The new frock

IT’S SPRINGTIME, and a girl’s desires turn to a new frock.

The girl in question is me, stroking my feminine side, and the new frock is right here. The Moon’s new look, which I change now and then, depending on mood.

dressEverytime I don a new dress I think: This is it! This is the one! But, in time, I tire and want to move the furniture around, another way of dress-up.

It seems that every switch moves in a somewhat simpler direction. I embrace simplicity, and the name of this WordPress theme is called Zoren.

Another clean theme is Manifest, and I used that for a spell. I still use it on the related websites, Pearls of Zapata, The Old Marbol, and Dark Girl in the Blue Dress.

Yes, I am plugging myself because quite a few folks have signed on lately, and from past experience I know that few actually look at related pages, now listed up in the header.

While I’m in a plugging mood, I’ll steer you toward another website that uses the minimalist Manifest theme, and that’s Words Not on Paper. That little gem comes to you from the backwoods of Alabama, and the author, Ray Clifton, might be another William Faulkner if he didn’t have to actually work for a living.

Maybe later in life. Like me.

WordPress is a great place to start a blog, far superior to Google’s Blogger. You can change frocks fairly quickly, and its comment system is much better than Blogger’s.  You can easily substitute the Disqus comment system on a Blogger site, but lots of folks are too lazy to do that. I urge them to get off their duffs and quit annoying readers with that Captcha, plus other evil issues.

In closing, I say: I like this dress! This is the one!

* * * *

Tip: WordPress’s free themes work well while the themes you must purchase often come with bugs.

35 thoughts on “The new frock

    1. Thank you very much, Señor Marsh. No, the words won’t change. Sometimes I think I’m running out of stuff to say. Then more stuff comes to me. Life is strange.


    1. Señor Peterson: I prefer thinking of it has simple, clean, direct and easy to read. The zippy should be in the content, not necessarily in the packaging. Some blog websites look like somebody blew a miscreant’s head off in a Sam Peckinpah movie. It is distracting. Well, to me at least.


  1. Like a dismal cloudy day during rainy season, this theme is a dreary shade of grey and difficult to read. The font is too small for an aging population.


    1. Andres: You might need to adjust your computer because it’s not gray unless you’re speaking metaphorically or something like that. As for type size, hit Control and the plus sign to make it bigger.


  2. Today it has yellow background with a larger font.
    Thanks. I still prefer the previous version.


    1. Yep, Andres, I took your gripes to heart. The body type is larger for you old coots, and I got rid of the “gray,” as you saw it. Actually, just to show how ole Felipe goes all out for the readers, I went through waaaay over 100 color schemes before settling on this one, which I like.

      As for your preferring the old theme, well, life is change. We must buck up.


  3. Jeez, Man! You make fun of me for writing “And besides, green flatters me.” And then you go onto give yourself a new “frock,” with a bunch of very girly imagery. Getting in touch with your inner camp side? LOL

    As for the “frock” itself, it’s so close to the line between “simple” and “plain” that it may have crossed over. I was quite fond of the last theme.


    Kim G
    Zacatecas, ZAC
    Which is enchanting. No two ways about it.


    1. P.S. Do you find that changing themes screws up your photos? Or maybe not since you tend to put mostly thumbnails? Though I’m pretty happy with my theme, I’ve wondered if my full-size photos would take nicely to a change.


      1. Kim: Changing themes does not screw up photos. It used to, years back, but they seem to have corrected that occasional problem. There is a test place where you can see what happens to your blog with a new theme. You can do that before switching. On the test area, you can even see how it looks on a desktop, a tablet and a smart phone. Kinda nifty.


    2. Kim: I, as mentioned, embrace my lady side, and I have no qualms about announcing it to the world. So there, young man. Prefer my previous frock? Sorry, I just had to change duds.

      In Zacatecas, eh? It’s my wife’s favorite Mexican city, and she’s been just about in every corner of the nation.


      1. Addy = address in shorthand. Now I remember the email login. I was looking for “realmexican” or something like that 🙂


        1. Carole: I know what LOL means, though I never use it. That’s about the extent of my grasp of trendy letters. Yes, my email is there on the Felipe page. It’s legalmexican, not realmexican. I am a legal Mexican, but I am not a real Mexican. I prefer to tell the truth.


  4. The pictured dress needs a slip, if it’s to be worn properly. I recommend a darker tone of the same color. Plain white overrides its natural beauty.


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