Dream, dream, dream


A DREAM LIST for you:

1. Outlawing guns will reduce violence. There is no evidence of this. The old saw, If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns, is absolutely true. Look at Mexico.

2. Outlawing drugs will reduce drug use. After 40 years of the “War on Drugs,” any half-witted teenager can get narcotics easily, usually just a few blocks away. Look around you.

3. The War on Poverty was/is good. After 50 years of this war, the U.S. poverty rate is virtually unchanged. Giving money to poor people is a waste of cash and makes them dependent. Poverty’s roots often are psychological, not monetary. This is especially true in the Developed World.

4. Diversity is good. Fact is that nations in which diverse races, religions and cultures rub shoulders are usually plagued by discord, violence and murder. Don’t promote multiculturalism if you want to live in peace. Nations are built on uniformity.

Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

— George Santayana

In the list above, No. 2 is a conservative dream. The other three are collectivist dreams. Generally, collectivists are greater dreamers than conservatives.

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The Everly Brothers accent this point.

10 thoughts on “Dream, dream, dream

  1. Almost anything that includes the phrase “war on” is doomed to be a failed program. Having said that, I do believe that poverty programs can be reformed to build in the incentives that will meet their ultimate goal: to let people share in the noble art of working. I have read several recent proposals that are great improvements on the current system that dis-incentivizes work. It is one of those projects that both parties should be able to support. But won’t.


  2. In many ways American culture is a mirror of the Roman Empire, giving out cheap food and entertainment, “bread and circuses” to the population in exchange for votes. We have our food stamps, TV, movies, NBA and NFL. This permits a policy of guns and butter and reduces civil unrest.

    Keep in mind, we are bringing diversity to Mexico, one expat at a time.


    1. Andres: A visit to the Gringo-infested city of San Miguel de Allende illustrates beautifully how a local culture is corrupted by “outside influences,” if you will.

      But they do have some great restaurants … in which few of the natives can afford to eat.


  3. 1) Outlawing guns has an effect here in the upper North, but we have a smaller populous. Does that make a difference? Possibly, but the U.S. has a culture of guns that we don`t have. We hug more.

    2) Outlawing drugs will never work. I really never understood the drug culture in the first place. So we agree.

    3) The war on poverty: Raising minimum wages is a good thing, but then the prices for buyable products increases proportionally, so it`s difficult to judge the gain. Educating the young in ways where they can actually get work in areas that are needed, e.g. trades, has helped here in Canada. Women in trades has defiantly been a good step in the right direction and has helped many single moms who have been on the dole and are now on the right track.

    4) Diversity: It works here, there isn`t much discord that I know of. There are ripples, but we have ripples of discontent amongst our own so the balance is equitable. The City of Vancouver has, for example, restaurants of every ethnic group you can imagine and people from every corner of the world. For example, I grew up in Steveston, and the majority of people there were Japanese. The Chinese invasion started here when Hong Kong was taken over by the Chinese Mainland. That has caused some problems I believe, but are being overcome.

    The Everly Brothers was a nice touch, brought back great memories. My Favorite singer was, and is, Ray Price.


    1. Speak of the Devil, Señor Peterson. I was just down in the yard raking leaves, and I thought: I betcha I will hear out of Bob today.

      1. Outlawing guns in Canada has an effect, of course. I’m not sure what it is, and I don’t think you really do either. You are right, of course, that the American culture is quite different than that of you strip of English-speakers huddled just above our northern border, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, for security and protection from the world’s bad guys.

      2. We are of one mind on outlawing drugs. A gold star on your forehead.

      3. Raising the minimum wage sounds good, and it is for some people. It also has negative effects like suppressing hiring, hiring part-timers, raising prices, etc. So you are right again. It’s difficult to judge the gain. It really is a mixed bag. But the American dreamy obsession with “fighting poverty” that began in the administration of LBJ and continues today in many different programs are, almost always, a complete waste of money and, worse, counterproductive. It’s a total dream.

      4. Diversity works there? Hold on a sec while I quit howling with laughter. The Frenchies would kick out every English-speaker in Quebec if they could get away with it, likely shooting lots of you for good measure in the process. It is a classic case of why “diversity” within a nation leads to problems, often grave ones.

      If the percentage of Japanese and Chinese ever reaches a certain point, you could certainly have problems with them. However, the Asians are not a good example for me to use because of their very insular culture. They are always a special case. Asians really keep their heads down and their mouths shut when they migrate to the West. They study hard, make money, mind their own business, and open those restaurants you mention. People defending multiculturalism never fail to cite restaurants. It always make me smile.


      1. That would be “P” as in Peterson. Robertson lives somewhere down the street, I believe. I’m not sure. I don’t communicate well with others.

        As I (we) sit here “huddled” above the 49th, guns are really not much of an issue, at least not in the sense of putting holes in each other. As far as gunning for bad guys, we shoot better than the “below the 49th-ers.” Sorry, just a fact. But be nice. We may have to return and BBQ your Casa De Blanca. Been there, done that.

        Ah yes, our Trieste with the Quebec Frenchies. Well, my in-laws family own two of the finest French restaurants in Vancouver. I never go. It is, after all, in the Big City, and I seldom venture there. Yes, an ongoing problem. And I can’t argue the point that it has made even the simplest problems to be magnified. I have been to Quebec. My son was a resident there for eight years. I thought the cities were, in a historical sense, amazing. Quebec City was magnificent. So, do you ask, did I feel unwelcome?. No, not in the least. I thought the residents of Quebec were very open, very honest, good people. You have splinter groups in that province that make a lot of noise (somewhat like Republicans). I must say some silly rules are made, but they are vanquished as cooler heads prevail.

        Multiculturalism is a tough one. Do I like it? I accept it. The younger generation does much better than I at this sort of thing. I don’t like change, but that’s me. I am a dinosaur. The world is different. Motorcycles are different. Now they have fuel-injected motors. I want a carburetor, I know how they work.


        1. Oh, Bob, I know full well you are Peterson. I don’t know where that Robertson thing came from. I have corrected it above. Do forgive. A senior moment.

          As for Quebec, my second ex-wife and I visited Montreal back in the 1980s for about a week. Pretty place, in spite of being full of the French. (Aside: one of the nicest fellows I know here in my town is a Frenchy, so they have good apples. They are not universally unpleasant by a long shot.)

          As for multiculturalism, it is a fact that it can lead to serious issues. That being so, it is problem in any nation that must be handled in the kindest way possible. That’s my advice. But it’s a problem. It certainly is not something to be worshiped and promoted. One must only look at the current United States to see that. And much of Western Europe to boot.

          On the matter of fuel-injection versus carbs, I have no opinion.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I had forgotten about that. You should open it up again for comments. You are, as almost always is the case, quite correct.

      I never weary of hearing Mohammedans dissed.


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