Hope for Cuba

A BRAVE and enterprising young Cuban woman named Yoani Sánchez has long had a blog from that sad nation. It is written in Spanish, and someone translates an English version. It has been her dream to start an online newspaper, and now she has done so.

The online news site debuted Wednesday. There is only a Spanish edition. Moments after the debut, the URL was hijacked by the despotic government and clicks inside Cuba sent readers to a page cursing Sánchez.


Internet access being what it is in the Castro dictatatorship — controlled — I don’t grasp exactly how the blog or the newspaper reaches the outside world, but it does. Perhaps astride an inner-tube raft. Ms. Sánchez mentions in her blog that some staffers on the online newspaper have already been leaned on by government goons.

The news site, called 14ymedio, which means 14 and a half (must signify something, but I know not what), is not all about politics. You get the temp in Havana (warm) and other cities, the price of boned pork in a private (!) market, and tips on hair care. Plus, there are schedules for cultural events and films. No doubt movies by Matt Damon, George Clooney, Michael Moore and Sean Penn are welcomed by the communist regime. Jules & Jim  was screened Wednesday night on Calle 23 in the Vedado neighborhood. Just so you know.


We also read that the dictatorship assures Cubans that, in spite of sending 50,000 doctors to toil in other countries (for propaganda purposes, of course), the much-touted Cuban healthcare system is as good as ever even though citizens increasingly complain about dreadfully long waits in medical facilities.

Whoopsie! Barry, take note.

The Goddess willing, the Castro dictatorship will crumble sooner than later, and may some of its heaviest bricks fall atop the heads of the collectivist running dogs of communism one easily encounters in the outside world where they themselves live free and content, populating university campuses and union halls. These people mostly are verbal and/or physical thugs. A pox on their houses.

And best wishes to Yoani Sánchez!

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(I visited Havana in 2012 and wrote about it here.)

8 thoughts on “Hope for Cuba

  1. Yes, I hope she can hang in there. She defiantly pushes the envelope as best she can. I am surprised she has done as well as she has. There must be watchful eyes. I wish her well.


      1. Communism only falls when the government can no longer, or will no longer, oppress and kill its own people. Until then, Cuba will remain a communist dictatorship.

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  2. Neither the Castro Bros. nor Obama are interested in changing the status quo. While Raúl is slowly experimenting with capitalism, Barack is experimenting with socialism. Raúl is only 82, and will probably still be in power when the Clinton Dynasty returns to power in the U.S.


    1. Andrés: Hillary has zip chance of being president. You heard it from me. Not only because of who she is (a mess) but because Barry has mucked things up so. Furthermore, there has been only one time (perhaps two) in U.S. history when a president of one party has completed two full terms and a president of the same party followed him.

      We’ll have a Republican president next time. I root for Ted Cruz, but I’ll take Dr. Carson. Or a number of others. There are some pretty good ones.


      1. Hillary will be the next president…which reminds me I still need to collect my cafecito and croissant from our Romney/Obama wager…saludos!


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