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I RECENTLY wrote a critical list of Barry Obama’s presidency. When it appeared on Facebook, not surprisingly, one of the reactions, the most overused and tiresome, from a Barry fan was that I am a racist.


It came, not surprisingly, from a member of the U.S. media (an adopted Texan who should know better*) and we know how fond most of those media people are of their faux-black president.

The individual in question did not come right out and call me a racist. He was a tad more subtle, saying that I obviously would not be happy till I saw a white president. In other words, it’s all about race, and criticism of Obama is always racism. There was some pointing at Bush, their fall-back defense. Dubya done it!

No doubt there are some people who don’t like Barry because they think the mulatto** is black. Most criticism of the failed presidency, however, is based on performance. Certainly, mine is. The melatonin content of the president is of no concern whatsoever.

To illustrate: Here is my black dream team for the White House.

President: Dr. Ben Carson.

Chief adviser: Thomas Sowell.

Vice President: Allan Keyes.

Secretary of Defense: Allen West.

Secretary of Commerce: Herman Cain.

Secretary of State: Condoleezza Rice.

Secretary of the Treasury: Tim Scott.

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Mia Love.

Secretary of Labor: J.C. Watts.

Environmental Protection: Angela McGlowan.

Department of Education: Joseph C. Phillips.

Housing and Urban Development: Lynn Swann.

Homeland Security: Crystal Wright.

I could go on, but you get the point. This issue is political belief, not skin tone. All of the above favor limited government, low taxes, a strong military, liberty, capitalism, individual responsibility, etc.

They would be a dream team, and black faces all. God bless ’em!

* * * *

* He will remain unnamed to avoid embarrassing him.

** An old-fashioned but correct term.

(Note: If Rick Perry had a much better tan, I would have put him into the vice presidential slot and moved Allan Keyes elsewhere. Keyes — a repeated presidential hopeful — is a little wacky, which is why I tagged him for VP. The smirking Biden has set a new, zany tone for that do-nothing post.)

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  1. Your listing of all-black political operatives proves that you are a racist. It is funny to hear black people calling other black people Uncle Toms when they speak out against your friend Barry. What is happening to the common sense of people?

    The lack of critical thinking, education and the embrace of feeling-based education has created a populace who voted because of television ratings, forgetting about experience, honor and integrity.

    It makes me sick, thinking that the average 20- to 50-year-old cares more about TV personalities than world events and history. As we know, 75% of the people don’t know anything about government or basic history … sad, truly sad.


  2. Thanks for posting the recent entries. Hopefully, we will some day achieve the vision of Dr. King where a man is judged on his character and not his skin. And if a black man is criticized for his beliefs and actions, by a non-black person, the black community and lefties won’t be crying “racist” out of hand.

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    1. Enrique: Alas, I am not optimistic that Dr. King’s dream will ever entirely come to pass. Surely not until people like Al Sharpton vanish completely from the public eye.


  3. It’s just such an easy way to taunt the right-wing opponents. The left can’t even hear themselves in their way-too-repetitive jabs.

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    1. Carole: The racist accusation has gone so far beyond the pale of overuse that any sensible person can only put his or her eyeballs into a permanent spin of amazement. It is beyond laughable.


  4. Condi has had her turn as Secretary of State…the one who stated “we never had any idea that they would use airplanes as weapons of mass destruction”…this after receiving the briefing that stated such an attack was imminent. She needs to be in prison for war crimes…alongside her partners-in-crime GWB, Cheney, and Rummy…


      1. I really don’t think I missed the point. I believe that you were reiterating what you have stated for sometime now. You dislike Barry because of what you deem his total incompetence. I have read your words long enough to know that you are definitely not a racist, whatever one’s definition of that term may be. Hell, you married a Mexican! Yes, I voted for Mr. Obama. Have I been disappointed in some of his policies? Certainly, but he inherited a mess on many fronts (courtesy of the previous decider-in-chief). I have come to the conclusion that the president is merely a figurehead at this point. The country is being run by the 1%ers, has been for some time now, and the gap between rich and poor will continue to widen as long as that is the case, regardless of who is president.

        As for Ms. Rice, she appears to be a somewhat intelligent and educated individual, ut she had her chance and she blew it.


        1. Charles: Barry has been in office now for about six years. It’s way too late to blame Bush for the current situation.

          The nation is run by one-percenters? By that you mean, I assume, the rich and powerful. Of course, it is! As are all nations, and they always will be. And there will always be a gap between rich and poor. People are different. People are not made equal, and you cannot force equality without making a really big mess. Even communist nations are run by their rich and powerful, their one-percenters. To think that other people, the middle-class sorts or maybe po’ folks, will run countries is a classic example of collectivist utopianism, the left’s primary and fatal flaw.


  5. When Allan Keyes and Barry were opponents in the 2004 Illinois Senate Race, it was my first opportunity to vote against Barry.

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  6. At this point in time it appears it will be a photo finish to see whether Bush Jr. or Obama will go down as the worst president in American history, with Clinton a close runner-up.


    1. Andrés: In my mind, it is no contest. Barry wins by a country mile in the worst-president competition. I was never a fan of Dubya when he was in office, but he looks spectacularly good in retrospect and comparison. As for Clinton, I think he was average as presidents go. Better than Bush and way better than Barry.


