First family: race-baiters

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BARRY OBAMA will give the keynote address tomorrow in New York City at an annual conference sponsored by race hustler and profiteer Al Sharpton. Good Lord Almighty!

Sharpton, as you likely know, has made a highly profitable career out of promoting racial strife in America. His best-known escapade was that of pushing the bogus accusation in 1987 of a black teenager, Tawana Brawley, who claimed she had been raped and brutalized by a gang of white guys.

The charges were proven to be totally fabricated. In spite of Sharpton’s doing severe damage to the reputation and career of County Prosecutor Steven Pagones (a racist!), and of being ordered to pay thousands of dollars in damages, Sharpton never apologized to Pagones, and he never paid a penny in damages.

And just this week, it came to light that Sharpton was an FBI stool pigeon in the 1980s.

He is, in short, the sort of spectacularly unsavory individual that any president should keep at arm’s length. Barry, however, embraces him. And Michelle is no better.

Last year, the first lady was the keynote speaker at a convention of La Raza, a racist Latino organization, many members of which support illegal immigration and promote the return of large swaths of the southwestern United States to Mexico from which it was “stolen” in the 19th century.

La Raza means The Race. How clear can it get?

The First Family should be national unifiers. This family is precisely the opposite.

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Here’s a nice piece on Sharpton.

6 thoughts on “First family: race-baiters

  1. United we stand, divided we fall … This country is crumbling around the seams, my friend. You see it true. I am stuck in the bowels of it. This country is infected with apathy, avarice, greed and sloth. I didn’t hear about Olive Oyl speaking at La Raza. It sickens the heart of one who recalls a once great country.


    1. Mark: Yes, Queen Michelle was the keynote speaker at last year’s La Raza convention. I thought about writing about it at the time, but I don’t think I did. A search here turns up nothing. I remember thinking, Holy Moly, or something along that line. So many people think nothing of this. Incredible. And telling.

      Of course, Eric Holder will also speak at Sharpton’s event. No surprise there.


  2. Playing golf here in the mountains of North Georgia last week with a couple of black guys from Atlanta. I ask them about the attitudes in the black community towards Mr. Obama and his administration. Their answer surprised me. The prevailing feeling is embarrassment, they said.


    1. Daniel: They should be embarrassed. Next time you’re in a similar situation, point out to them that Barry is half white. Might make them feel a bit better. I hope so.


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