette, how to not bully or not be a victim on social networks that allow anonymous interaction (these are the worst), how to not respond to the predators that lurk on at the online chat places and on and on …

    So back to the topic at hand. The educational value of the inexpensive videos at A Naked Notion is huge. Prevention is the key. Prevent unwanted pregnancies, STDs, abuse, etc.

    Today’s world is a scary place on the internet. So yes I will happily spend my tax dollars (which is probably less than $20K) on A Naked Notion.

    A “sound bite” review of this site is unfair. Read all the posts. Pick out the ones that teach really important information and write blog on that. The BDSM choice may or may not have been a good one but condemning the whole notion (pun intended) is narrow minded.

    Well – I should have lots of Good Karma with my volume of comments 🙂


    1. Ms. Mommy: I sure would not want to be a parent these days, truly.

      You sound like you are doing the best you can, and I send you kudos for that. The world has changed immensely in my lifetime, and much has not been for the better, I fear.

      Comments are appreciated, and yours are good ones.


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