      1. Bush will never look spectacularly good in the eyes of most…except of course his cronies who became uber-wealthy during his reign…if I’m not mistaken he was at the helm steering as the country careened into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression…but his timing was bad…he didn’t get out of Dodge before it hit the fan as he had hoped to do…


        1. Charles: That Dubya or even Republicans caused the 2008 economic meltdown is quite false. It took a joint effort. The GOP, the Democrats and the American people themselves caused it. So…Dubya did not do it.

          Of course, Dubya’s cronies got rich during his reign. That’s how it works. Barry’s cronies will leave the end of his reign rich too. Castro’s cronies and Stalin’s cronies, again, a big bunch of rich folks. Once in power, virtually everybody and his cronies get rich. Maybe not Gandhi’s, but who knows?


  7. Mr. Zapata, first off I enjoy your blog, and you pose a curious question. In my opinion, Mr. Obama was allowed to win, in a way suckered into it. Although it has been several years since he assumed the throne he really inherited a crock of poop.

    Let’s face it he got a bushel of problems, an improbable economic crash which brought the banking world to its knees and took out half of the European countries which relied on that banking system and an unnecessary war intended to siphon the oil reserves of a foreign country in the guise of a war on terrorism!

    We all thought he would go in there and change the course of history, and he has in a way, but once he had donned the mantle he discovered that contracts had been written, the war machine was on full throttle, and the generals were in control and he was a figurehead with little power.

    One of his and Hillary Clinton’s main objectives was to get an affordable healthcare system for the American public, but he was almost completely shut down by the Republican Party. Every proposal was shot down until what you have now, a watered down piece of crapola, but remember that this is blamed on your buddy “Barry” but was orchestrated by the party animals at the Republican Party. We all know that Big Med own the Tea Party and probably members of the Conserve’s too, but do you really want a party which does not represent the ordinary man in the street and who only have their own interests at heart.

    I think we are fortunate to have a president with integrity, who loves his family and his country, but his misfortune was to inherit a hill of excrement from a deceitful predecessor and his cronies and an unworthy opponent with only the wealthy’s interest at heart and not the rest of the populace!


    1. Colm: We will have to agree to disagree on pretty much every aspect of your view of the situation, but I appreciate your stating it politely. In the meantime, I await that happy day when Barry is back living in Chicago.


    2. Mr/s. Colm:
      Sigh. So wrong on so many levels.

      It is so tiring to hear the same old “Obama inherited a mess from Bush” argument. You apparently have conveniently forgotten a certain Jimmy Carter and the infinitely worse mess that he left Ronald Reagan. Yet, Reagan was wildly successful in his response while Obama has failed miserably. Why? Because their methods are diametrically opposed; one relying on the power of the individual and the other on the power of government.

      Speaking of government, you do realize that Obama held the trifecta during his first 2 years in office? Democratic President, Democratic House, and Democratic Senate. That is precisely why we have the damnable Obamacare now–because the Dems had all the power. How can you even suggest that the Pubs “shot down” proposals? They had no power to stop anything! Oh but Nancy told us they “had to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it.” Pass it they did, but not with a single Republican vote in favor, I’m glad to say.

      Just shaking my head at your comment, “… Do you really want a party which does not represent the ordinary man in the street and who only have their own interests at heart?” Oh my goodness; are you suggesting the Democrats fit that bill? (Actually, I don’t think ANY of them fit the bill. It’s just a matter of the better of the evils).

      But this really takes the cake: “I think we are fortunate to have a president with integrity, who loves his family and his country.” I will ignore the comment about family because I have no idea how he feels about his family nor do I care. However, there is a mountain of evidence that Obama does not possess an ounce of integrity. (Defn. Integrity-the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness). Obama honest? OMG. Just do a quick Google search for “Obama lies.” I’ve seen lists of 80, 200, and even 694 lies!!

      And loves his country? Are you serious? This man who can’t be bothered to place his hand over his heart during the pledge. One who derides the “bitter clingers.” One who gets caught telling the Russians that he will “have more flexibility after the election.” One who promises to “fundamentally transform America.” One who starts out his presidency with a grand Apology Tour. One who is actively gutting the military.

      We are fortunate to have THIS guy?

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      1. Oh, Becky, haven’t you heard the old saw that it’s futile to argue politics and religion? Which is why I did not make any counter arguments to Colm at the get-go. His “facts” are different from our “facts.” He won’t convince you or me, and vice versa. Best just to nod politely and move on.


  8. Of course you are not a racist.

    One expects to see the following in two posts critical of President Obama. Some of them repeated 2,3 and 4 times.

    “half-black, he’s black and people vote for him entirely due to his skin color, you are branded a racist, black urban ghettos, Mohammedan, faux-black president, white president, criticism of Obama is always racism, mulatto, black dream team”

    Perhaps the ultimate irony is that half the members of your black Dream Team are the same skin tone as President Obama.

    “The melatonin content of the president is of no concern whatsoever.”

    Of course you are not a racist.


  9. Amen! What a team, Dr. Ben Carson for president. That would be a good start to getting this country back on track!


    1. Amen, indeed, Harold. Although I have scant hope for getting the nation back on track. I hope I am in error. Thanks for the feedback, and feel free to return.


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