Clarinets and orioles

HERE’S HOW the unemployed live:

Partly cloudy day but plenty of blue above, I sit on the outdoor patio on a web chair, next to the glass-top table, feet up on another web chair, big brown umbrella keeping me in the shade. Cool air. Around noonish.

orioleObjective: Read more of Henry Kissinger’s book On China. But, as often happens, I read nothing. I look at the flowers and fruit trees. There is a black-vented oriole in the fan palm. They are very skittish birds, so I must hold still. Leave the book on the table.

Someone starts playing a clarinet out back.

Two hummingbirds take umbrage, one with the other and then the other back again, in the vicinity of a purple bridal bouquet. That requires more of my attention. And then my eyes close as I listen to the clarinet. I doze, which was not my intention.

clarinetTime passes, and I feel a little chill. My eyes open to note clouds have blocked out the sun a moment. Gotta get up, I tell myself even though there is no reason to get up at all apart from feeling the little chill. I doze again.

Henry Kissinger must wait for another day. Or maybe this afternoon downtown on the plaza with an espresso.

This is how the unemployed live. If they get lucky.

5 thoughts on “Clarinets and orioles

  1. I have a clarinetist. Or used to, anyway. She’s moved on to bigger and better things but I can still hear her practicing upstairs on her Mozart solos for contests!


  2. Slacker!!! What does La Guapa Señora do?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where between working, maintaining the house, and maintaining the garden, there’s scarcely a spare moment.


    1. Kim: La Guapa Señora? Man, oh, man, I have not used that term in years. Calypso stole it from me, so I abandoned it. But to answer your question, she works. Always. She has ants in her pants.

      So when can we expect your final blog post on the Great Mexico Adventure? You left us in Morelia.


      1. I’m working on some ideas. There likely won’t be a “final” post for some time as my trip generated a LOT of material. But I’ve been swamped with stuff here in Boston now that I’m back. I haven’t even gone through all my mail yet, LOL. Saludos.


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